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Why is it our job to clean out UN refugee camps?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 10, 2018

And, why is the Trump Administration continuing refugee resettlement started for no other reason (by George Bush and Barack Obama) than to please the UN?


Obama Secretary of State for PRM, Anne Richard with then UNHCR, now Secretary General of the UN Guterres, decided that the US should take 50,000 from the DR Congo.

Previous presidents jumped to the UN piper’s tune and said sure, the US will step up to take the Bhutanese and the DR Congolese because the UN asked us to.

These people were not our responsibility, no one could say we caused the problems that resulted in their care by the UN.

We have no strategic interest or reason other than to make the UN happy (and some big employers who want the cheap labor, the Dems who want voters and the contractors who want the payola!).

(By the way, there are other examples of cleaning out camps and of course the largest over the years have been the UN camps in Kenya, but the numbers have dramatically slowed in the last year, not so for the two I’m writing about now.  And, of course the UN has no interest in cleaning out the Palestinian camps and sending those people to other Arab countries.)


DR Congo express to America….

map DR Congo

The largest ethnic group of refugees coming to the US right now are DR Congolese. In the first 6 months of this fiscal year (’18) we admitted 2,569.

In 2013 the Obama State Department told the UN High Commissioner for Refugees that we would take 50,000 from the DR Congo over five years.

Checking Wrapsnet just now, I see that we have taken 40,899 since that promise was made, however going back to FY10, I see we are now at 49,476.  

Will the flow ever stop?

Based on the Bush Bhutanese deal, the answer is likely NO!

Nearly 100,000 Bhutanese scattered across America…

In 2006 we told the UN we would take 60,000 Bhutanese off their hands over five years.

These displaced people are really Nepali people that were kicked out of Bhutan and Nepal wouldn’t take them back.

map nepal and bhutan

Other western countries promised to take another 30,000.

Here in 2015 the UN reported on its “success” at that point in time:

A core group of eight countries came together in 2007 to create this opportunity for Bhutanese refugees to begin new lives: Australia (5,554), Canada (6,500), Denmark (874), New Zealand (1002), the Netherlands (327), Norway (566), the United Kingdom (358) and the United States of America (84,819).

Now 10 years after Bush Asst. Secretary of State Ellen Sauerbrey said we would take 60,000, we are at 95,841 (as of today). 

In the last 6 months, an additional 1,925 ‘refugees’ of Nepali origin that we call Bhutanese were resettled across the country.  I have to laugh because the total number in 2006 was 108,000 and between the US and other countries we have far surpassed that number now, so it begs the question—have more people arrived at the camps looking for resettlement in recent years?  (See one of my many posts on fuzzy math!)

Here is where 95,481 have been place in the US in just 10 years!


Screenshot (372)


Screenshot (368)

The numbers are difficult to read even in the original.  The top five ‘welcoming’ states are Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, New York and Georgia.  And, can you believe it, Hawaii, the state that is hankering for more diversity got zip!


I don’t believe there is a law that says we must take refugees that the UN wants us to take!

And, thus, I think it is time that the Trump Administration distanced itself from the dictates of the United Nations.  In fact, maybe it is time to do more than that! Let’s take the lead in rethinking the entire 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

Surely, if we are going to offer ‘welcome’ to legitimate refugees, we have smart people who would know how to pick the most worthy candidates and not just take in ethnic groups wholesale because the UN tells us we must!

See Nayla Rush writing at the Center for Immigration Studies about the haphazard choices being made (even under Donald Trump!).

See my archive on the Bhutanese by clicking here.  The thing that has brought them to the media’s attention over the years is the fact that they have a high suicide rate in America.  In fact, for years leading up to 2006, they steadfastly maintained that they did not want to be “scattered to the four winds.”

Contact the White House, tell the President:  As your Administration prepares refugee plans for the coming fiscal year, stop asking how high, when the UN says jump!  We will pick our own refugees, thank you very much!

7 Responses to “Why is it our job to clean out UN refugee camps?”

  1. Many refugees are from regions where there are conflicts over valuable minerals, strategic military or trade routes.
    Many Bhutanese refugees area coming from the Samchi region where minerals are found. The Congolese refugees are coming a region of large mineral deposits of cobalt, diamonds, and gold. Here is a link to more info about a Congolese region which seems to be a source of refugees:
    The Rohingya of Myanmar come from a region rich in minerals which is where railways and strategic trade routes are built. Here is a link to more info about the economic motives as to why Rohingya are being expelled:
    The Eritreans are escaping their country to escape forced labor in mines. Here is a link to more info:

    Why are the resettlement agencies so silent against the large corporations which profit from the expulsion of refugees? Why are politicians so silent about large corporations which profit from refugee expulsion? The housing industry and slum lords who profit from refugee resettlement should be held accountable too.

    Both the refugees and American taxpayers are being exploited through the mismanagement of refugee resettlement. If refugees knew that they had civil rights and started warning their families when resettlement agencies were exploiting them, many agencies and VOLAGS would be shut down. Not to mention there needs to be a stronger penalty for resettlement agencies who resettle criminals and people who pretend to be refugees.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I urge you to see my category on the ‘Rohingya’ which I have been adding to for ten years. It has to do with Islamic supremacy as they are strict Muslims.


  2. With the SS and medicare expense and getting worse, we don’t need this. These people will end up on welfare for generations. How does Europe finance all these invaders (housing food, medical) since most do not work. People overseas in these invader countries are already packed in. This is insanity.


  3. Ann, I am sorry that I had to plagiarize some of your comments in writing to the President. You have done so much research and so I have borrowed it. Why does NC have so many Bhutanese? Here is my letter to the President: Dear Mr President,

    God Bless you for cutting down on the numbers of potentially dangerous refugee flows. Your #1 job is national defense and you understand that. I have never seen a President so maligned and attacked as you have been. Understand the majority of Americans are behind you all the way.

    We have taken in so many refugees in the years before you took office. For example, nearly 100,000 Bhutanese are scattered across America…
    In 2006 we told the UN we would take 60,000 Bhutanese off their hands over five years. These displaced people are really Nepali people that were kicked out of Bhutan and Nepal wouldn’t take them back.

    There is no way we can take in all the poverty stricken peoples of the world. When we take 60,000, thee are 10 times that many waiting to move to another country. Eventually those countries will be left with only lawlessness. We need to help solve the problem at the source. Help them in their neighboring countries.
    Is it really the job of America to clean out the UN camps and clean out all poverty stricken countries? It is a never ending situation.
    Help America First. #MAGA, #MASA.”


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Don’t apologize! Take anything you want. I appreciate that you took the time to do this and then let me know if you get an answer!


  4. said

    you are right  


  5. Robert F. Heltman said

    Good job, Ann. I keep trying to press the point, ³What is WRONG with those countries sending us their citizens; and how do they get fixed?!² Those countries ought to be making themselves so attractive OUR citizens want to go there…at least for vacations! ³Cheers,² Bob Heltman

    On 4/10/18, 8:37 AM, “Refugee Resettlement Watch” wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “And, why is the Trump Administration continuing refugee > resettlement started for no other reason (by George Bush and Barack Obama) > than to please the UN? Previous presidents jumped to the UN piper’s tune and > said sure, the US will step up to take the B” >


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