Minnesota: Opposition to Welcoming America is growing….

…..as more citizens are waking up to Leftwing community organizing tactics!

The Winona Daily News published a story last evening that is mostly meant to show that opposition to Welcoming America is coming from a bunch of nativist naysayers, but for me it shows how grassroots activists (paid by no one!) have been successful in educating small communities across the upper Midwest about the goals of the Soros-spawned Welcoming America community organizers.

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I first heard of Welcoming America in 2013 when they were a featured presenter at a meeting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania put on by the Obama Office of Refugee Resettlement.

The ORR had contracted them to beat back “pockets of resistance” to refugee resettlement.

You should take a moment to read that post.

It is a good thing I quoted the Soros connection directly from Welcoming America’s website at the time because that page is mysteriously absent from their site now!

For the really ambitious among you, please see my entire archive on Welcoming America and its founder David Lubell.  They are your classic, hard Left community organizers promoting diversity is beautiful for your towns (more Democrat voters and more cheap labor!).

But, it is more than that…..

They are changing America by changing the people!

And using taxpayer dollars to do it!

I just checked ProPublica here and learned that Welcoming America received these “government contracts” in addition to the Clinton Foundation money mentioned by the Winona Daily News:

(numbers rounded)

2013: $199,000

2014: $156,000

2015: $165,000

2016: $277,000

Think about it! Your money is used to do political community organizing!

Now back to the story about how you have slowed their momentum in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin!

Winona was the first in the state to join Welcoming America; why haven’t others followed?

When Fatima Said asked the Winona City Council to join a national move to embrace immigrants, refugees and all other newcomers, the council unanimously approved the idea that same night.

The vote made Winona the first Minnesota city to join Welcoming America, a national network of local governments and nonprofits.

“I was so proud of that,” recalled Said, who arrived with her family in Rochester in December 1993 as Bosnian refugees. Volunteers met them with open arms, she says. “This multicultural society in America is a beauty.”

In the two years since, however, the movement that Winona embraced has met with increasingly hostile resistance in cities and towns across Minnesota and the Upper Midwest, exposing deep rifts and anxiety over immigration, refugees, race, culture and religion — particularly Islam.

Here they admit that the “welcoming” initiative is about finding cheap low-skilled labor!

branstner KNSI
Blowing the whistle on the scheme that involves the UN is Ron Branstner speaking with KNSI Radio St. Cloud in 2015

Those who support the welcoming initiatives and similar efforts see them as important value statements critical to attracting residents, especially in rural communities that are struggling to recruit and hold workers for hard-to-fill, low-skilled jobs.

“I can’t understand how many people have problems with Welcoming America. We work together because there is no other way,” said Said, executive director of Project Fine, a nonprofit that works to integrate newcomers through education.


But even in cities such as St. Cloud and Willmar, which passed resolutions, tensions ran high. Opponents in both cities focused their objections on Somali immigrants, with allegations being raised that they spread disease, commit crimes, take advantage of public assistance, provide recruits for Islamic terrorism and generally resist assimilation.

Ron Branstner a resident of Eden Valley who often testifies against Welcoming initiatives, told the Willmar City Council that the resolution is more than just a “feel-good idea.”

“If you pass this, there are things that come behind this,” Branstner said. “Free speech is at risk.”

Notice how reporter Dan Browning (or his editors!) gives Branstner few column inches to explain his (and his audiences’) concerns.

Browning continues with his warm embrace of Welcoming America….

The Welcoming America network grew out of an initiative that started in 2006 in Nashville as the population boomed, mostly from the influx of immigrants and refugees.

Seven years later, the network launched its nationwide Welcoming Cities program, backed by a three-year, $2.66 million grant from the Clinton Foundation. It included faith groups, nonprofits and local governments interested in training and sharing ideas about how best to help the newcomers.

Said got involved with Welcoming America about 2010, which led to President Barack Obama designating her an “Outstanding Champion of Change.”

There is so much more, but I can’t snip it all!  Go here to read more about the insidious work of Welcoming America and how just regular folks, like Ron Branstner, are working hard to educate their fellow citizens about the plans to change America by changing the people!

What you can do!

