Minnesota gubernatorial candidate says he will withdraw state from refugee program

It is a good campaign message, but in reality will get MN no where.

How quickly people forget that in the last few years three other Republican governors made a big show out of withdrawing their states from the federal program (Texas, Kansas, New Jersey) and of course they still get refugees with Texas presently being the top ‘welcoming’ state in the nation.


Somali population in St. Cloud and elsewhere in MN is increasing.


As they did with those states, the US State Department will simply turn the whole resettlement plan for the state over to a non-profit (contractor) group to manage.  (The Tennessee case is on appeal and if by a miracle, TN wins, then that strategy could go up in flames for the feds.)

Don’t get me wrong, there are political considerations for Mr. Johnson as he is up against former governor Tim Pawlenty in the primary, it is definitely worth discussing in the campaign.  And, as governor there will be many things the state government could do to rein-in the program by reforming the state’s welfare system, etc.

Indeed, Pawlenty was a Republican establishment governor of the state during the expansion of refugee resettlement to St. Cloud and must have known what was happening.  I would say look to his campaign donors and see if he was being funded by big business (poultry!) interests looking for a steady supply of cheap labor to the St. Cloud area.  I presume Mr. Johnson has some good investigators at work to discover Pawlenty’s ties to the program while he was governor.  LOL! Any photos of Pawlenty snuggling with the Lutheran resettlement people?

Actually, I don’t mean to get into a long detailed discussion when I don’t know much about MN politics, but the bottom line is that there is not one silver bullet to save Minnesota.  It will take a concerted effort and lots of really hard work by dedicated individuals and groups at all political levels to turn this ship now.

And, a very important effort will be to make the issue of refugee resettlement/states rights a talking point throughout the gubernatorial campaign as a way of further educating the voters.

From KNSI radio:


(KNSI) – Gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson says, if elected, he’ll head to Washington, DC and tell the government that Minnesota is no longer participating in the Refugee Resettlement Program.

“And just set forth the story, and say here is what we’ve done, we’ve done more than any other state by a lot and now we’re no longer interested in participating. I think the Trump administration would work with us on that.”

Tim Pawlenty (left), an establishment Republican, is facing Jeff Johnson on right.  Readers, don’t be confused, this is not the same Jeff Johnson, city councilman, we previously reported on.

On with KNSI’s Ox in the Afternoon, the Hennepin County Commissioner says the program has greatly affected the St. Cloud area and it’s simply not working for Minnesotans.

“To suggest that this is about race or anything else, it’s not, it’s about just being realistic and saying what is this costing, and we don’t know the answer to that because the government won’t tell us.”

He says Minnesota has the highest number of refugees per capita in the country, and has taken in more secondary refugees than all other states combined.

“Minnesota has 2 percent of the nation’s population, yet 13 percent of the nation’s refugees.”

Johnson says, while immigration is governed by federal law, that doesn’t mean that we just roll over as a state any longer.

Listen to Ox’s full interview with Johnson here.

If you have a week, here is my Minnesota archive for your reading pleasure.

9 thoughts on “Minnesota gubernatorial candidate says he will withdraw state from refugee program

  1. this is just gross. my grandparents were from that state and it was pristine. now I will not go near it. nightmare! and my family there all paid for it with their hard earned honest cash – just going to these creatures who want to kill us! it is destroying the lives of real true minnesotans in ways you do not even know, and I thank you for all the work you do. they gutted that state and my loved ones got no medical care because the somalis got precedence, it is pure genocide. the school are a horror show. no child should have to see these savages! my daughter had to be around women who were in full burkas and it was terrifying!

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  2. Under most normal circumstances, that could easily win him the election. HOWEVER, as can be seen in this picture, it would appear that MOST of the voters of Minnesota ARE IN FACT REFUGEES !!!! And as we all know, “Refugees” are here legally and get a “fast track” to citizenship and voting privileges.

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    1. Well said. And, as pro-Western civilization activist Mark Collett has pointed out, there are towns now all across the UK where you might have ‘only’ about 20 percent Muslim voters, but since they vote as a block, as directed, they become kingmakers, easily swinging elections to either of the two major parties, the favored party being the one that is currently granting the most benefits to migrants and is the most agreeable to discriminating against the native British, and of course monitoring their ‘hate speech.’


  3. Campaign contributions are bribes & the one bribed is obligated to pay the debt!

    The American political process is rife w/ corruption –
    the best of the best criminals were the WAR CRIMINALS –

    It is time for the 2nd revolution – a peaceful revolution where the people access the CAFR’s,
    then tar & feather – OK – HANG the LIARS, THIEVES, TREASONOUS TRAITORS
    w/ HEMP ropes as this is poetic justice, karma in the interest of justice for all..

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  4. The ex-Governor of Alabama….told Obama: No more secret placement of refugees……A few weeks later he was embroiled in a sex scandal, where no sex was involved….. and later resigned…… Now, BAMA has acting governor Grandma Ivey…. who loves to hug all children…
    Word to the Wise…… I don’t care if the sex scandal is true or not …..its insignificant to being overwhelmed by 3rd worlders…..

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