Ridiculous comments made on steps of Supreme Court yesterday

Ridiculous and ungrateful I should say….


Supreme court props
Setting up their props at the Supreme Court yesterday. Don’t you wonder who pays for stunts like this!


(See my post yesterday about the Supreme Court hearing on the travel ban.)

Now, look at this headline from Talking Points Memo:

‘They Bomb Us, Then Ban Us:’ The Scene Outside SCOTUS Before The Travel Ban Case

And, then the reporter goes on to report from migrants to the US who would be better served putting their heads down and working hard to become good and grateful Americans.

First up is a Somali “refugee” who has been here for a little over a year.  He came from one of the big UN camps in Kenya and left behind a sick mother expecting, of course, that she would soon be permitted to follow him and get the medical care he says she needs (on your dime of course!).

It is ludicrous that we have any responsibility for Somalia, a country where its people have shown repeatedly that they can’t govern themselves!

It has nothing to do with us bombing them!

TPM quotes new refugee Aden Hassan:

Aden Hassan immigrated to the United States from a Somali refugee camp just a week before President Trump’s travel ban went into effect. On Wednesday morning, he spoke before hundreds of protestors in front of the Supreme Court where the justices would be hearing a case challenging the latest iteration of the travel ban, which restricts travel from Somalia and about half a dozen other mostly Muslim countries.

Somali at Supreme Court
Aden Hassan should be back in whatever city he was placed, working hard, studying and not serving as a political prop for CAIR in Washington!

“I and my family came to the refugee camp 20 years ago, where there is no life, there is no food, there is no good education. When I come to the United States, I was expected there to be democracy and welcoming people, but I see that democracy is just the surface,” Hassan told the crowd, which was braving a light, misty rain. “My mother she is still in the camp. She has heart conditions. She has diabetes. I am so worried about her because she has nobody to take care of her because I am the only one.”

It’s been over a year since he’s seen his mother, because of the ban.

Call me heartless, but he could have stayed WITH HIS MOTHER! His mother is not the responsibility of the US taxpayer (nor is he!)!

According to Wardah Khalid — who works with the Church World Service, which helped settle Hassan and other refugees — the resettlement numbers have “dropped drastically,” with only 11,000 refugees resettled this fiscal year.

And, look who was apparently there—-CAIR Minnesota!—more evidence that this is about the hijra!

Jaylani Hussein, the executive director of CAIR Minnesota who is originally from Somalia, said that his family and friends have been blocked from traveling by the ban. [Why would Hussein want to travel to Somalia anyway, doesn’t he claim that he and his fellow Somalis are persecuted there?—ed]

Next up, professor Sethi from Georgetown who seems to think it is the role of the federal government to supply life-saving medical care, education and the fulfillment of dreams to the world!

TPM goes on….

Arjun Sethi
Arjun Sethi, whose family is from India, was there. We haven’t bombed India either as far as I know!

Arjun Sethi, a Georgetown Law professor, said that the travel ban was a “destructive policy that has separated families, deprived people of life-saving health care, denied people education and deferred dreams.”


The program of speakers included Libyan-American poet Thana Hasan.

She recited one of her poems, which had the refrain, “you bomb us, then ban us.”

“Please don’t bomb us if you plan on banning us,” she said.

Hasan clearly forgets that it was Obama and Hillary who destabilized Libya and took out Gaddafi.  Did she want Gaddafi to stay?  Is she grateful to be here? Doesn’t sound like it!

And, frankly, most of us want you all—in Africa and the Middle East—to take care of yourselves and then our military can stay home!

For more from TPM, click here.

See my Supreme Court category for more on the ban.

17 thoughts on “Ridiculous comments made on steps of Supreme Court yesterday

  1. Moslems are invaders, soldiers of “Allah”, not immigrants, refugees or anything similar. If you don’t understand this now, you will eventually, probably as your throat is being cut or your child’s school being bombed. Regardless, you will understand, hopefully, before it’s too late.

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    1. ou’re not being tolerant. You’re not being inclusive. You’re not being open-minded… You’re being conquered.”

