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Stalemate at sea ended: Spain welcomed over 600 migrants, mostly men, rejected by Italy, Malta

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 12, 2018

Yesterday I told you that the Italian government refused entry to a so-called “rescue ship” that had picked up over 600, mostly African illegal aliens, from waters off Libya.

Italy first!

These transport ships have had free passage to Italy for years, but all that is ending now that the Italians have elected a government willing to save Italy for Italians!

The island nation of Malta (an EU country) also refused the ship and its cargo.

Know that Malta has a sweet deal with the US State Department where we have been taking hundreds of their rejected ‘refugees’ to the US in a possibly illegal arrangement without any explanation about why their overflow is our problem.  See my Malta archive which goes back ten years by clicking here.

Here is the news with its usual Leftward spin from NPR (Italian nationalists bad, Spanish socialists good).

Italy And Malta Close Their Ports To Migrant Rescue Ship; Spain Takes It In


A rescue ship carrying more than 600 migrants will be allowed to enter the Spanish port of Valencia, after it was turned away from ports in Italy and Malta.

The ship Aquarius rescued 629 people in the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday, “including 123 unaccompanied minors [likely all in their late teens or 20s!—ed], 11 other children and seven pregnant women,” Reuters reports.


Aquarious cargo

Good luck Spain! Aquarius cargo is made up of over 600 men and boys.  Photo:


The ship was left stranded at sea over the weekend after it was denied access to the Italian and Maltese ports.

Italy, which has a new, anti-immigration government, suggested that Malta take in the migrants. Malta objected, saying that it had been Italian authorities who coordinated the rescue to begin with, The Associated Press writes.


The U.N. refugee agency said Monday that there was “an urgent humanitarian imperative” to act, calling on governments to accept the distressed migrants now and resolve “broader issues” later.

Spain answered the call, opening the port of Valencia to the vessel, Lucia Benavides reports for NPR from Barcelona. But AP notes that “it wasn’t immediately clear if such a voyage was feasible given the distances involved — the ship is now more than 1,400 kilometers (over 750 nautical miles) from Valencia.”


Spain’s new Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (nice eyebrows) agreed to allow the ship to dock in its eastern port of Valencia. “It is our obligation to help to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and to offer a safe port to these people.”


The number of migrants arriving in Spain has been on the rise, Benavides reports, while the number of sea arrivals in Italy “has dropped 77 percent compared to this time last year, following controversial deals with the Libyan Coast Guard and investigations into NGO search-and-rescues.”

Italy’s government is led by two populist parties tied together, in part, by hostility toward migrants and a desire for a tougher stance on immigration.

A little more than a week ago, Italy’s new interior minister, Matteo Salvini, told a crowd that “Italy and Sicily cannot be Europe’s refugee camp” and “the good times for illegals are over,” Deutsche Welle reports.

Closing Italy’s ports to Aquarius represented the first test of the populist government’s rhetoric, and Italy stood firm, despite outcry from the European Union and the U.N.


Spain, which announced Monday that it would accept the ship, is also led by a brand-new government, after a no-confidence vote in the former prime minister put the Socialists in power on June 1.

The new prime minister said Spain was welcoming the Aquarius out of the “duty to avoid a humanitarian disaster,” the AP reports.

More here.

Spain get ready, they will all soon be headed your way!

My complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

10 Responses to “Stalemate at sea ended: Spain welcomed over 600 migrants, mostly men, rejected by Italy, Malta”

  1. tree man 1965 said

    Hi Anne I’m trying to email you , could you send email addresses

    On Tue, Jun 12, 2018, 7:08 AM Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Yesterday I told you that the Italian government > refused entry to a so-called “rescue ship” that had picked up over 600, > mostly African illegal aliens, from waters off Libya. Italy first! These > transport ships have had free passage to Italy for years, b” >


  2. George Soros an american asset has been dabbling in spanish politics for years.
    He finally got his way with a socialist gov in spain.


  3. FatherJon said

    Silly Spaniards! A few virtue signallers in charge of immigration policy decided to enhance the country’s reputation by accepting this latest load of illegals. I hope they’re ready for the fleet that will follow. Itally was taking the initiative for the whole of Europe by denying entry to this latest mob, now Spain’s undermined that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s good that Italy and Malta rejected them, but I don’t think they’ll be good for Spain.


  5. Seems it was a Spanish NGO ship to begin with, so Spain took responsibility after Italy and Malta rightly refused. It was the Italian authorities that coordinated the rescue to begin with? Well, after these boats were in Italian territorial waters,that would be the responsibility of the Coast Guard. What happened to that Libyan/Italian deal to aid the Libyan Coast Guard with EU funds? How could 600 Sub-Saharan Africans launching rubber rafts into the sea from their shore escape notice of Libyan Coast Guard?


    • Reading the article again, I notice that rafts fell apart in LIBYAN waters,passengers were then put aboard ship before it even entered Italian territorial waters. Why would Italian authorities orchestrate this rescue? The spokesman for this Spanish NGO is lying,of course.It was a test of the new Italian government policy,an attempt to force the new administration to submit under pressure of “humanitarian disaster”. The new Spanish government lost.It won’t be a short taxi ride to Italy-Lampedusa and Sicily,Greece or Malta with these African migrants any longer. These NGOs will have to prepair themselves for longer treks to the coast of Spain. Like Interior Minister Salvini said,the game is up, over!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Spain was very foolish and they will regret it. These are NOT “refugees” ! They are mostly all male trouble-makers sent to Islamify Spain like they did in the past until they were driven out in 1492 ! Spain should remember its history like the central European countries of The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary remember and will not allow Muslims safe haven.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Good point, interesting that Poland and Hungary remember their history and Spain doesn’t!


  7. p51nion said

    En fin! Spain begins to return to the caliphate!!!


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