Trial opens in case of another Uzbek refugee charged with plotting terror in his home country

We remember when Jamshid Muhtorov was arrested attempting to leave the country in 2012 and I have wondered what the heck was going on that his case was not going to trial.

Why didn’t we just let him leave? Why was protecting the Uzbek government our problem?  Indeed, why was he here in the first place?

Before reading on, you might want to revisit another notorious case of an Uzbek refugee sentenced to prison in Idaho who subsequently tried to kill the prison warden where he had been incarcerated, see here.

Now to the story from Denver about Jamshid Muhtorov where we learn the trial delay was due to his lawyer’s efforts to challenge the use of information from NSA surveillance:

Trial underway for refugee who challenged NSA surveillance

DENVER – A refugee from Uzbekistan conspired to support a terrorist group financially and planned to travel overseas to join them, U.S. prosecutors said Thursday, walking jurors through a trove of phone calls, emails and other online activity they said proves the man’s desire to help the group.

The start of Jamshid Muhtorov’s trial comes more than six years after his arrest at a Chicago airport. The case led to the U.S. Justice Department’s first disclosure that it intended to use information obtained through one of the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance programs.

Muhtorov challenged the constitutionality of the warrantless surveillance program but Judge John Kane ruled in 2015 that the program may have potential for abuse but did not violate his rights.

Muhtorov’s attorney said during opening statements that the former human rights worker did email with people who claimed to belong to the Islamic Jihad Union, but said he was play-acting as a distraction from a sometimes difficult transition to America and never sent the organization money or intended to join them.

Prosecutor Greg Holloway peppered his opening statement with references to recordings of Muhtorov’s phone calls and emails, telling jurors that they would hear of Muhtorov’s desire to help the terror group and become a martyr in “the defendant’s own words.”

One of MANY unhappy refugees in America!

After coming to the Denver area in 2007 through a refugee resettlement program, prosecutors said he became “frustrated with life” and began emailing with the terror group through its website. By 2012, he told an FBI informant of plans to join the group and become a fighter, Holloway said.


Muhtorov was arrested while waiting to board a flight to Istanbul, and Holloway said agents found $2,800 in cash, two new iPhones and a new iPad in his luggage. In a recorded phone call days before the flight, Holloway said Muhtorov asked his daughter to “pray for your daddy to become a martyr.”

Muhtorov did feel discouraged at times by life in the U.S., said his attorney, Kathryn Stimson. He worked at a processing plant [meatpacking we presume!—ed], a casino and then as a truck driver after being a human rights worker in Uzbekistan.


He also believed that the Islamic Jihad Union’s priority was deposing the dictator leading Uzbekistan, she said. Conversations about joining or somehow helping the group were a fantasy, a way to feel like the respected human rights workers he once was, she said.

Using refugee resettlement for unrelated foreign policy objectives is wrong!

There was always something very fishy about the Uzbek stream of refugees coming to the US—-could our State Department and CIA be helping the ruling ‘moderate’ Muslim Uzbek government by removing their troublemakers to America and placing them in your unsuspecting neighborhoods?

Many of these Uzbeks, like Muhtorov, didn’t seem to want to be here! So, again, why were they brought here??? And, what did we get out of the deal for our trouble?

I discussed the issue of using refugees as pawns for other foreign policy objectives here earlier this month.

Fox News continues…..

So other refugees from Uzbekistan were committing crimes? But, this one gets off free?

They then turned to another man from Uzbekistan, who she said became an informant to avoid charges of tax fraud, marriage fraud and immigration fraud. The unnamed informant developed a relationship with Muhtorov, passing information to federal authorities about Muhotorov’s claims that he was taking on a role in the terror group.

Much more here.

See my Uzbek archive here.

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  1. I recall on my last visit to America, a couple of decades ago, meeting several migrants/refugees from Muslim countries. They were employed as kitchen and restaurant staff, taxi drivers, unskilled workers mostly. At that time terrorism wasn’t the huge issue it is today, but not one of those people actually liked America, despite living there for several years. They only stayed in order to save enough money to return to their countries and buy small businesses or taxis. In casual chat I discovered that the things they disliked about America were the things that we, the Anglo/Eurosphere, value in society, namely freedom to speak, dress, marry, behave in manners that we individually prefer.

    Clearly immigration per se advantages a vibrant society, but it must be selective in order to fulfil the expectations of all concerned, especially the native-born American, Australian, European, lest wrong choices come back to haunt us all in the form of terrorist planning and attacks. President Trump, despite his quirkiness, has his finger on the cause of much discontent among straight, law-abiding Americans when he seeks to control who comes to America and under which conditions.


  2. All of these “so-called Refugees”, who claim that they are fleeing terror in their home countries, ARE THE TERRORISTS ! They are merely fleeing JUSTICE in their home countries ! And we are stupid enough to take them in ! The Tsarnaev Brothers, who masterminded the Boston Marathon Bombing were two such “Refugees” !!!!!!

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  3. …he became frustrated…..with life in Denver …. predictable outcome………. Why would Islamist be happy in the USA…….. Why would we be happy with them ?…Life in a nation like the USA is stressful, even for us and we’re use to it……imagine imposing that on a troglodyte…..

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