Afghan special immigrant visa (SIV) holders and families enter US in high numbers

Maryland and Virginia are in the top five welcoming states…

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I’ve been told that the flow of these ‘special’ immigrants are helping to keep federal money flowing to the resettlement contractors*** as they are treated as refugees (but not counted as part of the 45,000 ceiling set by the President last September) and as such, the contractors are paid by the head for their work in resettling them.

Just now I checked Wrapsnet to see what those numbers looked like. I’ve written other posts on the topic before, here, so this is an update.

Prior to FY14 we admitted small numbers of the people that supposedly helped us in some capacity in Afghanistan, but the number began to skyrocket in FY14.

The top year so far, 16,866 Afghan SIV arrivals, was in President Trump’s first year in office.

Top states for Afghan resettlement (regular refugees and SIVs) from FY07 to the present were California (20,171), Texas (8,229), Virginia (7763), Washington (2,898) and Maryland (2,745).

Here are some partial screen shots. The whole graph obviously doesn’t fit on the page.

Top of graph:

Screenshot (509)
Note that the first column in white is the number of normal refugees we admitted and the second is the SIVs and their family members.


Bottom of graph:

Screenshot (510)
Unfortunately, you can’t see the far left with the names of the states.  The number in the dark column is the total number of refugees plus SIVs that went to each state.



The total number of Afghans admitted to the US, 60,623, above is from FY07 to the present. Less than 10,000 were determined to be refugees.


*** Here are the nine federal refugee contractors. They have been complaining as their regular paying client numbers (refugees) have declined, but it seems they have some taxpayer supplied funds coming in with this huge push to bring in Afghan ‘interpreters’ and their families.

The original Refugee Act of 1980, that set up this monstrosity, envisioned a public-private partnership that over the years has almost completely morphed in to a federal program.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees (SIVs too) and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

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  1. Local homeless people in the USA are struggling with lack of health-care, housing, and employment. How can any refugees be resettled when the USA has many local citizens living under severe suffering?

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    1. You are asking the question that every thinking person asks when they first hear about refugee resettlement—-but what about our own poor people?

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  2. My modest apartment complex has been inundated with foreigners, many are hijab-wearers. Some Africans with $80,000 Mercedes. One wonders how they support themselves. Old women stay home and watch the grandkids. Of course, this enabled the landlord to substantially hike up the rent. Burn in hell, Congress.

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    1. I see the same damned thing on my side of the fence as well. Just think, a good chunk of that money is coming from our parents and late parent, greats and grands also social security money. While the swamp is suppose to drain, the money is draining faster than the swamp. We are running on bear minimum in our household, while “others” are having jobs and opening up businesses. Nothing for us except a stale slice of bread, and in some cases not even that.


  3. On Drudge today it was announced that at least 10,000 jobs are ‘fertile for machine processing,’ for robots–at just one bank! For anyone who still thinks that open borders, the Great Replacement, is a necessity due to low Euro birthrates. Not that low White birthrates are a good thing as Globalists merrily faze us out.


    1. The rise of robots is a serious issue and any countries that ignore the declining need for human workers (and still bring them in by the hundreds of thousands) is doomed.

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