‘Aquarius’ becomes the war cry of the Roman church against the new Italian government

Readers, when the Italian government held firm and sent the so-called ‘rescue ship’ Aquarius packing it drew the battle lines with the Italian Catholic Church—that is what the church is saying!

graph sea arrivals in italy
Hey Spain! You are next!

I’m writing about this story again today because it represents a critical juncture for the future of Europe.

There is hope (I think!) as I wrote a couple of days ago, here, for the survival of Western Civilization in its birthplace, but action to save it must be swift and happen NOW.

Here is the Crux headline (Taking the Catholic pulse):

Italian Church and new government finally face off over Aquarius

(The subtitle could be: The Catholic Church shows its daggers)


Here is a bit of the story.

ROME – For months the Vatican waited, silently, to see how to engage Italy’s new populist government. For months the Italian bishops offered support and patience as political parties clumsily attempted to create a new government. Promising vigilance, for months Italy’s high-ranking clergy looked for points of dialogue, but also contrast, with the country’s infant leadership.

Finally, the wait is over and – unsurprisingly – the battle between the Church and Italy’s ruling coalition of right-wing populists, Northern League, and anti-establishment party, Five Star Movement, will be centered around immigration.

(Dear Donald, pay attention, immigration is THE issue of the century!)

Crux continues…..

All the Pope’s men….

“Beating your fists on the table is absurd before endangered lives and the international law that imposes the rescue of people at sea,” said Cardinal Francesco Montenegro, president of Italian Caritas and head of the Italian bishops’ conference’s immigration committee.

“Politics must be the ability to dialogue and search for the common good, safeguarding human rights above all else,” the archbishop of the Southern Italian town of Agrigento said, before adding that “politics must go back to knowing its job.”

The “Sarajevo” for the battle between Italian bishops and Matteo Salvini, leader of the Northern League, is Aquarius, a rescue boat that was carrying more than 600 immigrants and refugees, including seven pregnant women and 123 unaccompanied minors.  [Or put more accurately, a boat carrying over 600 men and boys who are economic migrants NOT refugees.—ed]


First of all, Aquarius was a magnifying glass for the profound ruptures within the European Union concerning immigration, and the weaknesses of the Dublin regulations, which puts most of the burden on first arrival countries such as Italy and Greece, that also happen to be weakest economically.

The fact that Spain offered to take Aquarius “is not a victory for Italy,” Montenegro told media outlets on Monday, “but a loss for politics in general and for the European Union in particular.”


Secondly the case was an important trial balloon for the Northern League and Five Star Movement coalition. While some mayors chose to ignore Salvini’s call to close ports, most of the party members stayed in line.


pope and Italian cardinal
The ‘peacemakers’—Pope and Cardinal Bassetti—plotting their use of daggers?  Hmmm!

Finally, this impasse in the Mediterranean Sea pushed the Italian Church to finally show its daggers, proving that when it comes to immigration they won’t back down.

Already during the election season, Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, President of the Italian bishops’ conference, CEI, only barely hid his opposition to the Northern League and its leader, calling its representatives “not to blow on the fire of frustration and social rage.”


Already Salvini stated that under his leadership, Italy won’t budge. “With other Aquarius boats we will have the same behavior,” he said, as he celebrated the success of his tactic.

Let the battle for the future of Europe begin!

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On twitter???

Italian Interior Minister Salvini has started a new hashtag: #CloseThePorts  Use it!

14 thoughts on “‘Aquarius’ becomes the war cry of the Roman church against the new Italian government

  1. By its actions Spain has undermined whatever attempts are being made by Europeans to halt the trade in illegals. While the Spanish can pat themselves on the back for their humanitarian actions, the Mafia bosses across Europe rub their hands at the prospect of more cheap, non-unionised casual labor.


  2. Pope Francis is a heretic; he is THE enemy at the heart of the Church.

    Traditionally, the Church has supported efforts to stem the Muslim tide; e.g., the Battle of Lepanto, Oct. 7, 1571; the Battle of Vienna, Sept. 11-12, 1683; the centuries’ long struggle of Spain against the Moors, which ended in 1492.

    Pope Francis does not speak for all Catholics! The new Italian government is too smart to be deceived by Franny’s propaganda.


  3. I’m a devout Catholic but abhor my Church’s blind support for the Muslim “final solution” of what was once Christian Europe. Pope Benedict said we must preserve the Christian foundation of Europe but Pope Francis seems to follow the beat of a different drummer. The one who is leading Christianity off the cliff by Muslim hordes who care nothing about Western Civilization. I hope more leaders take heed of what Europe is facing. Those boats should have been turned back from the start. Many lives would have been saved from drowning when it was seen as useless to make the journey. God save us!


  4. OK. So the Church is pro-siege of Europe. Let THEM take in illegal immigrants! Open the gates of the Vatican and let them live there! Feed them, house them, give them medical care! Oh, not going to happen? Then shut up. And quit meddling in outside govt affairs. They have enough problems with the pedophile scandals to occupy them for decades.

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    1. You must unsubscribe (for the umpteenth time). If someone is forwarding you my RRW subscriber e-mails, find out who it is! I don’t send any e-mails.


      1. The Catholic Church saved Europe from Muslim domination several times over the centuries. Give them credit for that! I hope the Church again comes to the aid of that continent before Islam converts the Vatican into its largest mosque.


        1. Hahah! That’s a joke right? I’m afraid money talks, and the Church has allowed themselves to be corrupted by the love of money.


  5. I was taught that part of my religious tithes was set aside to take care of the indigent. No tithes, no help. That is why it is called charity.

    FORCED TAXATION for foreign relief of any kind is not charity. It is Taxation Without Representation by Mob. A SCAM, and should be SHUT DOWN!


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