      Italian immigration was an advance point for Australia, followed by Greek immigration, then Asian all provided positive growth, benefits.

      The failure has and is Moslem immigration where over 30 years they are planted in West Sydney it is a proven disaster which is forbidden to be spoken about.

      Reality is
      This is a Islamic invasion/war by Stealth!

      Moslems are also history killers and twist historical facts and truth they call taqiyya kitman
      Facts are:-
      This Trojan horse invasion by Moslems was invented by Mohammed when he and his marauding followers fled Mecca in AD 622 to Yathrib now called Medina. Claiming “refugee status”
      Medina welcomed them as “our” government does today!

      ISIS is doing nothing that the Moslem’s “Prophet” Mohammed wouldn’t do!

      Mohammad himself was once a (claimed) refugee taken in by the Jewish run city of Medina, then called Yathrib (fleeing Mecca AD 622).
      Within five years, Mohammed (joining with other invading “marauding refugees”) had driven out, executed, or enslaved every Jew living in Medina

      For around 1,400 years Islam has produced the major majority of the worlds “refugees”! Always fleeing from what they created!

      Still the same today!

      This Trojan horse invasion continues WHY?
      Moslems and Islam are of course synonymous with terror!
      It was and is a CRIME to allow Moslems in. Every politician is obligated to know the history of foreign people they bring in. If they had done even a little bit of study they would have found a bloodthirsty people, full of hate and terrorism.?

      Mohammad invented this sort of invasion by stealth, Centuries old still used today.
      The success of thier blood lust carnage is that Moslem have made their Calender year begining AD 622

      “Our” repomse is to declare a war on the Islamic TACTIC of “terror”?
      1: You can’t declare war on a tactic – TERROR.
      2: You can’t win if the “Good Guys” your soldiers are dying for are just a different type of bad guy.
      3: You can’t win if you promote the problem – ISLAM.
      4: And you can’t win overseas if you are losing at home


    1. A very small number. When I do the 7-month roundup on Tuesday, I will look up the exact number. But, in the meantime you can look it up at Wrapsnet.


  2. I remember the Somolis attacking our AMERICAN SOLDIERS! over FOOD we and the UN bought the ungrateful bastards! I remember our soldiers burned bodies dragged thru the streets and hanged over a bridge! I remember the Somolis attacking ships at sea and killing crew and hostages. Geez WE NEED THESE PEOPLE HERE??? I don’t think so. Let them solve their own warlord, druggy, al Quida problems and ban them permanently from civilized countries.

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    1. Muslims have no scruples when it comes to lying. It is in their Theocracy to lie. President Trump should be allowed to stop anyone regardless of their religious affiliation from entering this country. A good practicing Muslim knows the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government and no other happens to be UN-American and the enemy of the American government and it’s people.

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  3. America used to be a place that people longed to come to, and did, if they followed the rules. Now people demand to come here as some sort of “natural right.” So the mindset of “gratitude” was replace with the mindset of “you owe me!” We can thank the American Left for that.

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  4. “Arjun Sethi, a Georgetown Law professor, said that the travel ban was a ‘destructive policy that has separated families, deprived people of life-saving health care, denied people education and deferred dreams.”’

    What a coincidence, that’s what happens to Americans if there is no travel ban.

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  5. How quickly they forget!

    John F. Kennedy, at his inaugural address spoke these famous words, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

    How much $$$ have these people saved to bring their families here and how will THEY SUPPORT THEM, monetarily and otherwise?

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  6. Just another reason for the US to reduce the importation of refugees, and giving them permanent residence. I agree with Dr. Ben Carson to keep them in the region they come from, give them support and safety as best we can. Let them go home when the conflict is over.

    America can’t possibly cure all of the worlds problems by bringing them here.

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  7. Thank you for a rational assessment of the immigration fiasco. We will NEVER solve these humanitarian problems by shuffling people around the world. Instead, we should be concentrating on helping people where they live, which has been proven more effective and more humanitarian..

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    1. Too much common sense! And, sometimes I do feel sorry for the refugees being moved around the world to help the International Left reach its political goals—refugees are often the pawns!


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