Canada: Conflicts revealed between Indigenous people and refugees

Diversity is strength alert!


Trudeau diversity heart


This isn’t supposed to be happening in welcoming Canada!

Aren’t we led to believe that poor and oppressed minority people feel for each other, that there couldn’t possibly be racism when neither side is white European?

“It’s further colonization,” Wirch said of refugee resettlement. “We [Indigenous people] are further being displaced from our lands, from our food, from our waters. And it’s wrong.”

Here is a bit of the story at Refugees Deeply where the author is working really hard to get the message out that the two minority groups (Indigenous people and refugees) are working on their tensions.

CANADA HAS A reputation as a welcoming haven for refugees. But for some Indigenous Canadians, public support and funding for displaced people stands in stark contrast to their own communities, which remain impoverished and overlooked.

Notice how the author immediately has to get a whack in at Donald Trump!

Last year the nation welcomed 300,000 newcomers, including about 43,500 refugees and asylum seekers. Faced with President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies, thousands of migrants have left the United States to seek asylum in Canada.

Many arrived in Manitoba, whose capital Winnipeg has the largest Indigenous population of any Canadian city. The city also faces problems with violence, drugs and homelessness. [So of course it is the perfect place to insert Middle Eastern refugees!—-ed]

Refugees compete with the local low income people for government services. Where have I heard this before?

Screenshot (480)
Indigenous peoples’ leader Jenna Wirch

Refugees in Winnipeg often settle in low-income and predominantly Indigenous neighborhoods. Many of the residents fear they will be forced to compete with their new neighbors for resources that are already scarce.

Last year, a group of Indigenous children pepper-sprayed a group of young refugees outside an Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) housing facility in the mainly Indigenous Centennial neighborhood of Winnipeg.


Jenna Wirch, 26, an Indigenous woman from Winnipeg and a community development worker at IRCOM, works with both communities. She is also the youth engagement coordinator for Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, an organization working in Winnipeg’s North End.

“It’s further colonization,” Wirch said of refugee resettlement. “We [Indigenous people] are further being displaced from our lands, from our food, from our waters. And it’s wrong.”

Keep reading, there is much more about how this grand experiment in creating a multicultural dream land is not going so well.

6 thoughts on “Canada: Conflicts revealed between Indigenous people and refugees

  1. The difference between the Syrian refugees and Indians in Winnipeg is that the Syrians are used to working hard for a living. The Indians like to take it easy and blame their poverty on the government’s lack of “help” and the legacy of the residential school system. It was good to read that the Indian groups reached out to the Syrians. However, the drunkenness and drug abuse among the Indians is abhorrent to the Syrians.
    An interesting fact is that Winnipeg, with its large and fast-growing Native population, is reaching a point where there is not enough tax paying employable Canadians to support the civic services. It is doubtful that the Syrian refugees will stay in Winnipeg to reverse the situation. Aside from having the worst climate of any of the major Canadian cities, Winnipeg’s cultural and demographic decline make it a poor choice for starting an new life in Canada.


    1. What? Syrians, working for a living? What utter nonsense. Look at the stats from Europe. Germany found that most of them are illiterate in their own language, and almost 75% are suitable only for menial labor. Many don’t want jobs, and the labor force participation is minimal.

      The difference between Syrians and indigenous peoples is that the former have SPECIAL STATUS in Canada. Are you Canadian? Are you unaware of the jurisprudence on First Nations and their relation to the state?


      1. Syrians are the subject of bigotry and racism in Europe. Their participation in the workforce is depressed by lack of national language skills and discrimination on the part of Euro employers. Canada needs people who will work hard at menial jobs. Our immigration system only allows highly educated people with money into Canada. Lower skill jobs are going unfilled. Try to find a cook or a dishwasher or a cleaner without a substance abuse problem, criminal record or personality disorder. Everybody wants a nice clean desk job with high pay regardless of having any skill or knowledge to offer.
        I am well aware of the “special status” Canada’s indigenous peoples. They are a growing burden on Canadian society. The relationship with the Canadian government is parasitic. They live in a culture of victimhood and blame. There are two things you can count on. 1. We can never do enough for them and 2. everything we do is wrong. The only acceptable remedy is to give them more money, more land and more privilege. If they were really doing badly, their birth rate would be in decline. The reality is that the birth rate is much higher than the host population. When they are the majority and have been given full power, non-natives may find themselves in a situation similar to whites in South Africa. Canada will be governed as corruptly and incompetently as most reserves. Non-natives may be restricted to certain less desirable areas of the country.


  2. In Westeurope the Gypsis called Sinti say always clearly that they are not Roma(living in the east).
    Even in the 70s when Communist East Germany let the Gypsis into the West(i think you now -they dont let go germans)the Gypsis sayed things about them that i cant write here…

    Also a funny thing-Perhaps you read it.The Pakistanis in England are also against the Gypsis who came from Easteurope-but Pakistanis are ethnic Indians,like the Gypsis.


  3. Speaking of foreign meddling in American voting and election affairs, (much less our traditions, faiths, constitutional protections, etc.) Obama meddled in Canada’s election several years ago and resulted in the election of Trudeau over the previous conservative leader. Obama also sent a team to Israel to try to get rid of Netanyahu, but he failed to do so.
    In fact, Obama has meddled in America’s election systems since, and before, his first election. His goal? The same a George Soros? Iran, China, etc. One-world global government, open borders, loss of US sovereignty, drug legalization, one language, one faith – The Islamic Caliphate.

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