Open Borders Left dominates Episcopal Church meeting

It is Sunday morning, do you know what your church is doing?

dreamer Episcopal
An Episcopal priest and ‘dreamer’ spoke in Austin, TX yesterday.  Rev. Nancy Frausto

In June of last year, we learned that Episcopal Migration Ministries, which is not a separate non-profit organization but is embedded in the Episcopal Church itself, is 99.5% funded by the federal government—that would be you, the taxpayer.

The church receives millions of dollars annually from the US Treasury!

So, as you read the following news, keep in mind that your money pays for political activities of the Episcopal church.

The church (one of nine federal resettlement contractors***) held a regular gathering of the faithful in Austin, Texas and Trump immigration and refugee policy was the ‘premiero’ topic of discussion.

What a surprise!

If you are an Episcopalian, you might consider finding another church (just saying!).


From Episcopal News Service:

Trump administration’s policies loom large in joint hearing on immigration


[Episcopal News Service – Austin, Texas] Few issues were as primed for spirited debate heading into the 79th General Convention as immigration. The Episcopal Church’s triennial gathering is being held in the capital of this border state amid a continuing uproar over a Trump administration policy of “zero tolerance” toward immigrants coming into the country, a policy that involved until recently the separation of children from their parents in detention.

General Convention is considering nine resolutions relating to migration and immigration, and all nine were on the agenda July 7 at a joint hearing of two legislative committees at the JW Marriot hotel, just west of the convention center.

About two dozen people testified, including Central American bishops, border state priests, Episcopalians active in refugee resettlement and at least one “dreamer,” the Rev. Nancy Frausto, who like other dreamers was brought to the United States illegally when she was a child. She now is a priest in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

sacred resistance t shirt
In case you couldn’t read the Reverend’s t-shirt logo in the above photo.  Raised fist is a long time symbol of communism.

“The 800,000 dreamers need to have the Episcopal Church stand behind them, and not just them but all immigrants,” Frausto said, speaking in favor of Resolution C033, which puts the church on record as respecting the dignity of immigrants and outlines how public policy should reflect that belief.


The two social justice committees, one focused on United States policy and the other on international policy, held the hearing to take input on resolutions covering a range of topics, including providing sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation, condemning the separation of migrant families, supporting Haitians who are poised to face deportation and calling for legislation to give permanent legal status to the dreamers through federal legislation known as the DREAM Act.


Resolutions passed by General Convention can be used for advocacy work by the Office of Government Relations, which is based in Washington, D.C., and conducts nonpartisan advocacy through direct appeals to congressional offices and by mobilizing the Episcopal Public Policy Network.


Angela Smith testified of her work with Saint Francis Migration Ministries in Kansas, an affiliate of Episcopal Migration Ministries, one of the nine agencies which contract with the U.S. State Department to resettle refugees in this country. The number of resettlements has plummeted under Trump, which Smith argued is affecting the country’s standing in the world.

Don’t you just want to barf when you hear the tired line—-this is not who we are! Does Ms. Smith really think this tripe moves us?

“This is not who we are. It is not who we want to be,” Smith said. “Refugees enrich our communities throughout the United States. They bring joy, and they make us better.”

Continue reading here (especially if you are of the Episcopal denomination).

Apparently no one objected because this report at Episcopal News Service does not report that anyone at the gathering was critical of the direction the church is going.


***Here (below) are the big nine ‘non-profit’ organizations that monopolize all refugee resettlement in the US.  The six ‘religious’ contractors are part of the politically active Religious Left.

I post these as often as I can because new readers need to know that these quasi-government groups (funded with taxpayer dollars) are also politically pushing for more immigration of all sorts in Washington.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

18 thoughts on “Open Borders Left dominates Episcopal Church meeting

  1. Here Pres. Trump is trying to force the money out of congress to go ahead with the wall there are ISIS terrorists just over our border with Mexico living in all of the South American countries they have been there since the 80’s building their Mosques an taking over the population. From what I understand they make regular trips to the US escorted by drug cartels which fly them into a small town airports along the New Mexico border. The wall that is being built will cover the part of the border that the drug cartels had been using at least they won’t be able to just walk over like they used to do. The border patrol will also be watching that section to keep all of the crooks out. I don’t know how much of the wall is up at this time but that section is going up.


