St. Cloud, Minnesota citizens are entitled to an open discussion about their changing city

Ten years ago this month, RRW published its first of what would be many posts on St. Cloud, Minnesota, a small city targeted by Lutheran Social Services of MN and the US State Department for the resettlement of mostly Somali refugees.

Jeff Johnson surrounded
Council member Jeff Johnson surrounded in October 2017

When blog partner Judy wrote this post about the mistreatment of a service dog by Somali students it was the first time I had ever heard of St. Cloud, Minnesota.

In those ten years we have published dozens of posts on the demographic change there and the controversy it has created.

Our experience has been that the St. Cloud Times has been biased against anyone who wants to have a discussion about the change, but this story by reporter Jenny Berg is surprisingly balanced!  What happened?

Not just the ‘insensitive’ numbers guy: Jeff Johnson keeps refugee conversation going


It is a long story, but really worth reading. I was particularly interested in one theme expressed throughout:

Concerned citizens have a right to expect transparency from government officials at all levels.

In fact, it is that very lack of transparency that gave rise to this blog!

There would be no Refugee Resettlement Watch beginning in July 2007 if there had been an open and honest discussion in Hagerstown, Maryland that year and if the Hagerstown Herald Mail had investigated and explained the details of how the small city in a red county had been chosen for resettlement and how the process would work going forward.

See what I wanted to know in 2007! I’m still working on getting those answers for every American town and city! You have a right to the answers (without having your character slimmed!).

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  2. Not in the totalitarian governmental body, which St Cloud Minnesota City Council has clearly become.

    These people have become government thugs now, and nothing will get in their way. I have watch them in action..

    City Councilman Jeff Johnson is surrounded by Trotsky – Lenin, and Cloward & Piven / Alinsky style bullies…with a City attorney, a corrupt mayor, and an armed police department officer in the room, standing at the ready to escort anyone out, with whom they disagree, or even subject to arrest if any citizen were to protest too vehemently. …You can count on it!

    I have watch as people have been FORCED to leave the room, after only whispering a respectful disagreement, or contrary opinion from the citizen Q&A podium.


  3. Il ived in that forsaekn state and I want my money back that went to the terrrorist daycare centers et al! That should be the only conversation on the table, besides who gets deported and which US officials get HUNG


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