US war ship picks up 40 migrants off coast of Libya, now what?

Overshadowed by the huge controversy surrounding the rescue boat Aquarius’ this past week, is the news that a US naval vessel has picked up 40 migrants off the coast of Libya, and as of this writing is stuck with them.


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Other so-called ‘rescue boats’ won’t take them fearing that they will be blocked from landing in nearby European ports.

Could the illegal aliens be brought to the US?

The most detailed story I could find is at The Daily Beast from two days ago:

Migrants Are Stranded on a U.S. Warship With Nowhere to Go

ROME—There is a perfect Italian word for the situation the American warship USNS Trenton finds itself in right now. Intrappolata. It means trapped, entangled and ensnared in a situation that is is going to prove very tricky to get out of.

On Tuesday, the Trenton, a Spearhead-class high-speed transport that is part of ongoing 6th Fleet military operations off the coast of Libya, came upon a migrant boat in distress and disintegrating. People were in the water. Several corpses were floating nearby. The Trenton called for help and, along with the German non-governmental organization Sea Watch whose ship was patrolling nearby, the American crew carried out the rescue of 40 African migrants and observed what appeared to be 12 people in the water who had died. The living are all on the American ship. The anonymous dead were left to the mercy of the elements.


“On June 12, 2018 USNS Trenton, in accordance with its obligations under international law, rendered assistance to mariners in distress that it encountered while conducting routine operations in the Mediterranean Sea,” the Sixth Fleet said in an earlier statement. “Forty people have been recovered and are being provided food, water, and medical care on board Trenton. U.S. authorities are coordinating with our international partners to determine their ultimate disposition.”


A better word than “coordinating” would be “negotiating,” because right now political and diplomatic confusion reigns over the lives of people trying to make the incredibly dangerous voyage from North Africa to southern Europe.


On Wednesday, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini made it very clear that Italy’s ports would remain closed to all but Italian-flagged ships if they carry rescued migrants.

The political wrangling puts the Trenton in a particularly problematic situation. The German-flagged NGO that helped with the rescue is worried that if it agrees to take the migrants off the Americans’ hands, it could end up in a standoff like the Aquarius.

Ahhhhh! Send them to America?

The U.S. warship certainly doesn’t want to pull out of military exercises to bring the Africans all the way to Italy. It could hand them to the Libyan Coast Guard, but that’s not a “safe harbor” as mandated by maritime law. Or, since the Americans are the ones who rescued the migrants, they could send them to the United States. Under current circumstances, that seems unlikely.

Much more here.

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We are reminded again that the invasion of Europe will impact America!

15 thoughts on “US war ship picks up 40 migrants off coast of Libya, now what?

  1. This is one hot mess, initially, but the Navy has a standard protocol for what to do with migrant encounters. The Navy will request guidance from the U.S. Department of State. Most likely, they will return them to Libya.

    However, after seeing what Trump is doing with the Australian refugee problem, this requires watching.


  2. You’re not being tolerant. You’re not being inclusive. You’re not being open-minded… You’re being conquered.”

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  3. The USA has both Peace Corps and USAID offices within many countries in Africa. Both Peace Corps and USAID are supposed to be “helping people” in Africa. The US Navy is capable of dropping off all migrants at any Peace Corps or USAID location in Africa. There is no obligation to bring any migrants found at sea to the USA. If anything, let the Peace Corps and USAID take care of the migrants. The countries which allow Peace Corps and USAID to operate should be the ones obligated to take in the migrants instead! Both Peace Corps and USAID are supposed to promote an “American” perspective of economic development. Any country which Peace Corps or USAID is based that refuses to accept refugees or foreign immigration, should be labeled discriminatory and barred from any further aid.

    I am not being sarcastic. I just noticed that both Peace Corps and USAID often brag about helping develop countries. Yet, poverty and war seems to be increasing. If Peace Corps and USAID are not really helping anybody, both should be disbanded. The countries which are getting funding from Peace Corps and USAID should be shouldering more of the burden of accepting both refugees and migrants. After all, if they want to follow America’s economic model, they will need to accept immigration too. America is already a land of immigration. Countries which accept American foreign aid will have to accept immigration as well.


