White South African farmers apply for refugee protection in Australia; no special treatment for them

First I saw this news from RT at Drudge:

White South African farmers claiming persecution at home seek refuge in Australia

So I checked it out and see that the government of Australia has said they will get no special treatment, and indeed the Australian Leftists say that the government must first take care of the mostly Muslim migrants being held in detention on Nauru and Manus islands.

As you know the US is taking some of those detainees in the “dumb” Australia Deal.

Story here:

White South African farmers won’t get special treatment, despite Peter Dutton’s earlier claims

Screenshot (273)
It is pretty undeniable!

But, because I have been predicting for years that once the United Nations is forced to admit that blacks can be racists and that whites are applying for refugee status because they are being persecuted by people of color they will fight to the death to deny it!

I once asked readers to imagine the day when the UN High Commissioner for Refugees must process white Swedes (or South Africans) in to the US. That alone might kill the entire refugee industry, I surmised. 

Heck, Trump could run a test! 

He could put white South Africans at the head of the line.

He could, you know!

In September his administration will send its “determination” to Congress which not only sets the numbers for resettlement for FY19, but sets priorities for which nationalities may be brought in.

In fact, he could classify white South Africans in the P-2 category which would allow anyone in that group to be eligible and each individual would not have to prove that he/she is personally being persecuted.  That would make the heathen rage (a phrase borrowed from a good friend)!


Back to Australia….

So here is the story from last month that confirms that the UNHCR will fight to never have to admit that blacks persecute whites as they push for Australia to take in the illegal aliens (mostly Muslims) who tried to get to Australia by boat.

The white South Africans (trying to get in legally) are of less humanitarian value to the UN than those illegal aliens from Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.

Refugees on Nauru and Manus need help before South African white farmers, UNHCR says

The United Nations has urged Australia to resettle the refugees who have been languishing on Manus Island and Nauru for the past five years, rather than focusing on the plight of persecuted white South African farmers. [They are NOT refugees, they are illegal aliens and rejected asylum seekers!—ed]

As pressure mounts within the Coalition to help resettle the farmers, the UNHCR has cast doubt on whether South African farmers can be classified as refugees and granted protection under Australia’s humanitarian program.

Go here to see all the excuses.

It continually amazes me how the UN and its groupies try to invoke the resettlement rules when it comes to a group they do not wish to resettle because that group does not fit the meme they have been promoting for over 50 years and that is that whites persecute blacks and it is never the other way around!

For more on South Africa see my archive on the Rainbow Nation (Ha! Ha!).

Want to have some fun! Contact the White House and tell the Prez to make a special case for white South Africans when he sends his fiscal year 2019 refugee admissions determination to The Hill.

White House contact link is in the upper right hand corner of RRW.

15 thoughts on “White South African farmers apply for refugee protection in Australia; no special treatment for them

  1. So….two nations in agreement over a humanitarian crisis that will benefit both nations is of dire concern to the UN and must be stopped…… but other nations threatening to kill each other is none of the UN’s business……… I see…………No, I don’t see…….


  2. Ann, This is excellent political advice to Pres. Trump, especially since the farmers are indeed facing persecution…they can be resettled in upstate NY, where dairy farms are going out of business, and there is a parallel Dutch colonial heritage…it could help the moribund Republican Party in NY State, as well…win-win.


  3. We have to confront the realities, the South African Boers are of our own cultural background and will fit into our country without the kind of disruptive hostilities that characterise immigrants from other parts of Africa and the Middle East. I gather America knows what I’m talking about, judging from the news I read about your own immigration woes. Truth is we already have quite a large number of white South Africans living here, mainly in Western Australia which has a climate closer to their own. Lefties should stop trying to conflate legal and illegal immigration to create more problems.


  4. Would it be possible for the farmers to come to the USA or Poland. Who says its the UN’s job to assign who goes where. Let the Africans and muslims go to other muslim countries and the farmers come to a white Christian country where they’d already know the language and assimilation would be easy.


    1. Hi Mark, Maybe you didn’t read my entire post. I explain how it is possible for white South Africans to come to the US.


  5. Where is the RRW with a White House link in upper right hand corner? I’d like to add my voice on how the president could classify white South Africans in the P-2 category.
    Thank you,


      1. I’m trying to encourage readers to come directly to RRW where there is so much more information to be learned.


  6. Dear Ms. Corcoran,

    I did as you suggested. I contacted the White House concerning the S. African farmers. I did see a video on the Glazov Gang where an Afrikaaner was telling him they are arming themselves. A black congressman promised they would eventually kill all the whites. It was on a video. Frightening. I guess when they get rid of all the whites they will revert to their former state of tribalism. Thank you for your hard work in exposing the hypocrisy of the resettlement program.

    Best regards, Heidi


  7. Too bad more of them don’t want to move to the US, but I can understand their hesitation since it was the US that put the most pressure on them to end apartheid. I find it really ironic to think that after the Whites built everything and brought the country out of being a third world nation, it had to be handed over to the people who couldn’t make a decent civilization in the first place. It would serve them right if they went back to the stone age like it was before the Boers got there and built a civilization.


  8. Yes ! Maximum white farmers from S.A. We can ALWAYS use more farmers and white people with the wisdom which comes from being in close personal contact with the “whites” on the left who are agitating for their extermination.


  9. Somehow MINORITY STATUS doesn’t seem to do much for White South Africans and now, neither does THEIR refugee status as they flee from violence and death threats in their native land.


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