World Refugee Day cancelled in Lewiston, Maine

Tomorrow, June 20th, is World Refugee Day created by the United Nations in the year 2000.

Each year since, it has served as a media hook for reports and glowing stories about refugee contributions to America. (The Left is so good at creating propaganda opportunities!)

But, for Lewiston, Maine this week, the word ‘refugee’ is not a happy word.


Rayan Issa's friends
The drowned boys friends at a vigil last Wednesday evening.   Photo and story:


First, as we reported over the weekend, a Maine man has been killed by a gang of children and teens (of various ethnicities they say!) a murder investigation is underway and no arrests have been made.  He died when one of the ‘youths’ smashed his head with a brick in an escalation of tensions between local citizens and the growing “ethnic” ‘community’ there.

Donald Giusti (Facebook photo)
Donald Giusti died from a blow to the head.

Days before that deadly incident, a Lewiston Somali teen died in an accidental drowning on a school field trip.

(Incidentally, this is not a new phenomenon. We have had several cases over the years of refugee children/teens drowning because of their inability to swim.)

By the way, in the Sun Journal’s several stories on the drowning, the word ‘refugee’ and the word ‘Somali’ were absent (as they were in the story about the murder).  Makes me wonder, if they have a policy to NOT use those words when certain members of their growing “ethnic” population make the news (in a negative way).

Here is the story on the “postponement” of World Refugee Day festivities there. 

They say it is about grieving….

I don’t know if the postponement is so much about giving people time to grieve as it is fear that the event would have been a target for protests and possibly more violence.

Lewiston Sun Journal (Hat tip: Joanne):

LEWISTON — Organizers of Lewiston/Auburn’s World Refugee Day have postponed the celebration scheduled for Wednesday in Lewiston.

A post on the event’s Facebook page said the decision was made “in light of recent events in Lewiston and in order to allow the community time to grieve the loss of these two community members, Rayan Issa and Donald Giusti.”

Rayan, a 13-year-old Lewiston Middle School student, drowned last week during a school field trip to Range Pond in Poland Spring. Giusti, 38, died Friday after being beaten during a fight near Kennedy Park in Lewiston.

“This week it is important to stand united as one Lewiston community by prioritizing time for all people within our city to grieve and to heal. We believe that the relationships built in our community are resilient and that we can rely on each other to heal and move forward together,” the Facebook post read.

No new date was given for the event.

More here.

Secret decoder ring needed!

If you were living under a rock and saw the above story, you would have no idea how those two tragic and horrible events relate to World Refugee Day.

My huge and ever-growing Lewiston archive is here.

11 thoughts on “World Refugee Day cancelled in Lewiston, Maine

  1. Not only a drowned boy, but a group of Muslims youth beat a white guy to death there just announced on news in Lewiston Park. Trouble brewing in Lewiston for sure.


  2. People in Lewiston, Maine are totally nuts. Letting these people into your community! Why? Looking at the photo above, I had to ask myself where it was taken? Looks like Kalergi is working well in your city! Good luck even though it’s long past that point.


  3. What in hell is wrong with all of these nations that cannot provide for their own people and that slaughter their own citizens and sell them into slavery? Why are Europe, Canada and USA the only places that these refugees are fleeing to ????

    Hell, when the Colonial Powers were in their countries they bitched and moaned and wanted freedom, and now that they have had freedom for 60 years, what have they done with it ???? Their people were far better off under Colonialism !

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    1. Generations and centuries ago, regardless of what race you were, and if you were poor, you would be considered a slave and subject to be sold. During Lincoln’s Time, after the Civil War and after the Emancipation, Lincoln offered each former slave $400.00, ships, and supplies for anyone of them wanting to return back to Africa. Now $400.00 was a hell of a lot of money in those days. Not a single one of them wanted to accept the offer, instead they sooner remain here. Now why in the hell was that???!!!


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