How many Somali refugees has the US admitted since 1983?

Last week someone asked me to have a look at the numbers of Somalis admitted to the US since 9/11.

Minnesota is the most ‘welcoming’ state!


It so happens that the US State Department site, Refugee Processing Center (Wrapsnet) has the data very nicely organized since 2002, so the request was pretty easy to accomplish.

However, prior to that year, one must pour over ORR Annual Reports to pull the numbers together.

In 2008, I wrote this post (updated too) and showed you what I found at those Annual Reports.

Here are the Somali refugee admissions from 1983-2002.  Remember! These are only the direct refugee admissions and do not include Temporary Protected Status holders, successful asylum seekers who appeared at our borders, illegal entrants, or the family members brought in throughout the years.

And, if you are thinking this doesn’t seem high enough, remember there have been 35 years of population growth!

1983-93:   4,413

1994:  3,508

1995:  2,524

1996:  6,440

1997:  4,948

1998:  2,952

1999:  4,321

2000:  6,002

2001:  4,940

2002:   242    (Guesses why this is so low?  9/11 freaked everyone out!)

By the way, when you go to my 2008 post see that GW Bush was bringing in huge numbers of Somalis.


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Now this is a screenshot of the numbers beginning in FY2002 from Wrapsnet:



Screenshot (1314)

Screenshot (1311)
I know numbers are hard to read, nothing I can do about that!


This puts the total number of Somalis admitted by direct refugee resettlement at 143,875 beginning in 1983 and up to June 11, 2018. 

(We bring them in from anywhere in the world, but most come from UN camps in Kenya. Why is their dysfunctional country our problem after 3 decades?)

Since 2002, the big winner is Minnesota with 16,603 followed by OH (7,982), TX (7,501), NY (6,679), and AZ (6,030).

See one of my all-time top posts about how and why Minnesota was targeted.

Got some time on your hands, explore Wrapsnet here.

You can even learn what towns and cities in each state ‘welcomed’ the Somali Muslims.

In case you missed it, see Maine man dead after Somali youth gang attack. 

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  1. The Census Bureau has this at For the first time, American Community Survey data will have codes for Somali, Oromo, Tigrinya, Yoruba, Igbo and other African languages that were previously grouped together.

    Here is the percentage for language groups in Maine:
    The numbers don’t change too much year-to-year: 1% of Maine households are non-English speaking, of which about one-quarter speak a non-European, non-Asian language.

    These tables give you a dynamic view of population change amongst grandparents taking care of children in Maine:
    If I understand this sampled data correctly, in 2007, Maine had 14,401 extended families (grandchildren and grandparents in the same household) ; of these 1,146 (8%) spoke a language other than English at home.
    In 2013, there were 18,334 extended family households; of these 1,387 (8%) spoke a language other than English at home.

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  2. Of all the war-torn SH!+holes from which to be bringing in future problems for US welfare state! They could not have picked a worse demographic. We should invite Christian refugees here, not Mohammedan jihadists. What a joke.

    Still, 2 lovely Somalis are my inspiration and I share them with you:


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  3. Think of the incredible amount of money spent to move people from one continent to another…..another load of money spent bribing politicians……another load spent brainwashing the people of the host country……….. And what do you BUY with all that ? ……… They reject us…we reject them………..Tribal Warfare………They’re country is no better off…..the host country is in worse shape……. So, who benefits from chaos and war ? …………. And how better could all that money and energy have been spent ?

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    1. I told you those numbers are for direct resettlement only. They don’t account for secondary migration which is part of the reason Minnesota’s numbers are higher now than when they ‘welcomed’ the original Somalis. When resettled by the US State Department in some other state they are free to move and they do—many to MN. Plus as I said they have been reproducing for 30 years in some case.


    2. I’ve read of your crime rates in St. Cloud and know they are a direct result of virtue signaling SJWs filling your once quiet home with Somalians.


  4. I lived in the Minneapolis area for a couple year in the mid-eighties. It reeked of liberalism. Now the liberal crowd are reaping the fruits of their sick credo : ruination and death.

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