Kentucky Somali says the UN picked Louisville as his resettlement destination


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This is from a short article at The Catholic Record in Kentucky.  It’s about how difficult it was for a new employee with Migration and Refugee Services in Louisville to learn the ropes about the resettlement process.

I can relate since I’m still learning the system after writing about it for nearly 11 years, but one bit caught my attention!

Here is what Catholic Charities of Louisville’s “employment team leader” Somali Ahmed Hussein told the new guy on the block:

One of my co-workers who is always willing to share his story and answer questions about his experience as a refugee is our employment team leader, Ahmed Hussein.

Ahmed is a Somali refugee who came to Kentucky after spending eight years in a Kenyan refugee camp. I remember when I first met Ahmed, I asked why they chose Louisville as a destination, and his response was really eye-opening to the entire resettlement process, “Man, we didn’t choose Louisville, they (the United Nations High Commission for Refugees) choose for you, and you take the destination they offer.”

You know what!

Since the US State Department and their resettlement contractors*** NEVER explain to the public how locations are chosen (it is one of the most closely held secrets of the whole process), we’ll go with Mr. Hussein’s explanation until we get some real answers!

And, have a look at this graphic I found. It’s a couple years old, but it does give you some idea of where the UN is placing Somalis!


Somali cities map
I missed this article in 2016:


This is the Top Twenty list of cities (targeted by the UN?) from that map:

Minneapolis-St. Paul – 646
Columbus, Ohio – 412
Buffalo, N.Y. – 361
Syracuse, N.Y. – 307
Dallas-Ft. Worth – 302
Salt Lake City, Utah – 276
San Diego – 275
St. Cloud – 243
Louisville, Ky. – 236
Phoenix, Ariz. – 218
Seattle, Wash. – 212
Erie, Pa. – 207
Atlanta – 159
Glendale, Ariz. – 155
Tuscon – 154
Boston – 153
Houston – 150
Nashville – 148
Kansas City, Mo. – 145
Portland, Ore. – 132

See my Kentucky archive, here.

Contact the President by clicking here.  Tell him it is time to get the UN out of our refugee resettlement business!


*** These are the nine major resettlement contractors who keep this secret well: How is your town or city chosen?  

I post the contractor list almost every day because I want new readers to know exactly who is responsible for driving the US Refugee Admissions Program (in addition to the UN!).

(Catholic Charities works for the US Bishops.)

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of the nine VOLAGs’ income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees, line them up with (low paying) jobs in food production and cleaning hotel rooms, and get them signed up for their services!  From most recent accounting, here.



11 thoughts on “Kentucky Somali says the UN picked Louisville as his resettlement destination

  1. Nobody I know has ever been asked if they wanted these foreigners brought into the USA. If asked I KNOW that every one of them would shout NO!!!

    Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and many other countries could use some diversity and multiculturalism. How about shipping the Somalians there?


    1. The non-PC truth is that most Asian countries are genuinely ethnocentric and xenophobic; thus, they routinely spurn influxes of aliens who are culturally and linguistically different. Perhaps there is a lesson there for us as well.

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  2. Having worked with refugees both overseas and in the US for nearly 35 yrs, one thing’s for certain: while in camp, refugees are shuffled thru a process involving both UN and US entities and, of course, they are subject to much confusing information and impressions. The result, of course, is that they are often befuddled as to how the system actually works. And that is the case with this Somali refugee. The UN’s role in the refugee resettlement business is to determine, via one-on-one interviews, whether or not the refugee meets the internationally-accepted definition of refugee. After the refugee’s status is “legitimized” by the UN, and if safe return to the refugee’s country of origin is out of the question, the refugee is referred to third countries for resettlement opportunities. At that point, one or more third countries interview the refugees to confirm that they meet the definition of refugee and to develop the refugee’s bio info. Once a third country offers the refugee a resettlement opportunity, that country alone determines the location of his resettlement–not the UN. (Once accepted by a third country for resettlement, that’s it. The refugee must accept the offer or be refused resettlement opportunities altogether. And, of course, refugees in camp are warned NOT to refuse any third country offers of resettlement, no matter what their preference may be.) The UN is only interested in finding a third country willing to accept what they believe to be a bonafide refugee. Beyond that, it’s strictly that resettlement country’s prerogative as to when and where in that country that refugee will be transported/resettled. Unsurprisingly, refugee confusion as to which agency actually assigns him/her to a particular geographic area within that third country is fairly commonplace.

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    1. Thanks Jim, we are aware of this. But, since the State Department and the VOLAGS are so secretive about how they choose sites, I figured what the heck, maybe by writing a post like this, we can persuade them to begin telling the whole truth!

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  3. Just a strange coincidence… just as your note on the destinations of somalis arrived to show that there are significant numbers somehow authorized for Columbus OH (our state), a bit of election mail dropped onto my desk that is anti-DeWine (current attny gen, and a criminal in my opinion based on his role in the coverup of a local ‘suicide’ in the jail, rotfnl)

    The message on the election postcard says that Dewine:


  4. I’m elated we’ve reduced our support for the one-world government of Antichrist, the UN. We should reduce it to the level of the Chinese,10%. Or, better still $0.50. I disagree with those who feel we should totally divorce ourselves of that demonic body. We should stay, just to keep our veto vote on the Security Council and to dress-down deserving nations.

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