EU, led by France and Germany, set to punish Hungary and Poland this week

Of course it all has to do with Hungary and Poland standing against the European Union that is demanding those countries take their ‘fair share’ of migrants who have arrived illegally by the hundreds of thousands in recent years because France and Germany were spineless.

If the EU cuts off their funds, why don’t they just join the Brits and leave the EU?

Invasion of Europe news….

From the Express:

Eastern EU states such as Poland and Hungary would be punished under the proposals if they are deemed to have fallen short of the bloc’s ‘democratic values’.

Trump and Macron
While Trump and Macron swooned, the Hungarians and Poles were standing firm against bullying from France and Germany.  Come on Donald, snuggling with Macron isn’t helping your image. Where is the State Dinner for Viktor Orban?

Brussels’ move comes after growing calls from Germany and France, the EU’s two most influential members, to punish rebel member states.

Under the proposals, to be unveiled by the EU’s budget chief Guenther Oettinger this week, bureaucrats would freeze access to funding for EU projects.

An EU source said: “The proposal will include the temporary freezing of funds in order to motivate a change of behaviour among states.”

The measures are likely to further increase tensions between Brussels and the populist, right-wing governments in Warsaw and Budapest.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has repeatedly clashed with the EU over the migrant crisis after refusing to sign up to refugee resettlement schemes.

And Poland has angered Brussels after introducing controversial judicial reforms judged anti-democratic by the European Commission.

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4 thoughts on “EU, led by France and Germany, set to punish Hungary and Poland this week

  1. The EU consists of a bunch of un-elected bureaucrats who think they can bully and control all of Europe, turning it into a sh*thole against the will of the people. If the EU threatens Poland and Austria with the freezing of funds “to change their behavior”, then Trump should refuse to take any future refugees and yank the massive amount of foreign aid we provide to terrorist countries and instead send it to support the sovereignty of Poland and Austria.


  2. I guess that France and Germany just want Eastern Europe to suffer the same fate of Islamification that they are suffering due to their ridiculous Liberal policies !!! Well, it’s not gonna happen !


  3. EU laws sayed that you must ask for Asylum in the first EU state that you enter.

    ps:War is not a cause for Asylum.Also International law say you are not anymore a War-refugee if you enter a safe place,this can even be an UN Camp in your own country.

    But the left and Merkel ignore all of it.


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