Refugee admission numbers tick slightly upward for May; Texas and Ohio top the list

As you know we track the monthly refugee admissions numbers at the US State Department affiliate we call simply Wrapsnet.

In a few days we will also check the list for incoming Iraq and Afghanistan so-called special immigrant visa holders.  Their numbers have been helping keep paying client numbers up for the federal contractors, the Volags, whose budgets are built around numbers of incoming refugees via a per head payment.

President Trump set the ceiling for the fiscal year (2018) back in September of 2017 at 45,000.  That number is a ceiling, a cap, and not a target that has to be reached.  We are way below the pace to reach 45,000.

This past month, May, we admitted 2,132 which is above the monthly average of 1,741 for the previous 7 months.  23,000 could now be considered a reasonable final number when the fiscal year ends on September 30th (assuming the stepped up pace holds).

Below is a map from Wrapsnet of where the 14,321 have been placed so far.

Top ten ‘welcoming’ states in descending order are: Texas, Ohio, New York, California, Washington, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Kentucky.


Screenshot (475)

Screenshot (476)
Numbers are hard to read, nothing I can do about that!

2 thoughts on “Refugee admission numbers tick slightly upward for May; Texas and Ohio top the list

  1. As always, well done, although I think I would have gone with the title ‘Refugee Numbers Increase In May,’ and then indicated the numbers, especially since the Multi-Marx MSM and the government continually use ‘tick upward’ or ‘uptick’ on refugees or illegals to minimize its significance.

    However an ‘uptick’ of several months could be quite a few people, and of course if you are Aunt Bea and Opie Taylor living in Mayberry, just one new next-door family of Amazon headhunters could significantly impact the quality of life. “Aunt Bea, have you seen Opie, he’s hours late?” “No, Andy, he’s out playing something the neighborhood kids called ‘Safari Barbecue.'”


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