US is still taking ‘refugees’ from Malta, why?

Yesterday after talking to an expert on the US Refugee Admissions Program where we talked about the highly irregular arrangement with Malta to welcome to America some of those illegal migrants who arrived on Malta in the last decade through the boat migration from Africa to Europe, I checked the data at Wrapsnet and see that we admitted 123 ‘refugees’ from Malta in this fiscal year (so far).

malta map

I have followed the case of Malta for ten years now and have a large file about this highly irregular arrangement first launched in the Bush Administration and continued by Obama.

Refugee law says that asylum seekers are to ask for asylum in the first safe country they get to.

It is not our responsibility to save Malta (an EU country!) from its own problems with illegal migrants/asylum seekers.  What are US taxpayers getting out of this deal? 

Why is the Trump State Department still participating in this legally questionable  arrangement?

And, it turns out that Malta had already, as early as 2015, redirected boats heading its way toward a then-willing Italy.  So who are these ‘refugees’ arriving in your US towns and cities from Malta?

Here is the latest from Wrapsnet (they publish a processing country list every month).


Screenshot (493)_LI
This is the third page of the report. The first column is the number of cases and the second is the total number admitted.  Not shown on this page is Israel. We have taken 89 ‘refugees’ that Israel doesn’t want during this same time period.  And, we are surprised to see that the El Salvador fake refugees are still being processed in from that country. I thought Trump ended that Obama-created in-flow.



It isn’t our problem and it isn’t Italy’s problem to save Malta, if it has no will to save itself!

Check out this letter writer (Allan Gatt) at The Times of Malta who is telling his fellow citizens that they would be wise to follow Italy’s political right turn.

Does Mr. Gatt know that the US is also taking illegal migrants off the hands of the Maltese government?

The Times of Malta sheepishly noted that migrant boat arrivals in Malta stopped in 2015 as a result of a “gentleman’s agreement” later redefined as an “understanding” between Italy and Malta.

It however fails to explain why Malta wanted to shift this responsibility onto Italy and why this ‘gentleman’s agreement’ was kept secret in the first place.

If refugees are such a windfall for the EU, as the European Commission and many of our own MEPs are so fond of telling us, then why not keep this goody bag of ‘cultural diversity’ all to ourselves? Could it be because it is, in reality, a yoke around our necks and because NGOs earn a daily income from the government for every migrant they bring in?

No, I think it would be fitting if the new Italian Home Affairs Minister, Matteo Salvini, told us to forget about our gentleman’s agreement and made us assume responsibility for the status quo.

The Italian people made the right decision by electing the Northern League to rid it of the plague of irregular immigrants sucking the national coffers dry.

Let’s see how we like it when our long-suffering neighbour is not there to pick up our slack anymore.

Let’s see if we too have the guts to make our government safeguard our national identity. Let’s see if our people have the courage of their convictions and, more significantly, whether they have any convictions at all.

Free Tommy Robinson.

If it had the will, the Trump White House could simply tell the State Department: Stop airlifting Malta’s illegal aliens to the US! Not our problem!

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  1. I wonder Ann, if we could get a list names and builders, along with real estate who are making money off of housing and refugees? They definitely should be taken out of the free market. As always, we shall keep a telescope and a set of binoculars out for you.


    1. Monumental task on a national level, but all of you working this issue locally should be investigating your local government in cahoots with builders of low income housing and expose them locally.

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      1. Brilliant!!! This may sound far fetched, but it may be a thought to expose. Rents are going up astronomically, and that is putting it mildly. I live in the Metro Area of Atlanta, GA, and some are asking $3,000.00 a month for rent, just for your non-luxury apartment as you may say; well I just wonder, and it is a thought to be considered: Are we paying indirectly in an extreme way, astronomical rents, just so that we can subsidize some of these buildings that are going to refugees, and is some of our rent monies truly going to refugees. I just wonder if there is something somehow added to the mix. Perhaps all of our cyber members may want to consider this as well, and do the apartment owners and corporate management companies, have secret deals going on with these builders, etc…Just a thought.


  2. Who cares about our homeless, when they the wicked can make money off of refugees. Nothing should surprise anyone in The Last Days we are living!!!


  3. US is still taking African ‘refugees’ from Malta, why? Other worldwide refugees, mass chain migration, Latin American ‘kids,’ Australian refugee rejects,’temp’ disaster refugees, lottery, hi-tech workers, farm workers, Chinese grads, etc, not enough?

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    1. Does the housing industry profit from refugee resettlement? I often wonder if both builders and city planners endorse large rates of population growth and refugee resettlement in order to collect revenue from housing rentals and sales, as well as a means of real estate speculation . Builders profit from building houses and buildings. I suspect that the refugee resettlement industry may have indirect ties with both the housing and real estate industry. Plus the subsidized labor from refugees provides a steady stream of cheap workers to exploit.

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      1. It is absolutely true that the housing industry is tied directly to the refugee industry. We have seen evidence time and again.

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  4. Absolutely, Ann. You are so correct on this. I wonder if President Trump even KNOWS that we are taking the trash from Malta? The corruption to destroy our nation from within by demographic destruction has been going on for many years; and it is all throughout our “government”.

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  5. Did you ever consider that President Trump has done more to limit this influx?
    It is likely the problem is with the State Dept and the Obama/HRC/Kerry stench.


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