Pope and World Council of Churches to hold conference on xenophobia, migration, and populism

This should be fun to watch!

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The Marxists at the World Council of Churches and Pope Francis think they are going to bring the world together in harmony and love with a conference in September on defeating xenophobia and the menace of political populism (just as a major power shift fueled by populism is sweeping Italy).


Maybe they would get a lot farther in bringing peace to the world if they cut out the insulting language….just saying!

From Breitbart:

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has announced a joint venture with the Vatican to co-host a meeting next September on “migration, xenophobia, and politically motivated populism.”

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The Pope and Rev. Tveit joining forces to defeat political populism…..

The WCC said it is partnering with the Vatican department for Promoting Integral Human Development in preparing the conference to be held September 17-20 as part of ongoing work toward “peace-building and migration.”

The General of the WCC, Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit, said the meeting would be a “very useful and significant workshop to dig a bit deeper” into the problems of xenophobia as an expression of populism, as well as its links to racism, conflict, and violence in countries around the world.

Last September, the Vatican launched a two-year campaign to change people’s minds about migrants and to encourage a more welcoming attitude toward them worldwide.

“Brothers, we mustn’t be afraid to share the journey! We mustn’t be afraid to share the hope!” Francis said in his weekly General Audience on September 27, in which he inaugurated the new project, titled “Share the Journey.”


The stated goal of the project is to shed light on both the challenges and effects of migration at every stage of the journey to provoke a “shift in thinking” on the issue.

Do they really think they will get a shift in thinking when they continue to denigrate people as xenophobes who disagree with them about immigration?

Part of this shift in thinking involves dispelling common “myths about migration,” the organization declared, before laying out “some common myths around migration and the facts behind the myths.”

Caritas said these myths include the idea that there are more migrants than ever before, that migrants live off welfare benefits and steal jobs from citizens, that closing borders will stem migrant flows, and that “people from poor countries migrate to rich ones.”

What the heck, myths!

We are told daily by these very same people that the number of migrants worldwide is greater than ever before. 

Myth? Migrants live off welfare benefits—-of course most of them do!  Would they be flocking to generous welfare states like Sweden and Germany (and in the US Minnesota!) if they were denied all welfare?

And, do they really expect us to believe that people are migrating to poor countries instead of rich ones.  Nuts!

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By the way, if you didn’t know, US resettlement contractor Church World Service is a member of the World Council of Churches.

Both CWS and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops financially benefit from the movement of migrants from the third world to America, something never mentioned by them when they lecture us about “welcoming the stranger.”


6 thoughts on “Pope and World Council of Churches to hold conference on xenophobia, migration, and populism

  1. The impetus for this propaganda is twofold: financial and political. The Vatican receives the bulk of its revenues from American parishioners/taxpayers. The number of American parishioners is waning as the largest demographic exiting that church is the 45-65 yr. old Gen X and tail-end of the Boomer generations. They also contribute more money than impoverished migrants who are net dependents, not contributors. Even though membership in that church is growing among Millenials, we all understand that group is indebted beyond all ability to “contribute”. As refugee resettlement is a billion-dollar industry contributing to pensions and operations where pewsitter attrition has devastated church finances, it is crucial to emphasize the “evils” of populism, sovereignty and patriotism. This is not your grandparents’ church.

    I often wonder why no one is demanding that the Vatican sell property, take in refugees on its properties or other Catholic-owned properties in the U.S. and Europe and oversee migrant integration into American and European societies? The fact is, the Catholic church at least has always acted alone where it perceives a “void” in government addressing social ills and “injustice”. It isn’t spearheading any such efforts now. Where are the missionary orders throughout the world?

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  2. Breitbart: Vatican to Host Conference on ‘Migration, Xenophobia, and Politically Motivated Populism.’

    Dear Pope Rocket Scientist, whoever heard of non-political populism?


  3. I am sorry! But just because the Pope’s mathematics tell him that you can feed 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish, does NOT mean that Europe can absorb the entire population of the Continent of Africa (1.216 Billion people) nor be able to house, feed and educate them and then find them jobs.

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