See what I mean! The wailing for workers is the latest PR push for refugee industry; Virginia this time!

On the heels of my post yesterday, here is the first of what surely will be many stories about how refugee workers are needed for meatpackers and hotel chains—this time in Virginia.

Chobani and Soros
The economic study being cited is from the Tent Foundation a creation of Hamdi Ulukaya (Mr. Chobani Yogurt) shown here with the great promoter of cheap immigrant labor and a borderless world, George Soros.

I guess they realized the ‘humanitarian’ shtick was no longer effective, they have come right out and admitted what this is all about—workers willing to work cheap.

Here (below) is the whole flimsy Virginia Public Radio bit.

Expect to hear more of this line that by the time they are here for 20 years, refugees give back to the economy, but never any mention about how much these low wage workers with 6 children consume via welfare, schooling, medical care, housing etc. for those first 20 years!

And, it won’t be lost on our Minnesota readers who have been told time and again that the numbers are not available for what it costs the state to take care of its refugee population.

If no numbers are available, how can this Public Radio reporter say this?  Because he is mindlessly parroting the globalist Tent Foundation.



A Look at the Impact of Refugee Placements on Virginia’s Economy

The number of refugee placements has declined dramatically since President Trump took office. And, that has an impact on economies across Virginia.

From 2008 to 2016, the number of new refugee placements in Virginia was somewhere between 1,200 to 1,600 a year. But then last year, as a result of a new federal policy limiting refugee placements, that was slashed in half. This year, the number of new refugee placements is on track to be less than 300.

That’s according to Chad Stewart at the Commonwealth Institute who says refugees play an important role in the economy.

Readers remember that all of the 1,200-1,600 are not workers. Included in that number are large numbers of children, people with health issues who cannot work, and the elderly, all needing public services of some sort. (Yes, we bring senior citizen refugees to the US and they receive SSI!)

“On average, they pay far more taxes over a 20 year period than they receive back in benefits. This also means that if we continue to see the number of refugees we place in Virginia decline, we can expect to see an adverse impact on our state revenues over time.”

Here comes the Chamber of Commerce! Money! Money! Money!

Frank Tamberrino: We need low wage workers in Virginia (they also buy stuff like used cars)!

The highest concentration of refugees in Virginia is Harrisonburg, where Frank Tamberrino at the local chamber of commerce says that’s partly because of all the academic institutions and religious organizations there. Plus…

“This also is an area that is designated as a refugee resettlement area, so we’ve got an organization here the Church World Service that handles a lot of refugee resettlements.”

This week, a new study from the Fiscal Policy Institute and the Tent Foundation concluded that refugees have greater retention rates in hard-to-staff jobs, things like meat packing and hotel accommodations. As a result, they save employers on retraining. But those benefits are slipping away as the number of refugee placements continues to draw down.

If some independent bright minds are working on real economic studies on the true cost of the US Refugee Admissions Program, don’t leave out the millions (billions?) in remissions that leave the country as the refugees send money ‘home.’

The cost of the criminal justice system needs to be factored in too!  Some murder trials and terror trials must be costing us a bundle, not to mention incarcerations for life. In fact, I wonder what the trial of the refugees who planned to kidnap prominent women in Roanoke in 2009 cost the taxpayers of Virginia!

Church World Service*** is the federal contractor that was quietly placing refugees in the Maryland county where I live in 2007.

As I mentioned on many previous occasions they are directly responsible for the birth of RRW.


*** These are the nine federal contractors that have monopolized refugee resettlement in the US, some for decades!  They are the handmaidens of global corporations like Chobani Yogurt, JBS Swift, Tyson Foods, Marriot Hotels, etc….

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

If you are wondering, I post this list every chance I get because we have new readers daily and because I want all of you to know that for reform to be possible these nine fake non-profits have to go.

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  1. In the years past, when Obama was in office, Starbucks made it abundantly clear, that they do not like serving heterosexuals. You should only come and be served there, if you are in favor of the homosexual agenda. Even the CEO of Starbucks made that abundantly clear. They also much prefer homosexual employees. I can make healthier drinks at home, that do not involve sugar, and besides some of the cheapest coffees, are far better tasting. In that respect I vote for a local Quick Trip store any time, and they do provide some choices. Now coffee does contain some nutrients; such as, vitamin B complex, and others if you can especially get the whole coffee bean, but now if you load it down with sugar and cream, the nutrients loose it’s effectiveness. So much for Starbucks!


  2. If the meatpacking companies are owned by aliens ….the employees are aliens ….and the product is sold to aliens …… and the US taxpayer is supporting the incidentals for the upkeep on alien workers like education, medical, housing, police force, and ever larger Intelligence Agenceis ………… Shouldn’t we just admit that we a “Stupid Saps?”

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      1. My question is this: Do Muslims work in pork packing companies? Their religion doesn’t allow contact with pork.
        And now I’m getting worried about how our meat gets packed…who touches it…what sanitary precautions are taken give the Muslims’ toilet habits? Do they get five breaks a day to pray?
        Are there any other “religions” represented in those plants….Christians? Jews? Buddhists? Hindus ?
        I’m seriously considering become a vegan even though I’ve been a carnivore all my life.


        1. Hi Carol, You aren’t alone in thinking about going vegan….after I visited meatpacking towns in the Midwest and West two summers ago, I stopped buying beef. We do eat some ham and pork. However, remember that poultry plants use a lot of Muslim workers. The plants are populated by all different religious and ethnic groups and they do occasionally create conflict in the plant working environment. Yes, some packers allow Muslim prayer breaks (they were sued enough times that most have figured out how to give that special privilege). You might want to put the word “Meatpackers” into my search window because we have written about the subject maybe a hundred times!

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        2. YOU WILL HAVE TO BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS AS A VEGAN, OUR VEGETABLES, FRUITS, ETC…ARE BECOMING MORE AND MORE GENETICALLY MODIFIED (GMOS). THERE IS NOW GMO GRASS, WHICH WILL KILL ANY OTHER GRASS BY NATURE. GMO SEEDS WILL ALSO KILL OTHER SEEDS. Even if you go meatless you are in danger on any course of action you take. Anti-Botics are also placed in vegetables and fruits. The fertilizers are not the same in generations passed. None of us much are destined for a long life, as World War III, morphs from an embryonic stage to becoming a fetus, and you know the rest of the story.


  3. Wow! I have said this before, but it warrants repeating..

    Just imagine if WE as a nation, and OUR U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, had not sanctioned the slaughter of 60 million babies since then, and had not lost as a result, the multiples of generations, which would have been produced by so many to follow.

    Just imagine how many inventors, steel workers, farmers, ranchers, and bright and creative minds, and more, have been lost.

    Just imagine..


  4. This is one of the many reasons I will not buy an Chobani product for years now.
    It would do no good to wish the death of Soros because he has four kids ready to continue his evil works.

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