A little housekeeping: You must sign up to receive blog posts and to post comments

From time to time someone tells me that they can’t sign up to receive the e-mails that are automatically generated to RRW followers each time I post.

I got a request yesterday to sign someone up as a subscriber, so I thought I best explain the problem….

I don’t know enough about the technology that goes on behind the scenes with perhaps your own server, or perhaps with WordPress.  But, I want you to know that I can’t sign you up.  And, I can’t re-sign you up if for some reason you have stopped getting e-mails from RRW.

Ann SPLC art
Visit RRW every few days! Why bother with subscribing?

In fact my subscriber list is virtually at a standstill and hasn’t been growing for months.

I have questioned WordPress about why people are dropped without warning, and they never have an adequate explanation.

The best thing to do is to just come visit every day, or every few days and scroll back to see what I have written. 

It is very simple, plus there is more useful information at RRW itself.  So please visit directly, if you can’t for some mysterious reason subscribe!


Readers should know that I moderate comments and do not post anything where violence is threatened, or comments that reveal personal information (I take off phone numbers often).  If you send me just a bunch of links with no explanation about how they relate to the post, I usually don’t post those. And, finally, I don’t post unnecessary foul language (an occasional word might slip in when it is part of a more informative comment).

I apologize for not posting comments as fast as you might like, but I usually head out to my farm chores or other activities and don’t get back to RRW sometimes until the following morning.

I can’t post your comments for you!

Recently an incident occurred where I was accused of posting a chain of personal e-mails in a comment thread to a post three years ago.

After discussing the issue with WordPress, I was told it was a “pingback” from something I had linked.  I was reminded by the WordPress tech people that I cannot post a comment for someone else.

Occasionally people tell me they can’t get a comment to post for some reason and they send it to me to post. The problem is (and WordPress re-confirmed) that if I post the comment for you, it will be posted under my name and not yours!

I explained all of that to my accuser who very publicly charged (after I explained what happened) that I posted an e-mail discussion from a private e-mail group that I am not even a member of.

And, when my accuser brought it to my attention, I immediately took down the whole post because it was impossible to remove only that exchange.

With ‘friends’ like these….

It was never clear to me what my motive might be in purposely posting an e-mail thread that would have looked like gibberish to my readers.

My accuser also charged that I should have seen the chain of e-mails sooner. I never posted/moderated them, so I never saw them.

As of yesterday I have written 9,206 posts in nearly 11 years and am not in the habit of revisiting comment threads at posts from years ago (or recent ones for that matter!).

So to my faithful readers and wannabe readers…. I’m sorry if you can’t subscribe, or are having difficulty getting comments to come through to me.  I have no control, or even any great understanding, of what goes on behind the scenes with my WordPress host.

And, LOL! I so much prefer researching and writing posts that might increase your understanding of a complex issue, then to figuring out the mechanics that make it possible for my work to reach readers!

Thanks for continuing to read RRW!

7 thoughts on “A little housekeeping: You must sign up to receive blog posts and to post comments

  1. Thanks, Ann, for all your hard work. I joined via email a short while ago and have had no problem receiving posts. Sorry to hear about these problems with wordpress.

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  2. Many thanks for all the challenging work you do on our behalf. Thank you for awakening many who were/are oblivious to decades of bad policy and egregious, self-serving bureaucrats and corporate managers.

    Your efforts are gratefully and humbly appreciated.

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  3. Good grief! The adage, “no good deed goes unpunished,” comes to mind here lol!
    I love your site, and I love your dedication to helping get the word out about all this very necessary (and disturbing) info so that people who WANT to know truth, will have a better chance.

    I think what you’re doing is so wonderful, and so needed right now. Thank you, on behalf of my family for sure, for keeping this site going and for posting articles with so much factual information to counter the lies we’re being flooded with.

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  4. you are a “prince,” as they say …i very strongly admire you for doing this project, and ideally you shouldn’t worry about soreheads too much because NO DOUBT most readers are quiet and happy like me

    anyway I could multiply compliments for your vision and your work ethic, but, too many compliments SEEMS SUSPICIOUS, so I am stopping just in time, heehee

    have a nice day

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