  4. For several decades now, I have predicted this mass immigration wave from Africa/Asia/Middle East into developed European countries, long before I was aware of Jean Raspail’s book, “Camp of the Saints.” There are many issues under international law which arise from mass migration; but at the core of all lies the indisputable right of any country to refuse entry to anyone other than their own citizens. Sovereign rights are the premise of the charter of the United Nations, but increasingly that organization, overtaken by Progressives and countries “with an agenda,” seeks to overturn that premise. The USNS Trenton was merely responding to an humanitarian existential crisis by rescuing the occupants of the rapidly floundering “boat,” (if we can call it that . . . probably just an inflatable raft which had been overloaded by human smugglers.) Now we see Italy’s recent political change resulting in a refusal to accept any more boat migrants, refusing to be used as the repository of humans ill-equipped for life in the EU who are smuggled first by the human traffickers and then ferried directly into the EU by NGO ships plying the waters off the Libyan coast. Italy has had its fill; Malta has had its fill. And dare we to predict that although Spain is now accepting the boat migrants, it won’t be long before Spain, too, will refuse to accept them? What is needed is a long-term solution which deters the human smugglers, the illegal migrants, and the non-governmental organizations which have eagerly adopted the work of facilitating the transfer of hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants into Europe. I propose the use of refitted frigates/tanker ships/etc. registered to the United Nations as the destination for those rescued in the Mediterranean Sea by the NGOs. This would mean no direct or “automatic’ access to the port of any nation. Once aboard, migrants would be given food, water, shelter, medical care, questioned and evaluated for voluntary placement. Many would no doubt be found to not qualify for placement, and be returned to their country of origin. Under such a system, no country would be obligated to accept boat migrants; and such a system would go far to deter illegal migration into the EU. Any migrant who does not wish to cooperate with officials would remain on board; and any country refusing to accept its own citizens would face international sanctions. With such a system, the USNS Trenton would simply transfer the migrants it rescued at sea to the United Nations chartered vessel, thus relieving the United States of the duty to admit the migrants and provide and care for them indefinitely. No ship or country should have to think twice about rescuing human life out of fear and concern that the rescued migrants will pose a long-term burden and/or threat to the country whose flag it flies.


  5. Who says Libya isn’t a safe harbor? laws are always subjectively interpreted. Is it better to endanger Europe by assisting potential terrorists to literally establish a beachhead there, like some perverse mockery of D day? I think that the navy should tow the boat off the coast of Libya, wait for high tide to begin, then cut them adrift and let nature take its course. If we keep dumping this scum on Europe, they will keep coming, and eventually we will have to take some of them in as part of our tiny allotment of Europeans that we still allow to immigrate here. Can you imagine getting out minuscule lot of “European” immigrants, only to learn that they are filthy, dangerous, destitute apes from Africa? talk about a cruel joke!

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  6. Sounds rather confusing to me. Why has it taken years before a US Naval ship has an encounter with a migrant vessel? This migration has been going on for a while. The US Sixth Fleet is anchored in Naples. Have American naval vessels been avoiding contact such as this, until now? Why this migrant vessel? The captain surely knew what liabilities he was getting into when he stopped his engines to render assistance. Why?

    Now, US taxpayers are stuck with more dependents to feed cloth and provide heath care for. Where are these 40 people from? Are they carrying contagious diseases? Are they combatants? Sounds to me like they may be on the Trenton for a long time.

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    1. This sounds like gross incompetence at a level even worse than those affirmative-action hires who crashed a destroyer into a container vessel in the South China Sea.


  7. if we get stuck with these bozos, I strongly suggest relieving the skipper of the vessel of his command and forcing him out of the USN. Trump is busting his butt to fix this immigration problem and needs no help from the DOD.

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  8. Looks like America’s stuck with them. Ironic given the tightening of US rules regarding illegals, but that’s the law of the sea for you.

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    1. They are acting as pirates, and there is no reason they should not be given the same swift trial and sentence as pirates.


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