Climate refugees: Migrant apocalypse still to come says Canadian writer

Faithful readers know that I have been following the Leftwing/Open Borders drumbeat and warning about climate refugees for years.  See my category on the topic here.

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Posted at the London Free Press, Canadian writer Gwynne Dyer says what we are seeing in Europe is a “dress rehearsal for the real migrant apocalypse” to come.

Blaming it on climate change, he says that all borders will be closed and people will be left to die.

He mentions (without giving us his opinion) that Hungary, Poland, Italy and Austria are already there.

Economic migrants!

I think he is right—-not the global warming part—that the populations of the third world are growing so rapidly and there simply aren’t jobs enough for mostly young men (in Africa, certain parts of Asia, and in Central and South America) due to the changing nature of work, and so an apocalypse is coming.

My view, not Dyer’s, is that how we handle the “dress rehearsal” depends on tough-minded leaders like Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, Sebastian Kurz and Matteo Salvini to save some parts of the first world for our children and grandchildren.

Gwynne Dyer:

Dyer: Climate change will precipitate migrant apocalypse


Around two million migrants have entered Europe claiming to be refugees since 2014, which doesn’t sound like an unbearable burden. After all, the EU has 500 million citizens. Little Lebanon has let in about the same number, although they amount to almost half its own native population.

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Gwynne Dyer

But three factors aggravate the situation in Europe. One is that the refugees in Lebanon have the same language, culture and religion as most of the Lebanese, whereas the ones who reach Europe don’t tick any of those boxes.

The second is that only a few of the EU’s 28 countries are carrying almost all of the burden: Italy, Spain and Greece, where the migrant boats arrive, and Germany, which took in almost a million migrants in 2015.

The final factor is that many of the migrants aren’t fleeing war or persecution. They are hoping for a better life in Europe than the one they left behind, and are willing to face great risks and hardships to get it.

So, the humanitarian impulse is blunted by cynicism about the migrants’ motives, and the unequal distribution of the migrant burden among the various EU member states breeds conflict between and inside those countries. The politics already is getting poisonous, and this is only a dress rehearsal for the real migrant apocalypse.

Even now, many of the “economic migrants” are really climate refugees, although they would probably not use that phrase themselves.


The changing climate will devastate food production in large parts of the Middle East and Africa, and far larger numbers of people than now will abandon their homes and head for Europe. Nobody talks about this in public, but every European government that does serious long-term planning is well aware of it.

This vision of the future colours every decision they make about migrants, for the tougher-minded among them know the borders eventually will have to be closed even if it means leaving people to die.

And some, like the Polish, Hungarian and Austrian governments, and now the Italian government as well, have effectively decided to close the borders now.

So is Dyer saying those governments are forward-thinking by trying to save themselves and their own people, or heartless for not inviting in all of Africa?

Go here to read more of Dyers’ warning.

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6 thoughts on “Climate refugees: Migrant apocalypse still to come says Canadian writer

  1. Jersey Bob. It is unfair that you are declaring Trump as not providing leadership. He is doing the best he can to clean up the mess that Obama caused and it is going to take a very long time to fix. The mindset of the left is the problem behind all this and the globalists inciting the hatred. Soros has so many organisations that are purposedly created to incite this hatred and violence. Why he has not been arrested for treason and inciting riots amazes me. He has paid these people to rally and create chaos. The conservatives are rising up against this hatred and fighting to get their countries back and I applaud them, but the left are the hate-filled people that cannot see, refuse to see, unable to see the big picture.


  2. It looks like Pres Trump has been given his travel ban by the Supreme Court, for one thing it was found that he does indeed have the right as the President to put a stop from any country persons that he considers a danger to the United States. I wonder just how that will effect the crooks or what is left of them, that were bringing in thousands of refugees? I’m sure he also has the right to completely ban the refugees,as well as block any taxpayer dollars that might be used to bring in more Refugees
    I when I found that out I said well finally this will be stopped. I noticed that Venezuela is on the list which is good since that country is helping Iran to advance Iran’s solid rocket-fuel production after Obama handed them billions of dollars.

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  3. Demographics are destiny. Erdogan has urged European Muslims to weaponize their wombs and breed into voting dominance. This was a public statement by him as he has zero fear of repercussion from “leaders” of Europe as many are already sharia compliant.


  4. I noticed that billions of dollars are being sent as aid to many countries which seem to be the source of refugees. If the refugees are coming in droves, most likely the aid is not helping anybody. I wish there could be a post about the failure of Peace Corps and USAID overseas. Why is so much money being sent as aid but it does not even seem to help anybody?


  5. The article says: “Around two million migrants have entered Europe claiming to be refugees since 2014, and that does not seem to be an unbearable number….”. HOWEVER, don’t forget that this mass immigration did not begin in 2014. When I was last in England in 1993, most of London was Pakistani’s and Africans, so this “two million” is in addition to the millions already in Europe from before 2014.


  6. This is making my eyes bleed…

    But for a few brave and intelligent souls, who actually get what is going on around us, and now, truly willing to risk their very lives to defend and protect a civilized society and order, this is like a very bad Alfred Hitchcock – Rod Serling – or Steven King episode, unfolding in real-time world history today.. This IS showdown time..

    As an aside, but also to the point, now we see maniacs like (“No Justice – No Sleep”) Maxine Waters, (“No Justice – No Peace”) Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi, (“Fxxx You Mr. President”) Capitol Hill Interns, and former “Sex in The City” actor, Cynthia Nixon, Hollywood lunatics, and others in leadership roles in this country, screaming at the top of their supercilious lungs AT everyone who might disagree with them; labeling them as NAZI’s, while completely bypassing any intelligent dialogue relating to any facet of what we are facing today, and actually calling for their literal destruction.

    Recently, we have had to endure images of White House Press Secretary, Sara Sanders, Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Neilsen, and now, Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, physically confronted, and to some extent, assaulted and or provoked in public, and showered with curse words, spat upon, or asked to leave public places…or else.. And, these brain-dead bullies are being allowed to get away with it, from the top of the political food chain, pseudo-intellectual Hollywood crazies, right down into the gutter and the cowardly masked anarchist types, infesting OUR streets of OUR America.

    They say that attitude reflects leadership.. Well, that my friends is so true. My parents and grandparents drilled that into my head full of mush, from the time I was born at Ft. Bragg NC, in 1948, and it stuck! This IS NOT the Democrat Party of JFK….OR…the Republican Party of Martin Luther King either. What we have today is NOT leadership. What we have today is rabble inciting rabble, to do physical harm to anyone with which THEY disagree. We have allowed ourselves to wander a very long way from the time of JFK and MLK now..

    Now, we are getting closer to a place, where the systematic dehumanization of those, with which we (they) disagree are called NAZI’s, and they (we “NAZI’s”) must be destroyed…according to them..

    It is not much of a stretch to suggest that this IS morphing into violent chaos now, inside the United States, as well as around the world. …Thank you so much Mr. Obama & company for laying the groundwork for this present day societal systems breakdown and time bomb, and for laying the groundwork for global chaos and a complete breakdown of any semblance of a civilized society. Many other civilizations before us have collapsed for far less..

    Destabilization of society’s can manifest itself in many shapes and forms. When attitudes do indeed reflect the worst of the worst, in terms of “leadership”, this is what we have left.. Nothing!

    May God help us now, and protect those trying to provide guidance through this horrible storm, and forgive all of those referenced above for ALL of their sins..

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