Hissy fits in Australia as US says no to Iranians and Somalis in refugee deal

I’ve been having computer problems so this is going to be a quickie update on the “dumb” Australia refugee deal that we should never have entered in to with the Australian government.

Trump and Turnbull
Trump should have followed his first instincts and told Turnbull a flat out NO!

In January of 2017, Trump should have said NO! to the outrageous Obama arrangement for us to take off the Australians’ hands 1,250 of their detained refugee wannabes.

So now this is all dragging out with the Lefty press taking shots at the US each step of the way.

Here is the latest at The Guardian:

Australia’s refugee deal ‘a farce’ after US rejects all Iranian and Somali asylum seekers

Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban is influencing Australia’s offshore processing system – with all Iranian and Somali refugees rejected for resettlement in the US.

The third version of Donald Trump’s travel ban bars or limits entry to citizens of five Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen – as well as North Korea. The ban’s constitutionality is currently being considered by the supreme court but is currently in effect.

About 150 refugees held in offshore processing on the island of Nauru have appointments with US officials this week, where they will discover final assessments of whether they have been accepted by America. So far, every Iranian and Somali applicant has been rejected.

But, remember dear readers the fake refugees we are taking in the Australian deal are mostly single men from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Burma (Rohingya Muslims).

The Australian government has promoted the US resettlement deal as its solution to offshore processing but, for more than a year, it has conceded that the US deal cannot clear the camps.

Thus far, 85 refugees have been resettled from Manus and 162 from Nauru. US officials hope to finalise the resettlement deal by October, when its annual resettlement quota restarts.


ian Rintoul.jpg
Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition (center) wants the detainees to be resettled in Australia…..


More than 500 refugees are expected to be left on the island of Nauru even if the US fulfils its entire commitment of 1,250 places.


Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition said the US resettlement had been “revealed to be a farce”.

“Iranian refugees account for around a third of all refugees on Nauru,” he said. “It is just not possible for all Iranians to be rejected on any legitimate basis.

“While Trump says there is no official ban on Iranians and Somalis, it is now very clear that the US administration is imposing an unofficial ban. It is not a coincidence that all Iranians are being rejected.

“Turnbull’s phone call to Trump is coming back to haunt him. Turnbull told Trump that he didn’t have to accept anyone; now Trump is taking him at his word.”

That phone call is haunting all of us!

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See my archive on the “dumb” Australia deal by clicking here.  If anyone is interested in following this topic to its very beginning, you will find the information archived here at RRW.

What you can do!

You have probably done it already, but it can’t hurt to let the President know again that he can still shut this down! He is setting a terrible precedent with this highly unorthodox arrangement for refugee resettlement, plus he isn’t keeping us safe by simply blocking the Iranians and Somalis while taking the Afghans, Pakistanis and Rohingya Muslims!

And, to top it off, just as this article makes clear, the media is going to use this whole dumb deal to further bash Trump!

See how to contact the White House in the upper right hand column of RRW.

8 thoughts on “Hissy fits in Australia as US says no to Iranians and Somalis in refugee deal

  1. It has become a dialogue of the deaf down here in Oz. The lefties, in vain, still try to instil conscience among us, attempting every trick in the joke book to gain entry for their charges from Manus and Nauru. To no avail, even the normally wishy-washy left Opposition has no policy regarding settlement of these chancers in Australia.
    They’ve been offered very substantial amounts of money to go back whence they came and start up their own taxi businesses, tobacco kiosks, whatever, but they’re adamant that they’re going to come here as soon as we get a sufficiently supine government in place. They’re between a rock and a hard place, denied entry to both Australia and the USA you’d think commonsense and pragmatism would kick in at some point. But, no, they whinge and wheedle fuelled by the likes of Ian Rintoul and other leftist lawyers and advocates.

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    1. We didn’t ‘take them’, they arrived by boat against our will. There were only two options, either blast them out of the water or give them temporary housing until we can repatriate or deport them. Unfortunately that option fell by the wayside 5 years ago and they’re still on Manus or Nauru, costing us millions, or maybe billions in pay-off money to the Mickey Mouse govts of those countries.


  2. As vacation season draws closer, perhaps we might think about adding a condition to the “dumb deal” that stipulates Americans vacationing in Austrailia will have to pay a surcharge to help offset the costs of us getting stuck with these worthless and dangerous parasites for as long as they and their descendants exist in this country. We could use tariffs on Austrailian wine, beer, and other products to achieve the same goal.


  3. Australia: US still addicted to dumping 3rd world refugee rejects on hometown America–still hated for not taking enough. Thanks Deep State.


  4. Wow! The human hot potatos.. No one seems to want these wonderful 7th century people..

    Not very “Welcoming”…

    Don’t worry though.. Keith Ellison and Minnesota will figure out a way to get them sent here.

    Then we can have a real party…with “I don’t believe in Borders” (c)ongressman Keith Ellison and his pals.. Khat for everyone!

    Please pass that award winning hot-dish (c)ongressman Emmer…

    Proud to be a Minnesotan yet?

    Good for President Trump, Hudson, Wisconsin, and the rest of OUR country..

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  5. Screw Australia – they export uranium yet have NO nuclear plants!

    On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 7:44 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “I’ve been having computer problems so this is going > to be a quickie update on the “dumb” Australia refugee deal that we should > never have entered in to with the Australian government. In January of > 2017, Trump should have said NO! to the outrageous Oba” >


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