Minnesota Somalis: You’re old and we are taking over

This week Judy sent me an interesting facebook post. I’ve decided not to name the author in order to spare her further aggravation.

Normally I wouldn’t post on a social media conversation except this one rings a bell.  I’ve heard it before.

In fact in earlier years in the life of this blog, I heard it from time to time.  Somali commenters told me that this country had a lot of wide open spaces and they planned to fill it.

In fact in 2010, a Somali woman communicated with me to warn that Somalis are creating what she called Tuulas (villages) throughout some states—she mentioned Minnesota and Kansas and Maine. She said:

I have read about what is going on in Kansas and in other small towns like Maine. Somalis will turn these small towns into a largely populated Somali town, because if Minnesota is the U.S capital of Somali people then a small town or city cannot stand a chance.

And, more recently a reader (a Somali?) has told me I am old so I am to be dismissed, implying that I can’t stop the inevitable wave anyway.

So this facebook post sounds perfectly in line with what other Somalis have said to me, and are saying:

From anonymous:

Yesterday, I had long social media conversations with two Somali Muslim gentlemen from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I asked them about their goals for improving Minnesota and how they feel about being an American. I also asked them about the million dollar upgrade at Cedar Riverside public housing that Mayor Jacob Frey promised its majority Somali residents this week. After I was called a racist, a fascist, a bigot, stupid and old, here’s what else they shared with me. Nearly verbatim. Thoughts?


Mayor cedar riverside
Don’t miss Leo Hohmann’s report on the Minneapolis mayor making special promises to special people.  https://leohohmann.com/2018/05/08/democrat-run-city-building-6-foot-fence-around-migrant-housing-complex-to-keep-intruders-out/


“Get with the program, miss. We are here to stay. We never left our Somali heritage or culture. That’s what America is missing. Please stop forcing us to your ways. You’re old and have very old ideas. Get with the program. I’m trying to have my son to be the first Muslim black governor of the state of Minnesota in next 20 years. He’s gonna run as a Democrat. Oh, and on those upgrades at Cedar Riverside. They better give us those upgrades and changes if the Mayor wants to earn our votes. Or else we can always get another Mayor next time around. You see how being an American works? I told you lady please get with the program because Somalis are the latest addition to black folks.

Why should we assimilate? Do you know how stupid you sound? Guess what? We’re here to stay and will transform America for the better. Get that through your thick, ignorant skull. You need to see a doctor. It’s inevitable that Somalis will be taking over and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Again, what’s wrong with Somalis taking over? It is inevitable! This land doesn’t belong to either of us. It is our time to populate it and rule it. Go back to Europe or wherever you’re from if you don’t like it.”

When populations rise, they get cocky (and careless).

And, they are amazingly confident even in light of the fact that Somalia is a failed state because they couldn’t manage to govern it without creating a hellhole.

I suggest that their Leftist trainers (who must be talking to them about ‘old white people’) teach them to not spill the beans prematurely…but then again, let ’em talk!

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17 thoughts on “Minnesota Somalis: You’re old and we are taking over

  1. My older brother lived in Mlps for about 30 years and passed on about 10 years ago but relayed a story to me of something he experienced about the time of the Lost Boys of Somalia . He worked in a major mfg warehouse similar to amazon that employed a lot of Somalis he said they were big, tall and lazy. He also said he was working with one and he got on his ass about being lazy and this guy told him to shut his mouth that they were going to take over the State and Country. This was 15 to 20 years ago! He told the Somali to bring their guns because he owned everything from a 22 pistol to a rifle that would bring down a Rhino and had enough ammo to fend off any attackers.


  2. “for the better” Just like how Somalia is, now? Somalia is a caveman country. Dirt roads, dirt huts, no technology and no sanitation. The natives are not only uneducated, they are backward and still stuck in the 7th century. Every time I hear the word “Somalia”I remember the news blasting the video over and over again of our killed soldiers bodies being dragged through Mogadishu and the natives there desecrating the bodies in the most sadistic and savage manner. These people are savages.

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  3. The joke is:Somaliland a Separatist Area from Somalia is FREE OF WAR AND TERROR!The people also pay there taxes happily because they have freedom and see they build new streets etc.
    So why did the Somalis dont go to Somaliland?Why dont to another Muslim country?Why not elsewhere in Africa?

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  4. (PLEASE Donate to Ann Corcoran’s Blog & Leo Hohmann’s Blog)

    Think of these sites as our modern day version of “Radio-Free-Europe”Their gloves are coming off now in Minnesota..

    5 more years of this, compounded by SECONDARY MIGRATION COMING TO MINNESOTA FOR THE “WELFARE” GRAVY TRAIN – & COMING FROM OTHER U.S. STATES (thanks to Keith Ellison – Tom Emmer – and Ilhan Omar & too many OTHERS), and the attack of the welfare parasites on our social services system(s), and Minnesota will be done for PERMANENTLY.

