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Comment worth noting is an example of what you can do for your state and country

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 24, 2018

From time to time, I post what I call “comments worth noting” that have been sent to me or in this case published on social media.

This (below) is a facebook entry from Peggy Traeger Tierney in Minnesota.

Readers ask me all the time, what can I do?  Well, this is a prime example.

Help educate your fellow citizens with a little investigative work of your own and then find a way to get it out more broadly—through facebook as Peggy has done, through twitter, via a letter to the editor, or consider writing your own blog (goodness knows we need more citizen journalists!).

In Minnesota we were told by the bright minds in the legislature that they couldn’t figure out what the refugee population there is costing the taxpayers, well here is one piece of the answer.

More recently the outrageous revelation that massive fraud had been uncovered with Somali-run publicly-supported daycare centers has Minnesotans again demanding an accounting.

You too can do this!


peggy 1

Peggy 2


This post is filed in my ‘Comments Worth Noting/Guest posts’ category.

By the way, one of my top posts of all time is this one (2011) about how so many Somalis first arrived in Minnesota thanks to Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services of MN, and then World Relief.  One of the reasons those federal refugee contractors chose Minnesota—generous welfare!

6 Responses to “Comment worth noting is an example of what you can do for your state and country”

  1. futuret said

    I have said this so many times, until I have no “vocal cords” remaining. A person can not and should not be patriotic to a country that is HELL BENT on killing their citizens for replacements. Patriotism is just a buffer zone, from preventing us from physically pulling them out of their offices and just throw them the hell on the street, patriotism is used to protect these hypocritical elected officials. As long as we are patriotic and not realistic, they can and do get away with murder, and murdering us the are HELL BENT on.


  2. Payment for voting for the Democrats.


  3. Add all this to the imported disease(s) (some remarkably lethal & VERY contagious), and that cost in terms of LIVES and COST to treat these diseases, and Minnesota has walked right into a buzz saw.. This may not be fixable any longer..

    Nice work Peggy and Ann.

    I have lived in Minnesota for over 45 years.

    I gave 10 years of my life, serving on overlapping State-Wide Task Force projects connected to the MN DHS and the MN Supreme Court, and 6 years on the Commissioners Advisory Committee to DHS. Per that experience, I can testify to the fact that Minnesota’s passive-aggressive cultural behavior pattern, is baked into every facet of this State’s governance, the Minnesota Courts, MN Law Enforcement, most of what passes for “mainstream Minnesota media”, and a 1960’s style “leftist” bent relating to much of its comatose citizenry as well. Sad…

    This chronic denial they embrace at all levels, AND AT ALL COST(s), even if the price-tag is the very lives and safety relating to their own children and grandchildren is a pathology I have never adjusted to, nor understood, at all. It is almost diabolical as a collective “group thinking” process here… This is a very sick place. …Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Saul Alinsky, Cloward & Piven, would have loved living here.

    In fact, I am convinced that many Minnesotans believe that Hubert Humphrey, and Paul Wellstone are still alive, and working hard to give them the stress-free / work -free / conflict-free, Utopian “quality of life”, they believe, they are “entitled” to receive. As a result, our political representation in Minnesota, has no “across the isle” political process (or not much) involved in a balanced body politic at all, because there is no isle to cross. It is an amalgam of spineless opportunists, without the ability to project into the future very well, and an ugly result they have manufactured based upon the harsh realities connected to their own part in this tragic kabuki theater of the absurd, while always maintaining a prepossessing outward appearance at all cost for the cameras..

    That is why we have congressmen Keith [ Muhammed – X – Hakim ] Ellison (Mr. sicko – Trump-derangement syndrome parody – guitar-man ), Tom Emmer (Mr. “National Popular Vote” [George Soros plan to eliminate OUR electoral college] – and Castro’s Cuba fan), senator Amy Klobuchar, (had Franken), and a whole host of other political con-artists and charlatans occupying OUR State Capitol as well, while NOW embracing one of the most insane and brutal (AND CORRUPT TO ITS CORE) geo-political ideologies on the planet, and infesting OUR nation and State of Minnesota today..”RADICAL ISLAM”…

    Then we have our mentally ill and drugged up governor steering this ship of dangerous fools right on to the reef…

    And now this! We sure have made the top of the national charts with this mess haven’t we..

    Once again, thank you Ann & Peggy…

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  4. Hugh Iwanicki said

    And I thought the reason Somalians move to Minnesota is because they love cold weather. 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone



  5. this is absolutely disgusting

    Liked by 1 person

  6. cmmarcum said

    It’s expensive replacing Americans


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