Just a few items this Saturday

You may have noticed that I generally don’t write on Saturdays, but have a couple of comments I need to respond to….



First, I have had requests again about donations for my work (I assume from new readers who haven’t seen my previous discussions about the issue).

I did for awhile have a paypal button here at RRW, but took it down when paypal began to be selective about who could and who could not use paypal based on the website’s political views.  I think they have since reversed themselves on that wrong-headed business practice, but I never put the button back.

In a week, RRW will be eleven years old and my work has been my charitable gift to the country!

That said, occasionally people have sent me checks with small gifts to my Post Office box (address in lefthand side bar) and I am very appreciative of that thoughtfulness because I know it is a show of support and thanks for my work.

Charitable work=freedom!

One of the great advantages of doing what I do—working for no one, for free—is that I can post pretty much whatever moves me when I get up each morning!

As you may have noticed there are certain topics I’m passionate about and am very aware that repetition is needed in order for readers to absorb a particular point.  So from time to time, as a faithful reader, you may say, why am I hearing this again?  It is for that reason—repetition matters—and for the fact that every day new people show up here who haven’t been here for eleven years, or eleven days!

But, some things bore me!  One, is this issue of the mostly unaccompanied alien children.  I wrote extensively about the subject during the Obama years (2014 and 2015 were particularly critical years) and I told readers till I was blue in the face that in addition to federal childcare contractors like Southwest Key, Catholic Charities and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service were also in the business of housing the ‘children’ as they received lucrative government contracts.  And, now I am annoyed to see the same issue cropping up and everyone acting surprised!

A few more years….

….and I will be done!  If by 2020, immigration isn’t under control here and in Europe, we are all done.

Thanks as always for continuing to follow my work here at Refugee Resettlement Watch!

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9 thoughts on “Just a few items this Saturday

  1. Ann – you might set up a Patreon account. Many YouTube creators use them. I would be there is an add on for WordPress to use it.


  2. Cynthia Nixon (NY Governor candidate), aptly entering the race from a spin off from the TV show “Sex & The City”, should run for this Mexico seat..

    What would be the difference in the “Twilight Zone” areas of OUR United States these days.?


  3. I believe I understand Corey Liendowski’s wompwomp retort as the sanctimonious leftist smugly sermonized of the poooorr chillldddrren. WOMPWOMP! These UACs are to be pitied and cared for, YES, but the truly WOKE people now see the scam of these barbarians profiting from their misery, the grasping parents using their kids as chits, the criminal cartels profiting by lying to the ignorant parents with asylum scripts, the graft of the crooked politicians and police all through Mexico, where asylum could be found. It is truly sickening. Not to mention human trafficking and the sick sideshow of child porn welcoming this circus. Yes, Corey no doubt possesses this knowledge and reacted to this virtue signaling put out by this leftist creature who was thrilled to have an innocent, young child who is Down syndrome to boot to hold up for his poster. Can’t let that picture go to waste. The WOMPWOMP was purely for the jerk postulating on camera.


  4. Hi, Ann. I have posted several of your articles on Pamela Geller’s site (formerly Atlas Shrugged) and directed people to your site. Pamela -in case you are unfamiliar with her – was the woman who started the movement in NY to stop the Muslims from building a Mosque on the site of 9/11. She also fights to put ads on buses and cabs about the dangers of Islam….
    Her site is about all the things going on in Europe where Muslims are taking over….She is the one who sponsored the DRAW MOHAMMED contest in Garland, TX, that was attacked by Muslims.
    Both you and Pamela are major Freedom Fighters…..I am so grateful for both of you and your work.

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  5. Have so appreciated your tireless work, Ann..and fwd it to conservative friends often. Keep up the good work. We are listening!!!!!!

    An 82-year old in MO!

    On Sat, Jun 23, 2018, 6:29 AM Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “You may have noticed that I generally don’t write on > Saturdays, but have a couple of comments I need to respond to…. > Donations? First, I have had requests again about donations for my work (I > assume from new readers who haven’t seen my previous disc” >

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