    They only represent 2% of OUR Minnesota population today (1% nationally). However, in some Minnesota towns it may be as high as 20% already and expanding daily now.. Now that their numbers are increasing, so does the blatant hostility, and assault on every facet of OUR government, OUR law enforcement systems, and The (OUR) Courts..

    NOW, we have a MN State legislator, who would appear to have committed “Immigration fraud”, OR, polygamy/polyandry, OR, bigamy, welfare fraud, OR, perhaps, all of the above, and that is OK in Minnesota today?

    Keep taking all this lightly… See most of western Europe (Sweden – Denmark – France – Norway – Finland – Italy – Belgium – Germany – the UK…and many more) …as a window into OUR future Minnesota..

    Yesterday, Zavier Bicott, and the Republican Liberty Caucus walked right into one of the most notorious, anti-American (Sharia law proponents) mosques in Minnesota for a hug fest..

    Libertarian GOP group draws ire for meeting in a mosque
    PoliticsLaura Yuen · May 11, 2018
    Abdulahi Farah speaks with Zavier Bicott.Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center programs and services director Abdulahi Farah, right, speaks with Minnesota Republican Liberty Caucus chair Zavier Bicott, left, about hosting the Caucus’ annual convention at the Mosque inside the Imam’s office in Bloomington on Tuesday. Evan Frost | MPR News

    How do you think that is that going to work out for you and your libertarian (liberty and freedom for all) group Zavier?

    Again…Keep taking all this lightly people… See most of western Europe (Sweden – Denmark – France – Norway – Finland – Italy – Belgium – Germany – the UK…and many more) …as a window into OUR future Minnesota…and the confiscation of OUR freedom, OUR “liberty”, and OUR culture…and the replacement of OUR Constitutional Law, and OUR Bill of Rights, with their “law”..

    Again…Keep taking all this lightly people…


    (PLEASE Donate to Ann Corcoran’s Blog & Leo Hohmann’s Blog)

    Think of these sites as our modern day version of “Radio-Free-Europe”


    “The Founding Fathers knew a government can’t control the economy without controlling people. And they knew when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose. So we have come to a time for choosing.”

    – Ronald Reagan, “The Speech: A Time for Choosing.” 1964

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    1. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence…and of course the warning, but be sure to focus your gifts in the direction of LeoHohmann.com!


  5. She’s actually correct in her worldview. We MADE America, before Europeans came it was just land occupied by various Native tribes. We had the superior technology and we conquered. She now thinks that due to standing on the shoulders of those Europeans who came before and MADE this nation that Somalis will be able to conquer it by numbers. That might be so but I guarantee they won’t keep the technology or the civilization that MADE this nation. They’re not capable. So she’s absolutely right — and absolutely wrong. And we need to wake up.


  6. I lived in MN! Nightmare! The pediatiricans at Children’s Hospital deal with half dead girls regularly, from botched home procedures using glass and rusty knives. No prosecutions, EVER. Lesson: Be a sadistic Muslims and get nods of approval. Be an actual citizen and get taxed, get your college seat taken, etc., all to make sure said Somali can be here to be saidsitc.

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  7. Last week the Unitarian church (a.k.a. the cultural Marxist clubhouse!) in my town of Marblehead, MA hung out a Black Lives Matter banner with the usual trash talk about it being a symbol of “love”. They did the same thing when they screened the antisemitic “Occupation of the American Mind” and when they invited a hijabed Syrian to exhort them to take in more Syrian “refugees”, lying that the influx of Muslims had caused no problems in Europe. Their “social justice warriors” hold race-shaming “white guilt” lectures in the public library. The members of that church are mostly rich (biggest worry, when to get the boat into the harbor) leftists who drive around with “RESIST” stickers on their BMWs. A third of the town voted for Trump but they lay low and I don’t know what it would take to get at least some of them to push back against this.

    Linda Blood


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  8. My family was from Minnesota, but I hear nothing about this from my cousins there. Are all the non-Somali citizens also quiet about what’s going on? Are they burying heads in the sand? Are they doing anything in response? Does anyone think that as goes Minnesota, so goes the US? Helloooo, anyone awake in the Midwest?


  9. With posters,pamphlets and” CAIR action alerts” advising their rights and not to ever answer the door or any questions from authorities i.e. FBI,ICE and local law enforcement to Muslims by public enemy number one CAIR is Hamas this well written and extremely accurate information I sincerely wish more people would read. The prevailing narratives of victimization and leftist hate theologies just continually chap my ass. Stealth jihad is exactly the correct word for what’s taking place not just in the land of 10000 fatwa previously known as Minnesota the land of 10000 lakes and or taxes rather creeping across the nation one atrocity at a time. Muslim Brotherhood terrorist designation time now more than ever

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