Trump’s Iftar dinner was a really dumb idea

Wouldn’t you love to know who in the White House was responsible for Trump putting on a dinner for Muslims during Ramadan after he had already “broken the tradition” by not holding one last year?

It just became another opportunity for the “Muslim community” to protest Trump’s immigration slowdown. They say its his rhetoric, but his immigration policies are the real threat to them.

Hendi and Obama
Of course Yahya Hendi loved Barack Hussein Obama!

Normally I wouldn’t be writing about this except for the fact that the name Yahya Hendi jumped out from a news story at CNN in the lead-up to the dinner.

Who is that you ask?

He is a Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University and was previously the Imam for the mosque in the next county east of where I live.

And, it was a Washington Times article in the summer of 2007 about his trip to Saudi Arabia that was part of my education when I first began writing RRW.

In 2007, Hendi told a Saudi audience that by the year 2015, there would be 30 Muslim mayors of American cities.

He was wrong. He was overly optimistic, but I asked readers to consider this:

If a Catholic or a Jewish religious leader said very publicly while speaking in a foreign country that they were working to assure 30 Catholic mayors or 30 Jewish mayors would lead American cities by a given date, wouldn’t all hell break loose in the media? 

(I’m having a laugh imagining a Catholic leader going to Rome, or a Jewish leader going to Israel and making such a political prediction!)

There were crickets when Hendi made his prediction.

Why should it matter the religion of mayors?

….unless of course there is a supremacist goal in mind.

Hendi called it “nationalizing” Islam. It was then that the Hijra became clear.  (You probably know from recent news from the UK that this goal to elect Muslim mayors is well advanced there.)

Here is Palestinian Hendi dissing Trump’s dinner to CNN this week:

In years past, White House iftars have invited not only diplomats but dozens of American Muslims from civil society, including corporate executives, scholars, activists and athletes.

Iftar dinner protesters
CAIR-inspired protest dinner. LOL! Note tourists gawking.

But many American Muslims say they are reluctant to break bread with Trump, citing the President’s rhetoric and actions toward Muslims and other religious and racial minorities.

“We do not need an iftar dinner,” said Imam Yahya Hendi, the Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University. “Rather, we need to get the respect we highly deserve. Do not feed us and stab us.”

Hendi attended a White House iftar in 2009, when President Barack Obama was in office. He said he was not invited this year. Like many prominent Muslims who have attended previous White House iftars, Hendi said he would not attend if invited this year. [Apparently he wasn’t invited.—ed]


The Council on American-Islamic Relations plans to hold “NOT Trump’s Iftar” event outside the White House as the main event is taking place inside.

More from CNN–the Trump bashing network.

Donald Trump might have been legitimately trying to reach out, but I don’t think that he fully understands that he has thrown a major juggernaut into Islamic goals to advance Islam (“nationalize” it) and the Caliphate into the US via migration jihad—the Hijra.

Trump has set them back for years and they despise him for it. Why bother with Iftar dinners?

It is too late for this year, but if you are looking for something to do—tell the President to forget this dinner next year! 

The link for commenting to the President is in the upper right hand column here at RRW.

Do you have a Muslim mayor? Or, know where one might be? Send a comment to this post and let us know!

7 thoughts on “Trump’s Iftar dinner was a really dumb idea

  1. It could be that Pres. Trump was simply testing the waters so to speak to find out what the Muslims had to say. I have no idea what they talked about of course, but there are simply things he needed to know about what they thought. He knows what they are don’t count on him doing this next year.


  2. Within this past week, actually, Monday and yesterday, I sent e mails to the WH at the address listed here, protesting the Iftar Dinner last night. I received 2 answers within 2 hours. Neither mentioned the dinner. Both were form letters bragging about the economic numbers since the Trump Administration has been in office.

    The fact Trump held this event after letting it go last year, is a red light to me. Both CAIR & the MB have made it very clear what they want to see happen in the USA as regards Islam. I would do nothing to encourage them if I were Trump!

    As for writing the WH and asking them not to hold a dinner next year, I think is a waste of time. They don’t listen to us.

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  3. Thank You Ann. Freedom of Religion during the time it was granted (Islam did not exist in America). Due too the fact of no transportation or
    translation. Thou some had seen a few books it was more of a myth or fiction. In that time period Christianity was the Religion they were talking about. There are thousands of denomination’s for Christians. Islam was on the other side of the world with no way for it too spread. Freedom of Religion was given so you could follow the one true God (I am) the way your family had done for years. If you were a known atheist in the community in that time period you could not be called too trial as a witness. Also the first book for public schools was the Holy Bible given by our Government. Fact not Fake!

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  4. No but Abdul El Sayed wants to be governor of Michigan and the Huff Po and other mainstream leftist media prefers NOT to dig deeper into his family–he appears to live in Shelby Twp. where he stores stuff with his Father in law who has been shown on the ISNA Founders Committee in some Islamic Horizons magazines–sounds like a Founder of ISNA, sounds Muslim Brotherhood to me but people don’t need to know that–right.

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