Russia entertaining idea of inviting persecuted white South African farmers to relocate in Russia

We have written on this topic on many previous occasions.  The Rainbow Nation (South Africa) has been experiencing xenophobic and racist violence for years.


The most bloody violence has been directed at the landowners who farm the land (and incidentally feed the population)!

Readers should know that the US (so far) has not invited the persecuted farmers to America, but we do admit hundreds of ‘refugees’ a year from South Africa.

We resettle Somali and other Africans that South Africa rejects.  So much for the Rainbow Nation myth!

And, by the way, I haven’t heard any clamor from the US refugee industry/contractors to add South African whites to our refugee admissions for the coming year.  Why is that?  Could it be that it doesn’t fit the meme—only people of color are persecuted, never the other way around!  Think about it! Admitting such a thing would turn the whole UN upside down!

Can you imagine the day when European whites from Sweden, the UK or France beg for asylum in the US? I can.

Smart move on Russia’s part…..

From The Citizen:

Russia is considering taking in 15 000 white farmers

A delegation of Boers recently travelled to the world’s largest country to consider taking their money and escaping from farm murders and expropriation.

The world’s largest country, Russia, which remains relatively underpopulated for its size, is reportedly considering welcoming thousands of white South African farmers into its borders to boost its agricultural industry.


White crosses represent farmers killed because they are white and own land.


A group of about 15 000 farmers have reportedly offered their services to the country, to go and farm in the south, while investing their savings in the country and offering English lessons as well.

According to a Russian news channel, the plan is for the first 30 families to first establish themselves before more follow.

“A delegation of Boers arrived in Stavropol with a proposal to open a migration channel,” reports the channel, Rossiya 1 TV.

News footage showed the delegation being warmly welcomed.


Farmer Adi Siebus told the Russians they were now seeing the move as a matter of life and death owing to the ongoing killings on farms from criminal attacks and the fact that South African politicians have allegedly been stirring up hatred and a “wave of violence”.

South Africa is considering changing the constitution to make expropriation of land without compensation easier.


They said Stavropol has a great climate for farming and each family is said to be willing to bring at least R1.4 million ($100,000) with them to lease land in Russia and kick-start their farming efforts.


Russia’s humanitarian absorption of migrant refugees is being weighed after a series of murders the South African government has been accused of encouraging, and that have made farming in South Africa the most deadly occupation in the world.

South African farm killings, where victims are typically members of the country’s white, Afrikaans-speaking minority, are often extremely brutal in nature, involving prolonged periods of torture.

See my complete South Africa archive here.

16 thoughts on “Russia entertaining idea of inviting persecuted white South African farmers to relocate in Russia

  1. For more than 2 decades there have been & continue to be absolutely unspeakably horrible massacres of entire white farmer families–from infants up to the aged, & many times body parts are taken to be used in witchcraft ceremonies even at the highest government levels. Shamefully during all this time the UK has refused to extend the visas of the children & teens of these targeted families, dooming them to return to the horrors of an uncertain future, yet they have allowed in huge numbers of Muslims, many of whom have preyed on young women & girls, & now even the mayor of London is a Muslim who consistently turns a blind eye to the depredations of his co-religionists. This is facilitation of genocide, so where is the public outrage, the action by public institutions to stop it? The latest travesty is the proliferation of knifings by Muslims.

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  2. Russia doesn’t have to worry about any of the Boers turning into terrorist like all countries do when they take in Muslims. I’m sure Trump would like to take some Boers in but can you imagine the outcry from the media. Wow Trumps taking in only Whites now. I”m glad the Supreme court upheld Trumps travel ban. Also glad that Somalia was on that list. Plus when Russia takes in Farmers, they already know the farmers are willing to work and contribute to the country. Unlike Somali Muslims who come here and most of them end up on our welfare system.


    1. I’ll be watching closely for Trump’s “determination” for next year. It will be out in September and he could put in a certain number of white South African farmers. Afterall, we are taking hundreds of S.A. blacks at the moment!!!


  3. Giving asylum to the Boers would certainly increase Russia’s good karma. I’m glad some nation cares, and I’m a bit disappointed that Donald didn’t become more active in bringing the persecuted Boers here. They would fit in well, especially in the Midwest. Hopefully they can live in peace and prosper in Russia.

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    1. In September, Trump will be sending his determination for how many refugees and from where they will come. I’ll be watching to see if he chooses a certain number of the white farmers from S.A.

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    2. This is going to result in a healthy cultural exchange in the field of agriculture like never before. Next thing we may see, is the White People of the Sea (Fishermen) going to Russia as well.


  4. Trump has shown his true colors on this issue!

    WTF. It is inconceivable that he has failed the white South Africans – who is trying to appease?

    I’ve lived for 60+ years & my experiences show blacks are NOT the same as whites.

    I have little respect for blacks – there are exceptions but for the most part I DO NOT associate w/ or trust them.

    On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 6:28 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “We have written on this topic on many previous > occasions. The Rainbow Nation (South Africa) has been experiencing > xenophobic and racist violence for years. The most bloody violence has been > directed at the landowners who farm the land (and incidentall” >

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    1. I feel exactly the same way you do. Here in the Metro Atlanta, GA Area, Blacks refuse to hire and work with any White People, and everyone of them can not keep their word. The needles in the hay stack are rarely found, and no they for the most part can not be trusted, furthermore have adopted crime as a part of their culture. Here we do have a silent war in the hiring process, and other areas as well. If you are Black in Georgia you can virtually get anything you want. Everything turns into a ghetto with them as well.


  5. As real as yjis issue is in So. Africa, I think we can see the psychological operatiom that is Russia and the possible ulterior motives of Putin. I have not seen Netanyahu& Co. telling Jews to return to Israel but they are trying to deport their African refugees.


  6. This is excellent. especially in light of the fact that Russia looks to become leading organic food exporter as Europe sees a future in GMOs.
    As the EU falls, Russia is showing herself to be the more enlightened.


  7. I see the same vision as you do Ann, on the subject of Europeans asking for asylum. I do agree it is a smart move on the part of Russia. I do believe that the White Farmers of South Africa, will greatly benefit the agriculture of Russia, and work extremely well with the Russian Farmers. I say we had better watch out here in the USA, when the White Farmers of South Africa chime in with the Russian Farmers, who knows how far and wide they both can go. I do believe if I am correct, that Russia has now started to accept them:


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