Another month with small numbers of paying customers for the refugee contractors

Month number seven of fiscal year 2018 ended last night, and from the contractors*** point of view, it was another dismal one for agencies collecting a per head payment for refugees they place and ‘take care of’ for only a few months.

April’s total was 1,607 which is below average for the previous six months (average 1,758 for previous months this FY). 

The team….Bolton, Trump, Pompeo:

bolton, pompeo trump
It will be interesting to see what happens with the Refugee Program and those SIVs now that a couple of serious hardliners are in place.  CAIR recently called Pompeo an “Islamophobe.”


I know for many of you this is 1,607 too many, but believe me this is catastrophic for those NGOs that got fat and lazy on budgets as much as 99% supplied by the US taxpayers.

In September of 2017, President Donald Trump (the President has the complete authority to set the cap for the coming year), set the FY18 cap/ceiling at 45,000.  At the present rate he will likely just pass the 20,000 mark for the year.

There is no legal requirement that he reach the CEILING he set!

Refugee Processing Center data base:

The total admissions for the regular refugee program for this year are now at 12,156.

(However, 8,480 Special Immigrant Visa holders/families from Iraq and Afghanistan must be added to that. They are paying customers too!)

Top five ‘welcoming’ states are Ohio (902), Texas (896), New York (737), California (697) and Washington (692).

(So much for Texas withdrawing from the program!)

Bottom five ‘unwelcoming’ (not including territories) states are Mississippi (2), Washington, DC (1), West Virginia (1) and Hawaii which wants a whole lot of them (0), and Wyoming which has never joined the program (0)!

In a few days more data will be available at Wrapsnet (Refugee Processing Center) on nationalities and I’ll give you a rundown then (less work for me now!).

Somalis trickle in….

However, since one especially anxious reader wanted to know how many Somalis have been admitted this fiscal year, the answer is 222. 74 of those went to Minnesota and the remaining were scattered across 24 other states.

How long will it take them to migrate to MN?

One thing I haven’t mentioned for awhile is the fact that refugees can move wherever they wish in America, even right away.  In refugee industry lingo it is called “secondary migration” and Minnesota is always the top destination state for secondary migrants.

Contact the White House and tell the Prez what you think—it will take only a few minutes and every little bit helps. Contact link in the top right hand column at RRW!


***I post the contractor list almost every day because I want new readers to know exactly who is responsible for driving the US Refugee Admissions Program (in addition to the UN!).

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of the nine VOLAGs’ income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees, line them up with (low paying) jobs in food production and cleaning hotel rooms, and get them signed up for their services (welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.


4 thoughts on “Another month with small numbers of paying customers for the refugee contractors

  1. I have be reading your blog since inception when you were concerned primarily reforming the system of government funding. Now you lean towards abandonment of the program especially for Muslims. We have been opposite on most issues and I am wondering about the following from your readers in the form of a survey

    1 Do we have a moral/religious or other responsibility to take any refugees at all?.
    2 if the answer is no, would it change if we did not take Muslims
    3. Should there be any federal support?
    4 Would you support a federal private partnership?
    5 Do you consider yourself as a refugee either directly or indirectly-every American came from immigrants back to the Pilgrims and the word
    refugee is fairly new?
    6 Do you support the Trump nativist/populist agenda as a whole?
    7 Should we eliminate legal immigration and asylum?
    8 Do you personally know any refugees?

    My perspective is that refugees commit very few serious crimes relative to th high numbers we have settled and eventually most become economic assets paying taxes, owning homes and raising educated children. I do believe that the majority of the problem is from a small number of Somalis and I do not know if the answer is to not allow this nationality in at all.

    While the issue of funding and cheap labor are concerns, I put compassion ahead of all else .I have now worked for 22 years as a volunteer in Clarkston Ga and have no ties to an agency directly and in particular I cringe at the conditions of the Syrians who arr mostly family and are blocked by the ban

    As to jobs, I learned today that Georgia lost $70M in un harvested crops because of a labor shortage.There are so many stories of American unwilling to work at menial jobs beneath them even at a living wage. Who else other than immigrants want to do these jobs?

    I truly believe the president is racist, sexist and Islamaphobic at least publically
    Do you feel that way and if so is that ok?

    Bosnian, Bhutanese and Meskhetian Turks I have worked with seem to be the success nationalities in assimilation. The Muslim Turks and Bosnians, primarily Muslim come from somewhat non Arab speaking countries.


  2. God bless Israel and this past weekends monumental announcement of the incredibly damning news of their “theft” of Iran’s documents that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Obama and hundreds of his personal caliphate supporters are the hate filled Dictator Dreamers who were well on their way to destroying the greatest country in the history of the world. Now, what are we going to do with this revelation? We’ve had enough proof of their evil to send many to prison, but Sessions has resisted the obvious and will not appoint a Special Counsellor to get serious about the hate brigade and start indicting them. His connivence is approaching a level that is disgusting, and I think he should possibly resign, or be fired and replaced with someone with less close friends in the Senate.


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