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Another Somali arrested in St. Cloud, Minnesota, tells nutty story about bomb plot

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 15, 2018

However, perhaps more interesting is the lack of mention of the arrested man’s name, a critical omission in the first St. Cloud Times version of the story.

Apparently, only after a local radio station posts his pic and names him, did the politically correct St. Cloud Times bother to report that vital information.

Mayor welcomes Somalis, so why would they want to bomb city hall?

Remember when you read this first account on the 11th, which quotes the great defender of all things Somali, Mayor Kleis, that this office ostensibly targeted for a bomb, is the very office that is silent on anything relating to crimes involving Somalis the office welcomes to St. Cloud with open arms.

The “suspect” (the man) had already been arrested when the St. Cloud Times said this (hat tip: Bob):

Law enforcement has taken a suspect into custody in connection with a bomb threat at St. Cloud City Hall, according to authorities.

mayor Kleis

Mayor Kleis: no threat to the public (?)

Officers responded to city hall at approximately 10 a.m., according to a press release, and conducted a K9 search of the building.

Mayor Dave Kleis said the building was searched after an individual “posted threatening comments and made statements about a bomb in St. Cloud.”


Officers found the suspect on St. Cloud State University’s campus at 110 Atwood Center. The suspect is not enrolled as a student there, according to the release.

Local investigators are working with the FBI, according to Kleis, on the active investigation. The area where the man was found was also searched, according to a press release. No suspicious items were found.

The suspect is being held in the Stearns County Jail in connection with charges of terroristic threats.

However, here we see that KNSI radio reported the arrested ‘man’s’ name and picture.

Listen to the nutty story the man’ is telling investigators.

(KNSI) – A man who says he felt he was being radicalized is accused of making a bomb threat that referenced St. Cloud’s city hall.


Abdalle Ahmed Ege

According to the criminal complaint, Abdalle Ahmed Ege, of St. Cloud, posted on his Facebook page “Im bouta bomb this town” on Wednesday morning.

Police found a duffel bag next to a gas can outside city hall. Investigators say the duffel bag contained Ege’s personal items. Police found no explosives when they searched the building.

According to the complaint, the 25-year-old told police that he was being radicalized and posted the threat on Facebook to get attention from the FBI.

He has been charged with two felony counts of making terroristic threats.

A couple hours later the St. Cloud Times got around to publishing his name and photo, see here.

So we are to believe that Ege wanted to get the FBI’s attention to what?—protect him from being radicalized!  Why not just walk in to a local police station and describe what you think someone is doing to you. This is nuts, or he is nuts (a distinct possibility!).

We don’t know when Ege arrived in the US, but just know that mental illness is not a reason the feds use to screen out prospective refugees to place in your towns and cities.

See my ginormous St. Cloud archive by clicking here.

11 Responses to “Another Somali arrested in St. Cloud, Minnesota, tells nutty story about bomb plot”

  1. Manka Hajji said

    Fake news


  2. I almost went to grad school in St. Cloud. I’m glad I didn’t!


  3. As I have said to Mayor Dave Kleis, in person; this is just the beginning… Gee Dave, please read the book I gave you, entitled: “No Go Zones”…or not..

    Maybe the fine folks with UniteCloud and IsiahMN can group hug the hatred and insanity out of this fella.
    That approach hasn’t worked anywhere it has been tried in the entire world, but the “love” fest in St Cloud Minnesota is so much more special…dontchaknow…

    Didn’t this fella get the message, that the St Cloud City Council, and the mayor, have declared St. Cloud MN, “A Welcoming & Just Community”?

    This IS NOT A “COMPARITIVE RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD” class at SCSU, or St Ben’s and St. John’s University, and debate folks. This is real life… Just look at western Europe and the UK today..

    This IS a barbaric and brutal (for 1400 years now, and counting…) geo-political movement, designed and organized to overwhelm and to conquer, masquerading as a religion, and using OUR U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, as cover and protection for their brand of warfare..

    …”Islam” translates to “SUBMISSION”..

    As the comedian, Ron White, says.. “I don’t think so scooter”..

    And, this is warfare to be certain.. See: The Grand Mufti and Adolph Hitler’ NAZI’s.. …The un-holy alliance, then, and NOW!

    Go ahead, and keep giving this THING a hug..

    Good luck with that…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. WHO sayed:1/3 of Somalis had psychich problems.

    Also Somaliland is one of the safest countries in Africa!Why did they dont go there?


  5. Mike Young said

    Thank you from Champlin, MN. I knew nothing about this. Probably because I refuse to watch local TV but I do listen to local AM radio and it has been radio silence.

    Keep up the good work and the watchful eye on MN terrorists.


    Sent from Mail for Windows 10



  6. said

      send them all back now


  7. murlimews said

    I’m leery of describing this sadly, increasingly routine behavior as nutty, for that is too often used as their excuse.


  8. As I have told Mayor Dave Kleis personally… strap on your seatbelt Mr. Mayor, this IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF YOUR END AS A “Welcoming & Just Community”..

    This man is delusional…and dangerously careless with the lives of St Cloud Minnesota citizens…

    I gave him the book, entitled “No Go Zones” to read.. I’ll bet that he has not even bothered to open up the front cover..

    Liked by 1 person

  9. minnstar said

    Wouldn’t it be nice to know what MOSQUE he is connected to? Even the Mall stabber’s Mosque has been hidden from us. What kind of law enforcement do we have in MN? Ask John Guandolo. He knows and has been warning us for years. Maybe we do need a safe space?

    Liked by 1 person

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