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UNHCR meets in Switzerland: Gap widens between numbers of needy people and welcoming countries

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 26, 2018

What else is new!

I’ve been following this issue for over ten years and I have never seen the UNHCR report anything but doom and gloom—more people than ever (every year!) need to be resettled in a better country than the one they left. Nothing changes while the US taxpayer foots most of the bill!***

unhcr headquarters in Geneva

UNHCR headquarters in Geneva. American taxpayers! This is your building!


And, heck, we haven’t yet reached the “migrant apocalypse” stage yet.

I’m putting this out in case any of you want to read what the UN has to say about the “widening gap” in its latest report, this time for 2019.

Here is a bit of their press report:

UNHCR Projected Global Resettlement Needs 2019

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, today warned of a widening gap between the number of refugees in need of resettlement and the places made available by governments around the world.

UNHCR 2019 cover

In its Projected Global Resettlement Needs 2019 report tabled at its annual forum on the subject in Geneva, UNHCR said the number of refugees who need a solution in third countries had grown to a projected 1.4 million in 2019, while the number of resettlement places globally had dropped to just 75,000 in 2017. On these figures, it would take 18 years for the world’s most vulnerable refugees to be resettled.


Increasing opportunities for refugees to move to third countries is a key objective in the new comprehensive approach to refugee situations agreed to by 193 UN Member States in the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants in September 2016, and a central plank of a new global compact on refugees to come before the UNGA by the end of 2018. [That September 2016 meeting was Obama’s doings.—ed]

When they say “move to third countries,” that means the migrants have removed themselves from where they say they were being persecuted and (presumably) have filed for asylum in the country on the map below.

Share responsibility for global displacement? Because they can’t govern themselves, because they are always fighting among themselves for religious or tribal reasons, it becomes our responsibility?

UNHCR continues…

“Resettlement is not only a critical lifeline for some of the most vulnerable people on the planet, it’s also a tangible way governments and communities can better share responsibility for the global displacement crisis. We urgently need more countries to enter the ranks of resettlement states and for those already on board to find ways to increase their programmes,” Grandi said.

And, from the report, just to give you an idea is a screenshot of Africa and the Middle East (there are maps for other regions of the world.). Those red circles indicate the numbers of people who are displaced (seeking asylum) and looking for resettlement to the first world.

(Note: these people are of varying nationalities and have moved themselves in to the location where we see them on the map.)


UN 2019 map


*** Top five donors to the UNHCR last year. Check out the Top Ten.  We give more than the next seven countries combined!


Screenshot (1318)

Yikes! Nearly 1.5 billion big ones!  They couldn’t exist without us! And, we get bad-mouthed when we slow the flow in to the US!


We don’t really need the UNHCR! We could choose to spend our money where and how we wish to take care of those real refugees that we decide are the most deserving.

4 Responses to “UNHCR meets in Switzerland: Gap widens between numbers of needy people and welcoming countries”

  1. True. When did you ever see this headline? (Right – NEVER)

    UNHCR reports the world is getting better and the need to take in more refugees is declining rapidly.


  2. Too damned many “needy people” !!! Why, 60 years ago did these nations bitch and moan about Colonialism, when they knew damned well that they were incapable of governing themselves with any success ! For heaven’s sake ! They have more natural resources than USA, and yet cannot figure out what to do with them or how to provide for their own people.


  3. Kat Man said

    Let them die – survival of the fittest –
    IFF you want to spend bux to help them there –
    that is for private donations NOT public tax dollars!

    I don’t need there cheap labor that lowers the wages of the avg. laborer.

    Frankly it is NOT my problem. Charity begins at home.
    I prefer to take care of our vets & seniors.

    My problem is the govt. is trafficking everyone here already
    as Satan’s legal system that promotes worthless debt instruments
    incarcerates innocent people for exercising their G-d given rights.



    Switzerland has among the most restrictive immigration laws in the world…ironically.

    Sent from my iPhone



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