Refugee Resettlement Watch is eleven years old today!

Am I nuts or what!  

RRW 11 years old

Eleven years ago RRW was launched because refugees were being quietly placed in the county seat, Hagerstown, of my rural western Maryland county and I (and others) wanted some answers about who was doing this and why.

Our local newspaper, the Herald Mail, refused to investigate and write an article that would explain what I eventually learned, on my own, was that the US Refugee Admissions Program was responsible.

I didn’t start out with strong opposition, in fact, one of my initial concerns was that some of the refugees placed here seemed to have been abandoned in some pretty lousy neighborhoods.


Why the hush-hush about the program? (The secrecy part was what really hooked me!)

So, I figured I would have to learn about it myself and let people know what I found. How much time could that take?  Little did I know, my life would change forever.

Since that first day, July 1, 2007, I have rarely missed a day (slowing a bit lately by skipping Saturdays!) writing about some aspect of the program and/or more broadly about refugees and immigration generally.

For me, immigration and how it is managed worldwide is all there is—the only issue that will determine how our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will live.

As far as I am concerned, no other political issue matters!

In those eleven years, RRW has published 9,244 posts that have been read by people in every country or territory in the world (except one country and one island group).

And, if you are wondering, what about those tiny Pacific Islands like Kiribati, Tongo, and Vanuatu—-yes, I’ve had readers from there as well!

Here is my wordpress countries map:


Screenshot (556)
It looks like only people of Western Sahara in Africa and Norway’s Svalbard Islands have never been visitors to RRW!



Thanks for continuing to read RRW. 

For new readers, see my category entitled ‘blogging.’ 

That is where you can find posts detailing other facts about RRW with guidance on how to find information archived here.

33 thoughts on “Refugee Resettlement Watch is eleven years old today!

  1. Does your site have a Facebook page? I’m going to guess not as FB doesn’t want the truth about migrants especially Muslim migrants to be spoken about on their leftest site. I’m currently on my fourth ban and my third thirty day ban for speaking out about the evils of Islam. My last ban came a day after my second ban ended. It wasn’t anything I posted then, they went back years and found something they claim violated their hate speech rules and once again banned me for 30 more days. But this is what the left does. FB is a wing of the Southern Poverty Law Center which has nothing to do with poverty. In fact it’s a very wealthy organization with its goals to silence conservative blogs and anyone speaking the truth about Islam.


  2. Dear Ms. Corcoran, I came to America in April of 2000. I came as a lottery winer from Cuba. Really matter I was always a dissenter from the society I grew up in. During my 34 years living in the country of my origens I was bullied for being a Christian. I wanted my father ( who was in prison for 2 years just for being a Jehovah Witness ) to ask for asylum at the US office of interest in Havana. But he never did because he didn’t want to leave his brothers behind. Later on as an adult I had to enlist myself in the Cuban Visa Lottery program and luckily I was a winner. Once here in Louisville, KY, my family of three  (husband, daughter and myself  ) participated in the Refugee Resettlement program. Since we didn’t have family, nor friends in the US, we were conducted from Miami throughThe Church World Services to another state for resettlement. I will always be thankful of the program,  the state that welcomed us and above all I will always love the people, the society of my country home AMERICA. That is why after seeing first hand and learning so much about the way all those programs ( that I  was a beneficiary of ) are being used by the enemies of my country I decided to vote for Donald Trump. I pray everyday for the president and our future as a nation. I know America is the last refuge of all Christians and I hope it will always be that way. On the internet I am a follower of Ann Coulter and you. I thank God for people like you two, who are aware and fighting hard to enlighten the mind of those who don’t know the truth. They don’t know how dangerous it is for our country the abuse of the inmigration. Our people it’s being brainwashed by dark forces ( especially our youths ) for way too long. God willing our president and Vice-president will have the strength to change the reality that America is involved into.  Much BLESSINGS!

    Thank you,  Vivian.

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  3. Happy Birthday, RRW! And thank you, Ann, for all that you do. Were it not for this blog, I would have had no idea of the breadth and depth of governmental and non-profit corruption with respect to this issue.

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  4. Thank you Ann for a wonderful blog. Every blog is a real eye opener . Your work certainly shows why it is so important to take action on the issue of refugees. Congratulations on 11 years .


    1. Thanks again to all of you. I wasn’t fishing for compliments, but they have given me a boost!


  5. Congrats! Please do keep up the great work! I agree with you – the topics addressed here are the most important politic issues in our current era.

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  6. Refugee Resettlement Watch is eleven years old today! – Congratulation Ann Corcoran–you are like a Internet female Paul Revere galloping through the streets of Western civilization!

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  7. Congratulations Ann on your anniversary. Some of us are fearful that you will burn out and stop blogging. Please don’t stop, as you are doing the world and US a huge service. Keeping us informed and educated. You have been my inspiration and I thank you.




  9. RRW is THE best source of timely news about immigration issues. I send people to this site weekly. Congratulations on your anniversary.

    Linda Blood



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  10. Your work is much appreciated, Ann. I am always amazed at how many articles you manage to put out in a week. Too bad a private citizen like yourself has to do the job that the government and media should be doing, but at least there are a number of people out there who won’t just stand by while the forces of evil ruin our country.

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  11. Thank you Ann for the service you provide to those of us who follow your information. I know that nothing like what you are doing comes without a personal cost. You are truly a good woman and a patriot! May you know God’s blessings as you continue on.

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  12. Ann, we readers are grateful to you for your insight, your perseverance, your integrity, and your passion for educating us about the refugee resettlement industry. We look forward to the next 11 years learning along with you. THANK YOU!


    1. Ahhhhh! Eleven more! Thanks to all for your kind words, I didn’t mean to be fishing for compliments… a little embarrassing!


  13. NO!!! You are one of the few sane ones in the public square!!!! Readers owe you a debt of gratitude for your perseverance and insight. Now on to the next 11 years!!

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  14. Thanks Ann for pursuing this for the past 11 years. Without your efforts I’d have never learned what the elites have been doing to change our country. May you continue to do so.


  15. Dear Ann, Congratulations, and thank you for all of your monumental efforts. Have a blessed day. John Falvey


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  16. Thank you for your stellar educational efforts over the years. You’ve awakened Americans to the “refugee resettlement industry” menace. Congrats for a job extremely well done, Ann.

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