  2. Ann,I thought churches were not supposed to be involved in politics for tax reasons.However, maybe people have different definitions of what political is.I sometimes get an ear full from my churchgoing black American neighbor – she seems to get all her ideas from her church and it is a very rabid leftist indoctrination.  Trump is referred to as # 45.  They cannot bear to state his name.Best Wishes,Cristina


  3. Thanks for the commentary Ann. I am hoping I will have the opportunity to use it in the near future. . .

    Best regards,

    Kevin Lynn

    Executive Director
    Progressives for Immigration reform

    1701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006

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    (c) 626.825.1331

    From: Refugee Resettlement Watch
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    Ann Corcoran posted: “It is Sunday morning, do you know what your church is doing? In June of last year, we learned that Episcopal Migration Ministries, which is not a separate non-profit organization but is embedded in the Episcopal Church itself, is 99.5% funded by the fe”


  4. The Episcopal church is closest in doctrine to Catholic out of all the Protestant sects; I wouldn’t be surprised if Papa in Rome has been an unduly influence on border policy. 😦


  5. “If you are an Episcopalian, you might consider finding another church (just saying!).”

    We’re not Episcopalian, but we’ve been having a very hard time finding a church that doesn’t seem to be pro-immigration. Even ones we thought were conservative have let us down in this regard – and it’s VERY scary to be giving money through tithing to a church that may be misusing it.

    Do you or any of your readers have any suggestions on denominations that have stayed out of this?


    1. Avoid any church that is affiliated with a larger organization. Find a smaller church that is completely independent and Bible-believing. If they say the “support the separation of church and state” = RUN. That is leftist policy. Legitimate refugees should be protected as close to home as possible and as long as necessary to stabilize their homeland for their eventual return. Refugee status should not be a “forever” grant of citizenship here. No non-citizen should be granted welfare services or permitted to vote. These are the policies that fit Biblical laws.

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  6. I am a former Episcopalian for this (and similar) reasons. It is sad how far down the sewer this once great denomination has gone. From the highest reaches of upper echelons to the local parish secretary, the Episcopal church has become nothing more than an advocacy group for hard left policies. Follow the money, indeed.

    Also, the seminaries… Church Divinity School of the Pacific (Berkeley, where else?) uses the term “Xtian” in its catalogue. I have no idea what that term of art means, but I am certain what it does not mean: Christian. Seminaries have become training academies for the “social warrior” officer caste. They specifically use the term “social justice” in their mission statements.

    The presiding bishop operates in league with CAIR, and had an Imam lead an Islamic prayer at his installation a few years ago. The subject of my parish Christmas Eve sermon was how wonderful Islam is. The Good Friday sermon lauded David Hogg. At the mention of that Sorosian actor’s name, I walked out and will not return.

    While the Episcopal Church may be one of the most prominent offenders, all denominations are complicit; all of them. Check the membership roster of the World Council of Churches, Church World Service. They’re all there. Because of the pervasive amount of federal money they all receive to move Moslems into our towns, they can be thought of as government churches…or mosques. Satan is at work in the church, no doubt about it.

    Today is Sunday and I would love to attend church. But I’m not going to participate in anti-American propaganda. And that institution will not receive one red cent from me again (well, at least not directly!).


  7. Excellent info, but there is one thing about which I am still unclear. There is no reason why anyone else has to research this for me, especially since I have already added this topic to the other 957 things I don’t have time for, but it seems that we alternatively learn that our tax money is not actually going to the open-borders churches or the open-borders synagogues (who invariably love the towering border walls surrounding Israel), but is going to the for-profit paid-per-head private contractors, then next time we once again learn that the money, or some of it, IS going to the churches themselves. Seems like these religious institutions are either getting some of the tax money or they are not.

    So I guess these for-profits have some relationship to the churches but are legally separated from them. Maybe it is just that the for-profits are the legally separated propaganda arms of the churches and synagogues. Either way, of course, all this is utterly despicable. On the other hand, since we pride ourselves on ever greater diversity, why aren’t the devout practitioners of Voodoo, or the Church of Santeria, not getting tons of taxpayer dollars sponsoring hundreds of thousands of deserving ‘refugees’ from Haiti?

    As with other ‘refugees,’ we can teach them how to apply for every known welfare program under the sun, how to fight for ‘social justice’ and how to merrily ride their shiny new bicycles through subzero blizzards to their meatpacking jobs in North Dakota! Or, as Obama would say [key in the piously uplifting virtue-signaling ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ soundscore], “This is who we are.”


  8. Every time I read that bit about refugees make us better, it’s not who we are, blah….makes me ill. Should send that dreamer back over the border and keep her OUT of the US. Those people got here by a crooked twist that makes Obama smile. So sick of hearing about immigration and immigrants. I try every day to refer people to this site of Ann’s, but I think most folks are still very ignorant about refugees when all they hear and read about are illegals.

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  9. OK Mr. & Mrs Do-Good.

    No borders? = No Sovereignty and no USA! No Borders = Cuba – Venezuala – Salvador – Honduras – Mexico – Guatemala – Syria – Iran – Turkey – Afghanistan – Somalia – What IS becoming of western Europe, the UK, and even Canada now – and all the rest.. NO USA any longer…

    So, to all of you… Your form of payment will be, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express? …Well, pony up! Put YOUR wallet where your mouth is!

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