Contact the White House and tell the President that you don’t want Welcoming America to get one more dime of your money! Contact link is in upper right hand column of this blog.

8 thoughts on “Minnesota: Opposition to Welcoming America is growing….

  1. The majority of St. Cloud, MN wants the import of Somalian refugees to stop. Just a fact that the city wont acknowledge publicly.


  2. Was going to be called ‘Welcoming the Death of Traditional America’ but was thought too ungainly.


  3. A question of me per the Minneapolis Star Tribune article on the same subject, and the Hudson Wisconsin event last Thursday:

    “On what personal experience do you have, meaning actual interaction and conversation with immigrants who have told you they “refuse” to assimilate?

    I question your definition of assimilation. Do you have a problem with the Amish who refuse automation? How about Mormons who still practice a form of polygamy?

    As an answer to your first question, please refer to the collected works, and speeches (YouTube) by Brooklyn NYC born radical Palestinian, Linda Sarsour. Then look up the article , entitled, “United In Hate”.. ..A picture worth a thousand words, as they say. …Sisters of “the book”..

    Oh, and marrying your brother, or claiming that he is your husband is immigration fraud, and also illegal…or so they say..

    Second question and answer.. Their beloved leader, Muhammad, claimed a 6 year old (Aisha) as his second bride, and CONSUMMATED that unholy union when she was age 9. Then there is THEIR rule about TAKING no more than 4 wives.. He broke that rule as well.

    This, my friend is not simply polygamy. THIS is pedophilia…and it is going on today, and in OUR own country, right under our collectively stupid noses.

    1400 hundred years of this, and still going strong in the very same direction, and behaving in the very same manner.

    Read their book…and then join in on the debate…

    All the “Welcoming” declarations in the world, issued by the chronic “Hope for the Best” crowd, will be seen as weakness only, and no resolve whatsoever, to preserve OUR culture, OUR U.S.Constitution, and OUR Republic..

    “Welcoming who”?.


  4. With 1400 years of this consistent and brutal history to reflect upon, I cannot believe that the “infidel” population in this country, and to some extent, the world, is still debating the veracity and steadfast resolve behind this centuries long playbook.

    It is always the same. Always…

    Called the TAQIYA.. For goodness sake, look it up..

    Also, please look up the article: “United in Hate”, a more recent iteration of the same page out of an old playbook.

    The “trap”, and “rabbit hole” here is to get lost in the “comparative religions of the world” discussion, and debate.

    This IS, in fact a 1400 year old geopolitical assault against civilized societies, masquerading as a “religion”, and in OUR country, hiding behind OUR U.S. Constitution and OUR Bill of Rights, for cover, while the mischief of their playbook (The Koran) continues to roll on, as ALWAYS..

    As yourselves a couple of honest questions..

    First, how does only 1% of OUR U.S. population (2% in Minnesota), create so much chaos and conflict, and actually rejecting all the naive efforts to declare places like St Cloud, Minnesota “A Welcoming & Just Community”, while then attempting to blow up their City Hall just a few weeks ago? Folks, they are either not getting the memo, or they do not care, and see all this effort as western culture weakness, and our vulnerability.

    Secondly, please show me a place, anywhere on the entire planet, where this “social justice” mass immigration experiment (COEXIST), has worked, or IS WORKING. Said differently, please point to a place, where this “experiment” has not worked out very badly for ANY indigenous population of ANY country, where this has been tried, and failed miserably. ANYWHERE? …Western European countries? The UK? Australia? Even in their own various homelands? Anywhere?

    Conclusion: For all the group hug proponents, I have three suggestions, and requests. First, will you be paying for this, on your own, with VISA, Mastercard, or American Express? Sweden, and the rest of Western Europe and the UK, have gone broke trying this on for size.
    Next, are you willing to sacrifice (risk) the lives of your children, your grandchildren, and families, on the alter of this social justice cause celebre? In Minnesota, body bags and hospital beds are beginning to fill up faster all the time now, while we engage in an extremely dangerous game of denial about all of this.

    Suggestion: READ THEIR BOOK! Listen very carefully to people like Anni Cyrus. They have live this. They have survived this. THEY get it!

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