International Rescue Committee says US businesses need more low wage workers

I’ve never thought this was a good argument to be pushed by the supposed ‘humanitarians’ receiving millions from the US taxpayer to place refugees in hundreds of US towns and cities, but they are doing it in the age of Trump.

Unwelcome report
Report was released on World Refugee Propaganda Day.

Hurting most from the slowdown in the arrival of fresh grunt laborers (aka refugees), according to a new report from the International Rescue Committee headed by former British Labor Party official, David Miliband, are employers in key U.S. industries—including manufacturing, hospitality and meatpacking!

Why must US taxpayers subsidize big business?

If those industries can’t fill their labor needs, maybe they need to raise wages!

And, besides why is it the taxpayers’ duty to subsidize globalists like the BIG MEAT giants by supplying them with third world laborers while paying fake humanitarian groups, like the IRC, gobs of money to sign them up for welfare to supplement those meager wages before moving on to the next fresh batch of paying clients.

Here is one of several news stories the IRC Report has generated.  It is from the San Diego Union-Tribune, but rerun in my local newspaper (the paper whose lack of interest in the refugee issue in 2007 caused me to begin writing this blog).

SAN DIEGO — With the flow of refugees into the U.S. at a trickle, many who work with new arrivals worry that the low numbers will have a lasting impact on economies, schools and families in places like San Diego, where many used to resettle.

The International Rescue Committee, a resettlement agency with offices in the San Diego area, released a report this week detailing what it has seen around San Diego Country since arrivals fell to the lowest numbers the program has seen since it began in 1980.

miliband and soros 2 (2) close
David Miliband with bff George Soros wearing their white hats of humanitarianism (NOT!)

Since President Donald Trump initiated the first travel ban, refugee arrivals plummeted across the country. So far in fiscal 2018, the U.S. has resettled 14,331 refugees, less than a third of the 45,000 ceiling set by Trump.

Employers in industries like hospitality, manufacturing and meatpacking are facing labor shortages without new arrivals eager for work experience that doesn’t require English-language fluency, the IRC report says.

Donna Duvin, executive director for the IRC in San Diego, said her office gets calls at least weekly from area employers asking if there are new arrivals looking for work.

“In the past, we would call them and ask for placements,” Duvin said. “Now employers are calling us seeking potential employees.”

Duvin noted that many San Diego jobs are also tied to assisting refugees and worried that organizations would shrink if arrivals don’t increase soon. [She may be worried for her job, but are the fat cats*** at the top of the IRC worried too?—ed]


He said he’s constantly hearing from fellow restaurant owners about the trouble they’re having finding line cooks or dishwashers.

“There’s a lot of competition for labor, and it’s hard to find good help,” Knab said.

“The refugee community has been a place where we have found good employees who are committed and contribute in a positive way.” [And, are desperate and willing to work for cheap wages!—ed]

More here.

And, this (below) is news I don’t mind repeating until I am blue in the face!

For new readers see my David Miliband file here, and go here for dozens of stories about meatpackers changing the heartland.


*** Fat cat salaries at the International Rescue Committee, from a recent IRS Form 990:

IRC fat cat salaries
Doing well by doing good (for the globalists)!

16 thoughts on “International Rescue Committee says US businesses need more low wage workers

    1. In the State of Georgia, where I live the Blacks can get anything and everything they want, along with the Foreigners. If you are White, and especially over the age of 50, they put you out in the pasture to starve to death.


  1. International Rescue Committee should stop preaching to people. International Rescue Committee relies on volunteers who have to pay $60 for thier own background checks, while the higher ups get paid 5 figure salaries or more!


  2. low wage workers can be legal American citizens, why bring in illegals?????? Why let companies hire them via sub contractors who do not collect taxes and help destroy the cities they work in?

    On Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 4:46 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “I’ve never thought this was a good argument to be > pushed by the supposed ‘humanitarians’ receiving millions from the US > taxpayer to place refugees in hundreds of US towns and cities, but they are > doing it in the age of Trump. Hurting most from the slow” >

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  3. Reminds me of a couple of Brookly rabbis that formerly owned and operated a meat packing plant in Iowa. The labor was almost exclusively Mexican illegal aliens. The working conditions were reprehensible. They had 13 and 14 year olds cutting and packing meat.


  4. What, the low IQ low skill “workers” that make up the “refugee” force they’ve already imported to us aren’t enough?


        1. What is scary, not only do they not know how to speak, read, or write English, but they are also illiterate in their own native languages.


  5. Having low cost immigrants to labor is a blight – as the food giants would instead have to pay a living wage!

    IFF you said the U.S. needs more young girls & boys to feed Reptilians I would understand.

    I heard many of the boys (Mexico, et al. ) are sent to chicken farms – where they clean the chicken coops!

    It’s the cost of freedom – too FUKIN BAD.

    I am debating or trying to wean myself from chicken aka fowl, I already gave up fish (FUKUS) & meat (Mad Cow Disease).

    On some levels I am glad I am older – as this so called golden age – doesn’t look so bright to me.

    I’ve even heard Reptilians are upset w/ what humans have done to the planet as some say they were here first – & they created US.

    There are soo many questions – as I don’t know what I don’t know & what little I do know – I’m NOT 100% sure of –

    Recently I saw video clip that showed the Scarecrow NOW has a gun in The Wizard of Oz – what planet am I on & where did I come from! WTF.

    I appreciate you – would you do a 1 page hand out to help awake everyone to the MUSLIM invasion?

    I only ask you – b/c you know soo much more than me on the topic!

    IFF you cannot find the time or will NOT – I will as this surge on humanity MUST be STOPPED.

    Many of the brain dead snowflake, liberal women are too stupid to recognize the truth.


    1. I think it would be the hardest thing in the world to get what I know down to a one-page handout… It was hard enough getting it in my little book! Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America if you haven’t seen it.


  6. It is precisely low-wage workers who are ruining this country and bringing everyone else’s wages down. Big businesses lure these people here for cheap labor, but then, their greed, which knows no bounds, entices them to move their businesses overseas and then leaves millions of these low wage workers with NO WAGES at all and then they become the Tax Payer’s burden ! Enough of this, already !

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