Youtube shooter was a refugee from Iran

That is what the LA Times is reporting, here.  (Hat tip: Peter)

Attempted murderer Nasim Najafi Aghdam

Surely you’ve seen the story about an animal rights activist shooting human beings a few days ago, but if you haven’t, check out the LA Times.

I only want to make a couple of points.  First here is a tiny snip of the story:

Aghdam entered the country as a refugee roughly two decades ago, a family member said. In one of her videos, she said she was born in Urmia, Iran — where she and other members of her Baha’i faith face discrimination — and that her family had spent a year and a half in Turkey.


Readers need to know that Turkey has been a major processing center for refugees from the Middle East (imagine what fraud could be happening there!) for many years.

Trump Admin doesn’t process as many through Turkey

I’ve reported on the processing countries on several occasions, but it might be instructive to see that as Obama was leaving office, Turkey was one of our top processing centers, here.  And, then here, a year later, Turkey has been demoted as a processing country. I don’t have the inside skinny on what happened.

The mentally ill are admissible as refugees

The other thing you need to know is that we don’t screen for mental illness in the refugee admissions process—we take many nuts! 

(Based on this reporting and her age now, she was an adult when admitted to the US.)

And, when those nuts do something as violent criminals, you dear taxpayers support them for the rest of their natural lives!  (Not the case this time, she spared you by killing herself!)

Ignore the refugee industry propaganda which posits that refugees don’t commit crimes, visit my ‘Crimes’ category here with over 2,000 previous posts!

7 thoughts on “Youtube shooter was a refugee from Iran

  1. Ya think?

    Every time some “nut” commits a barbaric crime in Minnesota (AND THERE ARE TOO MANY TO RECOUNT AT THE MOMENT – AND INCREASING IN FREQUENCY EACH MONTH THAT PASSES NOW), the fall back position is that “they have a history of” – OR – “they have been diagnosed as” – OR – “they may have a had mental problems” – OR – “they have emotional/mental limitations, such, that they are not intact enough to know that they are actually committing the crime”…

    …AND…THIS IS PRICELESS…”they they have been caught before and released”, due to one or all of the above excuses… …Human time bombs brought here over OUR objections, and then allowed to roam the earth, and our communities, like rabid animals on the prowl for the next victim..

    I am now starting to question the mental capacity of “The Public Authority”, Law Enforcement, and The Courts, relating all of this..

    Once again, my question is… “How many body bags and hospital beds must be filled with innocent citizens, before those in authority actually do their job…
    “To Protect and To Serve”…?

    In Minnesota alone, this group represents 2% of our population. Nationally, it is about 1%… However, they are involved with 80% to 90% of the insane and barbaric crimes committed, and with greater frequency all the time, against civilization here.

    What’s wrong with that picture?

    …It’s about survival stupid…to all those referenced above..


  2. So she came here at age six, yet she can barely speak English and still has a strong Iranian accent. So much for 20 years of assimilation.


  3. What happened with Turkey? Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey. He is not our friend. Remember his gangland thugs who started a brawl in D.C.?

    He was buddy buddy with The Kenyan because they are both dictators. We don’t need no more stinkin’ dictators! President TRUMO knows exactly who the man is and would prefer to have nothing to do with him. I would not trust anything coming out of his country and to America.


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