What if Ted Kennedy had received justice in 1969?

The movie ‘Chappaquiddick’ opens in theaters this week and it got me thinking, what if…



What if justice had been served and Kennedy was not in the Senate to spearhead the bill that would become the Refugee Act of 1980.

Senator Ted Kennedy is responsible for most of the problems we have today with immigration, by 1969 he had already done some very real damage to this country.  But he didn’t drive through the bill that became the Refugee Act of 1980 until ten years later, in 1979.

That bill was signed in to law in March 1980 (the 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, exactly) in Jimmy Carter’s final year.  (I don’t recall if by March ol’ Carter knew, or suspected, he was a one-termer or not.)

The Refugee Act of 1980, which only a few weeks ago passed its 38th anniversary, had set up the flawed system we see today where nine major contractors (using taxpayer dollars) monopolize the program, and, up until President Trump came along, pretty much called the shots on how the USRAP was managed.

I attended the 30th anniversary shindig of the signing of the Act at Georgetown Univ. and wrote about it here a few years ago.  I asked this in 2011 after listening to speakers at the Georgetown celebration:

Is there a conspiracy by NGO’s to bring asylum seekers to US borders?


caravan making for US border
The Caravan! Kennedy’s legacy! These Central Americans will arrive at the US border where they will ask for asylum under Kennedy’s law.


The major take-away of the day for me was the obvious push toward greater use of the asylum portion of the law.

The Open Borders crew knew then that there were limits to how many refugees they could get in through the normal process and were beginning to hang their hats on migrants coming to the border (where an immigration lawyer awaits them) and asking for asylum.

So that “Caravan,” on its way to our southern border at this very moment, is a direct legacy of Ted Kennedy who should have been driven out of the Senate in that fateful year—1969—and sent to prison!

Would there eventually have been a Refugee Act, maybe, but then again maybe not!

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  1. In an Austrian TV Show an guy asked:Tell me the number.How much can came?NOBODY of the Politicians and lefties wanted to answer!The will never say-STOP!
    How stupid they are you see in this little story.
    An immigrant stole a music instrument,the stupid woman sayed:If he has stolen it,perhaps he need it much more then i…


  2. “What if Ted Kennedy had received justice in 1969?”
    –He’s dead and burning in H^LL so the question is irrelevant. The better question is: WILL CROOKED HILLARY, THE BIGGEST POLITICAL CRIMINAL OF ALL TIME, EVER GET JUSTICE APPLIED TO HER ?


  3. From now on everyone gets ankle bracelets. It gets removed only once they are fully adjudicated, before we send them back over the border. That way we know where they are, and when they don’t show up we can send the wagon for their immediate removal forever. Next time back, it will be a chip implant.


  4. And, I think you’re a little too hard on Teddy …I believe the act was actually the result of Carter’s failure to rescue the boat people… The problem has been that has been used to bring in fraudulent non-refugees, and also abused by the Andriesse etc I believe the act was actually the result of Carter’s failure to rescue the boat people… The problem has been that has been used to bring in fraudulent nine refugees, and also abused by the NGOs etc… even under the law the president could set limits, even under the law fake refugee should not be admitted, i’m neither should dangerous criminals terrorists are those dedicated to the overthrow of the government of the United States… My opinion the problem is the left has transformed her humanitarian gesture into hey weapon to be used against the United States.. Has we saw in the Uzbek case…Kennedy might’ve wanted to bring more Irishman here, I don’t believe that when the law was written the author is really imagine it would be used to bring in Al Qaeda terrorists et al…Anyhow, you were right it is rife with abuse and the whole thing needs to be scrapped and replaced.

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    1. Although I must say when I attended that 30th anniversary celebration it wasn’t Carter they were praising to the hilt…it was Kennedy.


      1. my comment got a little garbled because I dictated it to my iPhone… My point is that we didn’t have this problem before 9/11… ordinary immigrants were not classified as refugees, and even Bill Clinton said he was opposed to illegal immigration… Collapse of the Establishment has led to a cascade of collapsing institutions … It would be nice if President Trump could start rebuilding them without being sabotaged.


  5. All you have to do now is claim you fear some harm will come to you if you are sent back, and in many cases our wonderful liberal judges will let you stay. One example is a story in the local news about an illegal alien drunk driver who was allowed to stay becuase “he feared for his safety” if he was deported, so the judge let him remain and return to his five children (another little anchor baby is on the way!) and job as a cable installer (one that he is either using a false identity to work at, or is evading paying taxes on). Of course, no consideration was given to our safety that is put at risk from having this drunk illegal driving around, and the local media makes him out to be some kind of hero:


  6. Only Ann Corcoran thinks historically like this. Very good point. One of his other fellow democrats may have figured out how to get more democrat voters into the country but he certainly was good at tugging at the heartstrings of the foolish american public and the even dumber republican party. They have been pulling the wool over our heads for 38 yrs. Thanks for pointing all this out. So sad that the public will finally get the real gist of what happened without the liberal media covering it all up.


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