Lewiston, ME: Man attacked by gang of Somali teens dies

We told you recently that roving gangs of Somali ‘children’ and teens were terrorizing park goers in the Somali capital of New England, see here.

Now someone is dead.

Donald Giusti (Facebook photo)
Donald Giusti died after a Somali refugee ‘youth’ smashed in his head with a brick.

Here is the brief article from the Lewiston Sun Journal that hints at a racial component but incredibly never mentions the ‘S’ word—Somali.   (Hat tip: Maine First)

Lewiston man dies from injuries sustained in Tuesday night fight


LEWISTON — A man badly beaten near Kennedy Park on Tuesday night has died, police said Friday.

Donald Giusti, 38, died Friday afternoon at Central Maine Medical Center where he had remained since Tuesday night.

Witnesses said Giusti was beaten as two groups clashed near the downtown park late Tuesday night. The brawl was said to have been the result of ongoing disputes between the two groups.

Police in Lewiston have been joined by Maine State Police, which investigates all homicides in the state. As of Friday afternoon, no one had been charged in the brawl. (Those responsible are probably headed out to hide in some other big Somali community in the US!—-ed)

Somalis attacked first….

The most recent clash between the two groups occurred Tuesday on Knox Street after teens in a car reportedly drove past the park and shot pellets and BBs at a group gathered there, according to Sun Journal sources who said they witnessed the events.

Several members of the group pursued the car to Knox Street, where a melee broke out, the teens reportedly wielding sticks, bats and bricks, sources said.

Police are investigating to determine whether there were racial elements to the fight, an assertion made by many in the aftermath of the brawl.

More of the pathetic local newspaper account here.

Jihad Watch has a more detailed accounting based on reporting from Maine First Media.

Go here for my archive on Lewiston where the Somali population continues to grow and obviously gets more aggressive as the numbers multiply.

Don’t miss this post I wrote in 2009, apparently nothing has been done!

Somali ‘youths’ randomly attacking and robbing people in Lewiston, ME

It’s a good thing I got much of it snipped because of course it is gone now from the Sun Journal!

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  1. I live in a state that went through a lot of racial strife in the 1960’s. I told a black friend of mine they would come here and try to blend in. I told her it will be up to our black community to keep a check on any muslims trying to blend in. She just laughed at me.

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  2. Nothing like the New England of the 80’s Bob Newhart show! Progressiviism is too often barbaric in it’s outcome! Somalia is pretty much the same as Syria? Screwed up dictator Gov’t with masses of Islamic human debris, living the life their world conquering theology demands and to hell with everyone else! Free ride to/in the USA? Fantastic! Democrats say they’re OK, so they stay ignorant and barbaric, but they vote Democrat, legal or not! Sad and sickening!

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  3. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Didn’t read this article! Angers me too much! Will any somali kid pay for this? Very, very, doubtful.
    Remember, killing infidels is their culture, what is required of them.
    Maine–land of the novel “SWIFTWATER,” you are a stupid, Stupid, STUPID, state!!!!!
    If any sensible person would have tried to stop this muslim invasion they would have been attacked and accused of all kinds of BS!
    I’ve seen it happen in Fargo, ND, where a city councilman began asking questions–he got attacked from every possible direction.

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  4. Legislators; et al,

    You should remember an earlier posting about the attack on Americans by Somali Muslims in Lewiston, Maine by the flesh traders and the U.S. State Department. Now another U.S. Citizen is dead. The culprits are the Muslims, the flesh traders and the U.S. Government as well as the citizens in Maine who welcomed the Muslims.

    What will you say or do when a Muslim murders a Georgian? I know what you do when an illegal Hispanic kills a Georgian.



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  5. Studious avoidance of terms like ‘homicide’ and ‘ assault or assailants ‘. Instead we name Giusti as a recovering ‘brawler’ who died in a ‘brawl’. Just a normal evening in Lewiston. Now, please move on, folks. #FreeTommy

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