In new age of ‘Aquarius’, Mama Merkel between a rock and a hard place

As you can tell, I am fascinated by the sea change in Europe seemingly brought on in less than one week after Italy blocked the landing of a so-called ‘rescue ship’ with more than 600 mostly African men and boys on board.

The ‘Aquarius’ was ultimately “welcomed” by Spain, but that won’t solve the EU migration crisis where frontline countries get the brunt of the invasion unless Socialist Spain wants to keep them and all the future migrants who will surely head that way now.


mama merkel sign
Mark Steyn astutely pointed out that Angela Merkel, like most European leaders, actually has no children—no personal stake in the future of German culture.


For new readers to my ‘Invasion of Europe’ series, German Chancellor Angela Merkel created the recent migrant surge when she began ‘welcoming’ Middle Eastern and African refugees to Germany in 2015.

Germans aren’t producing enough children and she argues that they need young workers who would support old Germans in their dotage.  Yeh right!, sure they will!

To get to Germany, of course, the illegal migrants must arrive in countries on the edges of Europe, countries like Italy and Greece, before fanning out throughout Europe.  They head for Germany and Sweden, or stop along the way.  But, many countries are erecting new border fences to save their own countries and cultures.

International refugee law says legitimate asylum seekers (economic migrants are not asylum candidates) must ask for asylum in the first safe place they reach (Italy, Greece, Spain etc).  Those frontline states have had it with the enormous costs and social upheaval.

In a nutshell, the EU wants all European countries to share the burden.  Many won’t.

(The situation in Europe is analogous to what is happening on the US southern border as Central Americans ask for asylum (vast majority are economic migrants), but should have done so in Mexico as they crossed its southern border. Hint to President Trump: pay close attention to the continuing migrant crisis in Europe!)

Now, complicating things for “Mama” Merkel—-an increasing number of Germans want their borders closed too!

Sorry, for being so long getting to the news of the day….

From EU Observer:

Bavaria rebels could unseat Merkel on migration

Local authorities in Bavaria, Germany, could start turning back migrants on Monday (18 June) in a rebellion that threatens chancellor Angela Merkel’s authority.

That was the upshot of crisis talks on Thursday between Merkel’s centre-right CDU (Christian Democratic Union) party and its Bavarian sister party, the CSU (Christian Social Union), who had previously stuck together since 1949.

The Bavarian ‘president’, the CSU’s Horst Seehofer, has said he has the authority to do it without her approval in his role as German interior minister.

He says people without IDs, or people who traversed another EU state to get to Germany, had no right to claim asylum there under EU law, which says the first point of entry into Europe is responsible for their care.  [Salvini in Italy gets that, so turning away ships like ‘Aquarius’ is imperative as the migrants will only continue to pile up in Italy.—ed]

“Asylum tourism must end. Germany cannot wait endlessly for Europe, but must act independently,” Markus Soeder, the CSU’s Bavarian ‘prime minister’, said on Thursday.

Merkel: Migration is one of the big challenges for the EU.  One! One! How about THE big challenge.


Merkel alone Bild
Bild headline: Merkel alone! (Pictured here with Interior Minister Horst Seehofer)


EU Observer continues….

Merkel urged them to hold off until EU leaders meet in Brussels on 28 June.

“I personally think illegal migration is one of the big challenges for the European Union, so I don’t believe we should act unilaterally, we should not act in an uncoordinated way and we should not act at the expense of third parties,” she said on Thursday, referring to the extra pressure that the CSU plan would put on frontline states Greece and Italy.

“I expect that we [the EU] will all do it together, the federal government included”, she said.

The June summit is unlikely to see a breakthrough on EU asylum reform, however, with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia opposed to migrant-sharing.

The German population is also losing patience – 62 percent of Germans backed the CSU idea in a poll by German TV station ARD on Thursday, while 37 percent endorsed Merkel’s approach.

‘Merkel completely alone!’ Germany’s top tabloid, Bild, said in a headline the same day, highlighting the fact that several CDU members were also unhappy with the status quo.

If Seehofer goes ahead on Monday, that would leave Merkel with two choices, both of which could spell the end of her 13-year rule.

She could call a vote of confidence in herself in the Bundestag, risking a defeat and subsequent resignation, or she could sack Seehofer, destroying the CDU/CSU alliance and her parliamentary majority.

More here.

We will be watching because no less than the survival of Western Civilization in its birthplace is at stake.

9 thoughts on “In new age of ‘Aquarius’, Mama Merkel between a rock and a hard place

  1. What the German Interior Minister says sounds noble…… but it will not have the desired effect…… It will just be another delay…..another long and endless Sorting Process…….

    But it could provide the SPARK …………. The only questions are: When the people revolt? ……. Will the German military and police stand with the people or the government…………. And since there are US military bases in Germany, will the US keep its nose out of it………

    IMHO……….. the US military should back-out of Europe……or just hunker down….. ’cause trouble is coming…… There is no political solution to what ails Europe….. maybe not even for the USA…..


    1. The rest of us on this planet have had enough of our so called leaders as well. We should send all of them to another galaxy, but then again we would be polluting the universe, and we have enough wicked and evil entities as it is. There shall be a way that they will burn each other, and poof they go.


  2. Per my small little brain, combining the 5th Dimension singing group (Age of Aquarius) and the image of The Mamas & the Papas, made me giggle a little bit.. Good stuff to remember though..

    However, you are quite right.. Mama Merkel has committed political suicide for herself, and cultural suicide on behalf of her country..

    All of this for major parts of western Europe and the UK is astonishing to watch.

    The good news is that some of them are beginning to fight back.. ..Go Austria.. ..Go Italy… …Go Norway, and others..


  3. We were told for years that overpopulation was destroying the environment and that it was a threat to the existence of mankind. Now that our birthrates are under control and population is declining, the MSM does a complete 180 and tells us we don’t have enough people to continue the exponential growth that lead to the overpopulation they warned us about in the first place. Has diversity become more important than controlling overpopulation, to the extent that we should just ignore the consequences of having too many people and not enough resources? the numbers say that overall, net human population has not decreased since records of such things were kept, excluding population driven catastrophes like the plague.


  4. They certainly know how to keep us deaf, dump, and blind. They are all in it for themselves, and no leader is loyal to it’s citizens. They have one purpose and one purpose only and that is to destroy us, so that they can have a manageable population to control, in which they can then implement The Mark Of The Beast. All of this is for the purpose to destroy, implement one world government, one world religion, etc…I say not even Trump, believe and have faith in them not:


  5. Of course the only ‘children’ Theresa May has are those in Maidenhead, who are crying out for books and pencils for their school lessons – SQUARE PEGS IN ROUND HOLES? ( Not to mention other EU leaders)


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