US birthrates drop in to danger zone! Have more babies or else!

There is no sense dancing around the subject…..

The “or else” is frankly that the immigrant/Muslim population will boom as we go bust (and they are counting on it).

Remember we are old they say!




Leo Hohmann has a good analysis yesterday entitled:

Birth dearth: Millennials’ rejection of parenthood could be lethal blow to Western civilization

Here are just a few snips to whet your appetite, but please read it all and then send it to everyone you know!

America has entered a demographic winter that should make every patriotic citizen shiver with concerns for their children’s future.

That is, if they have any children.

It’s a problem you won’t hear much about in the media but it’s been brewing for years. For many feminists, to even talk about it is tantamount to the unforgivable sin.

But all denials aside, this problem is as plain as the nose on little Johnnie’s face: The birth rate in these United States of America is imploding.

We are now in the same range as the European death spiral.

The President sets an example, here with two of his many grandchildren!

The fertility rate now stands at 1.7 births per woman. For a generation of Americans to replace itself, it takes a fertility rate of at least 2.1 children per woman.

The U.S. was, until a few years ago, among a handful of developed countries that could muster the pivotal 2.1 threshold.


A 39-year-old Christian woman who has worked in Germany’s migrant camps for years told The Express that Christians in those camps are harassed and intimidated. They thought she was a Muslim, so they confided in her.

“Some women told me, ‘We will multiply our numbers. We must have more children than the Christians because it’s the only way we can destroy them here.’”

U.S. Muslims have repeatedly boasted of the same strategy.

Read it all and send it out far and wide (especially to your young friends)!

Wouldn’t you love to see a campaign from the White House to encourage Americans to have babies!

It is funny, of all the things I have said here in nearly 11 years, when I urge young patriots to have more babies it sets the Libs hair on fire!

6 thoughts on “US birthrates drop in to danger zone! Have more babies or else!

  1. Balderdash ……… there are more Americans alive today than ever before…… millennials will have children, just later….. It is not for the people to adjust to government needs and big business needs…….. but the other way around…….. they are suppose to be geniuses……Ya?


  2. Schools and churches need to teach practical home economic and budgeting skills to young people so they can marry and have children. Most young people today do not know how to care for babies and young children, manage money, do home repairs or cook economical, tasty meals. There are creative ways for young people to get started in life, such as buying an old mobile home for very little and fixing it up or even building their own home from a kit–but schools do not help them learn these skills. We need vocational programs that target young men into trades, but also teach them about caring for children, managing money and interpersonal skills in marriage. We have a terrible situation that there are many Christian colleges with a majority of women, but very few which train young men in practical trades. I don’t know why these schools can’t set up vocational programs for young men so that the young women can meet young men with compatible values.


  3. This is bad, yes, but not a terminal problem in a nation with ethnic homogeneity. Japan has an aging population, but they aren’t suicidally importing in alien peoples to engage in elder abuse and laugh about it (as in the case of James Dempsey).

    Would it be better to be a larger, stronger nation to better contend with China? Yes. But if we just stop bringing in alien peoples who hate us, and act to remove those here, a shrinking population would only seriously impact on realtors. Which I am perfectly fine with.

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  4. You can’t breed this problem out of existence. Otherwise, why not just force all women of marriageable age and acceptable religious views to sign agreements to have babies every year and refrain from work outside the home of any other kind of Fulfilling activity other than motherhood. What does the freedom of individual women matter in the face of the need to defeat Islam — which denies the freedom of individual women? How are you going to be certain that popping out a baby every year is going to solve the problem if these children are sent to public schools that teach them to be cultural Marxist, postmodern, intersectional, Islamophilic, LGBTQ.

    Every time I think that I, as an atheist who has been fighting to educate people about the danger of Islam for over 10 years (along with dozens of others like me), have any worth to a Christian I’m proved to be a fool. I don’t have children so nothing else I did matters one whit.



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