Merkel’s government on brink of COLLAPSE blares headline

Remember the famous line from the Clintonistas: It’s the economy stupid!  No, it is immigration stupid! It is the issue of our lifetime, of the century and beyond.


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Merkel lectured Trump in Canada last month. Sit down Angela!


We’ve been reporting on the trouble for the “world’s most powerful woman” for sometime. It is the trouble she brought on herself by opening Germany’s gates to more than a million invaders three years ago and thus creating a magnet for more illegal aliens who necessarily must travel through other countries to reach Merkel’s nirvana.

Merkel’s folly might now (finally) be due for a reckoning and hopefully will serve as a powerful lesson to all political leaders who have a hankering to invite the masses in to a first world country. Invite them and they will come.

If the citizens of the first world have not lost their collective minds they will eventually revolt (Dear Donald pay close attention) as even the Germans are doing now.

From The Sun:


Angela Merkel’s government on brink of COLLAPSE over Germany’s migrant crisis as coalition minister threatens to quit


ANGELA Merkel is holding crisis talks today to try and save her political future after her interior minister said he was ready to quit over her handling of the migration crisis.

Horst Seehofer revealed he was poised to resign from his crucial cabinet post and key role as leader of her coalition partners because he believes the German Chancellor is too soft on immigration.


Horst Seehofer is not happy…..


The tricky migration issue pits Seehofer and his Bavaria-only Christian Social Union party against Merkel, the head of its sister party, the Christian Democratic Union.

Seehofer wants to turn some asylum-seekers back at Germany’s border, but Merkel is adamant Germany shouldn’t take a unilateral stance that might upset its European partners.

The complete collapse of Germany’s ruling party was only averted after Merkel promised Seehofer she would reach a deal at the EU summit last week which would resolve the problem.

(See my post on that ‘nothing-burger summit. Vague promises about detention centers, speedy processing, and proposals to save Africa financially by 2063 won’t cut it!)

However, Seehofer reportedly argues the new measures still aren’t tough enough and now says he wants out.

Seehofer’s threats to quit make the future of Merkel’s government look pretty bleak, since her party relies on his CSU party to maintain power through a coalition formed three months ago.

Merkel lost votes to the far-right in elections last September, and she has been forced to turn to EU neighbours to help resolve the row over how to deal with migrants trying to enter her country.

Should the CSU decide to nominate a replacement for Seehofer, Merkel’s coalition would continue to remain in power although her credibility would be badly dented.

If the CSU pulls out of the coalition, there are several scenarios that could take place, none of which look good for Merkel.

More here.

Europe as the cradle of Western Civilization is in its death throes, or nearly so.

If, as an American, you are thinking this is Europe’s problem, it isn’t.  In a strange turn of events we are being granted a history lesson before our very eyes and the message is clear…..

Close the borders, build the wall, limit legal immigration and move swiftly to deport all of those not entitled to be here.

For my many posts on Germany and Mama Merkel, click here.


7 thoughts on “Merkel’s government on brink of COLLAPSE blares headline

  1. The fact that this woman hasn’t been dragged out of her headquarters and lynched by the people she supposedly serves just astounds me. Just how effective is that collective guilt over what a few of the Nazis did, anyway? letting her get away with this genocide really defies all logic and common sense, and I hope that the Germans will do something before she manages to permanently destroy the country.

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  2. If Western nations survive this bout of SJW driven immigration insanity they will one day diagnose a societal brain virus which created zombies who virtue signaled until exhaustion or removal from office.


  3. She is a CRIMINAL, a LIAR, TRAITOR to the German people as well a s humanity who should be made to enjoy the cultural enrichment in a locked cell, a cage w/ the sub human black men that she invited as guests to Germany for the rest of her life.

    What MERKEL & Hillary Clinton did is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY & PEACE.

    Just as oil & water do NOT mix – you cannot welcome sub humans (w/ a 65 IQ) that want to conquer, force themselves, their culture on to you UNLESS you are a brain DEAD liberal SNOW FLAKE that is interested in ONLY 1 thing – a BIG BLACK DICK. It is what it is!!!!


    There are lessons to be learned!

    There are SEX SHOPS in Europe when men go for relief & the gals service them – it is incredible, consequently I have NO PROBLEM w/ MERKEL & CLINTON doing the same.

    How dare 1 penny of the public’s treasure go to charity for sub – non humans who are killing white Africans rather than the seniors & the Vets that built & protected the nation. Charity begins at home.

    IFF MERKEL wanted to invite these sub non humans into Germany they should have lived w/ her – it is WRONG she spent the people’s worthless debt instruments are this scourge, bight on society.

    I apologize for going off but since I have a moral compass, believe a gals space is her own I respect women – which has is why I am alone, as I am NOT a bully or asshole which seems man women prefer.

    On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 5:46 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Remember the famous line from the Clintonistas: It’s > the economy stupid! No, it is immigration stupid! It is the issue of our > lifetime, of the century and beyond. We’ve been reporting on the > trouble for the “world’s most powerful woman” >

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  4. Ann, thanks for your unflagging energy to this cause. Hopefully, the USA has the eyes to see what is going on.


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