Don’t say I didn’t warn you! The Left is advancing climate refugees as the next big crisis

This is a subject I’ve touched on from time to time—I have 51 previous posts on the topic.




I hope to continue to bring it to your attention because it might seem like a fringe issue to you, but you can be sure the NO Borders political machine is advancing it as one more reason to erase borders worldwide (and redistribute wealth from the first world to the third world).

There has been some controversy however about the use of the word “refugee” since the ‘humanitarians’ don’t want the environmentalists appropriating the word.  Nevertheless, from the bits and pieces I have read, they are moving closer to an agreement.

I’m not proposing you buy this expensive book, but am just putting this out to you as one more ‘heads-up’ on the subject.

Facilitating the Resettlement and Rights of Climate Refugees


One of the most significant impacts of climate change is migration. Yet, to date, climate-induced migrants are falling within what has been defined by some as a ‘protection gap’. This book addresses this issue, first by identifying precisely where the gap exists, by reviewing the relevant legal tools that are available for those who are currently, and who will in the future be displaced because of climate change. The authors then address the relevant actors; the identity of those deserving protection (displaced individuals), as well as other bearers of rights (migration-hosting states) and obligations (polluting states).

climate refugee book

The authors also address head-on the contentious topic of definitions, concluding with the provocative assertion that the term ‘climate refugees’ is indeed correct and should be relied upon. 

The second part of the book looks to the future by advocating specific legal and institutional pathways. Notably, the authors support the use of international environmental law as the most adequate and suitable regime for the regulation of climate refugees. With respect to the role of institutions, the authors propose a model of ‘cross-governance’, through which a more inclusive and multi-faceted protection regime could be achieved.

“Cross-governance” sound a bit ominous!

Addressing the regulation of climate refugees through a unique collaboration between a refugee lawyer and an environmental lawyer, this book will be of great interest to scholars and professionals in fields including international law, environmental studies, refugee studies and international relations.

You can bet this will be required reading for your little darlings attending Leftwing colleges and universities (LOL! the high price of the book suggests that is where it is headed!).

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This may be the only place on the political right where you can find this much coverage (even as little as I have provided) on the subject.

17 thoughts on “Don’t say I didn’t warn you! The Left is advancing climate refugees as the next big crisis

  1. I just signed the petition to the White House on defunding the refugee resettlement crooks since Pres.Trump is slowly cutting down on the tax dollars being wasted by these crooks the petition may encourage the President to completely remove the funding, lets hope do.


  2. The Netherlands will soon need resettlement. Where are we going to put all those hard-working white Christian Dutch people?


  3. Our climate is degraded by pollution, which in turn is caused by too many people. How will bringing third world hordes, who breed like roaches, to places whose environment, political climate, and availability of resources make it possible for them to irresponsibly make more children, and expect the people of those countries to pay for everything?


  4. Next big fake United Nations ‘crisis’? Climate Refugees! You know, where Whites must throw open their borders to poverty, corruption and violent crime, like child raping gangs and YouTube shooters. Enjoy!

    After climate refugees, plate tectonics refugees? ‘With people fleeing the violence and poverty of India crashing into China, can we really deny them a better life?’ –Refugee Racket. ‘No, that’s not who we are.’ –Barack Obama


  5. I am interested in how a person in the Ukraine can come to America as a refugee.

    The person lives in the Eastern part of the Ukraine–in between Lugansk and Donetsk.

    This is the war zone and I am wondering if you might have any information about this?



    1. I don’t, I didn’t realize the numbers were so large and I hadn’t followed the issue until now.


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