Highly anticipated EU “deal” on migration is a nothing-burger!

Because I’ve been telling you in advance about the pow-wow in Brussels yesterday about the migrant invasion of Europe and what the EU will do about it, I’m compelled to give you an update of the disappointing results.

They talked and talked, indeed they talked all night, and came up with what the NY Times even says is a ‘deal’ with “sketchy” details.


Aquarious cargo
Migrants on the “Aquarius” turned away by Italy precipitating the EU’s latest migration crisis TALKS.


The UK Express says it all in its headline:

EU Summit FUDGE: Merkel STILL not safe as vague immigration deal DOESN’T solve issues


EU leaders struggled to overcome deep divisions on migration at a tense EU summit that dragged into the early hours of this morning before producing a fudged agreement, which vaguely pledged to strengthen external borders and explore new migrant centres.

The meeting in Brussels, dominated by a nine-hour working dinner, underscored how Europe’s 2015 migrant crisis continues to haunt the crisis-hit bloc.

French President Macron at the gathering:  “Europe will have to live for a long time with the migration of people from countries in crisis and poor countries.” And, then Western Civilization will be done (of course, he didn’t say that last bit).

It took place in an atmosphere of political crisis for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is under intense political pressure at home, and a new eurosceptic Italian government threatening to torpedo any deal that did not meet its demands.

A bleary-eyed Mrs Merkel, speaking to reporters at 4am, tried to put a positive spin on the result, saying it was a good signal that leaders had been able to agree a common text on the controversial migration issue.

(See the text here, below are a few snips.)

The leaders agreed to set up joint asylum processing sites and restrict migrant movement within the bloc, but they made clear that virtually all of their pledges would be carried out on a “voluntary basis” by member states.

This means countries can opt in or out of the agreement and it was unclear which countries would volunteer to host the centres.

So, a country could set up a detention center if it wants to in order to gather together all of the migrants (from across Europe!) and sort them out.  Sure, that is going to happen!

And, oh boy, send more money to Turkey and Africa to prevent migration. WTH! (Erdogan must be laughing his head off!).

The Express continues….

In a final statement full of convoluted language, leaders also agreed to tighten their external border and increase financing for Turkey, Morocco and other North African states to prevent migration to Europe.


Diplomats described a tense and tortured meeting with small groups of leaders huddled together in a desperate bid to break the deadlock and avert the humiliation of heading home without having produced an agreement.

Geez, I think they should be humiliated by the agreement they will bring home!

The New York Times tells us (regarding the issue of sorting out the migrants in a mythical detention center between legitimate asylum seekers and economic migrants) that the EU doesn’t even have any criteria for determining legitimate asylum seekers/refugees.

The NY Times called Hungarian PM Orban “characteristically harsh.”

Inside Europe, the proposed centers would house migrants until they are screened, with the idea of deciding their fate more efficiently and sending back those who do not qualify as refugees. But no country has so far volunteered to host such a center. (LOL! So will they detain the children with their parents?)


One potential hurdle for the deal is the fact that the European Union has no uniform rules or procedures for asylum, making it unclear what rules would be applied in a screening center, whether inside or outside Europe.

But setting up any such center would be a significant change from the current system, under which migrants must be screened in the European country where they first arrive and are registered.

A voice of common sense….

In Brussels, the Hungarian prime minister, Victor Orban, was characteristically harsh.

“I think the people really request two things: First is, no more migrants in,” he said. The second, he said, would be the deportation of those who are already in Europe but do not qualify as refugees.

So true! And, Donald Trump should follow Orban’s prescription for our borders as well! NOW!

Some snips from the “convoluted language”:


Ships operating in the Mediterranean must respect laws and Libyan Coast Guard, or what? No penalties?

EU deal 1


Send money to Africa so that in 45 years it will be a good place for people to live. But, in 45 years Europe will be Africa!

EU deal 2


Gibberish! Just gibberish about throwing money at the problem!

EU deal 3


Go here for more of this nonsense!

See my complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive by clicking here.

At another time in history, it would have been clear to all that the continent was being invaded and colonized, why can’t they see it now?

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  1. Minister Matteo Salvini was in Libya about 2 days ago, thanking Libyan officials for preventing a boat of 800!! migrants from launching from their coastline,offering continued support and encouragement.So, it’s being admitted at least that the NGOs have been obstructing Libyan Coast Guard operations. That explains why the Aquarius was able to enter the Mediterranean with these migrants,even though Italian Coast Guard sent the OK for Libyan CG to detain the boat.It’s not as if the presence of these rafts full of Sub-Saharan Africans escaped their notice. I think that the Libyans are loath to get into altercations with these NGOS and who can blame them? They have enough battles to fight on their mainland. You are correct to point out,Ann that there should be penalties leveled at these NGOs specified in this disagreement. Anyone who would like an English translation of Italy’s 10 point plan can find it on Youtube- Simon Harris’-European Multilevel Strategy for Migration:Can Italy’s 10 Point Plan End Schengen and Save Europe?


  2. Sounds to me like they’re talking about tribute, send to corrupt African leaders pallets of cash or they’ll unleash there impoverished hordes into the rest of the European countries to leech off of their social safety nets. Might be cheaper and more effective just to eliminate the corrupt African politicians?


  3. This is what I expected. Veteran politicians have infinite ways to finetune and mislead if their survival in at stake, but of course, as was said, “Merkel is still not safe.”


  4. the continent is being invaded and colonized, why can’t they see it now? Because most DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT.
    And the want who see it cannot talk or they get in trouble. Most western Europe is now a police state.

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