Trump to Europeans: You are losing your culture!

I was telling a reporter just yesterday that perhaps one of Donald Trump’s greatest gifts to us is that, with his penchant for speaking his mind, he gives us permission to say what we believe in our hearts, but may fear saying.

So here he is in the UK speaking frankly to The Sun, as reported by The Hill:


Trump: Europe is ‘losing its culture’ because of immigration

President Trump is railing against what he described as the migration of “millions and millions of people” into Europe, declaring that the continent is “losing its culture” to refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa.

In an interview with the British tabloid The Sun published Thursday, Trump said that it is a “shame” that European leaders had allowed so many migrants to enter their countries’ borders.

President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Great Falls, Mont.

“Allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame,” the U.S. president told the tabloid, which his owned by conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

I think it changed the fabric of Europe and, unless you act very quickly, it’s never going to be what it was and I don’t mean that in a positive way,” he continued.

Trump’s publicized comments came shortly after he arrived in the U.K. for a long-awaited trip on the heels of a tense set of meetings at the annual NATO summit in Brussels, where he delivered a blistering criticism of European allies and demanded that member nations pay more for defense.

The president’s comments during his interview with The Sun, however, highlighted Trump’s deeply held skepticism of immigration and resurfaced a line of attack that he had used often on the campaign trail – that Europe was being overrun by non-Europeans and was quickly becoming a shell of what it once was.

“I think you are losing your culture,” he told the tabloid….

The Hill reporter goes on to say, but, but, but, the numbers coming in have slowed.

I have seen that talking point everywhere. So, even if the numbers of migrants have diminished somewhat in the last two years, the damage was done when hundreds of thousands of Africans and Middle Easterners previously got in and are still there roaming around Europe!

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Endnote: As regular readers know, I watch CNN for a bit every morning to learn what has their panties-in-a-wad each day, and boy were they freaking out about The Sun interview, but not one word about this part of the interview—-the immigration/cultural destruction comments!

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  1. Hate to see the “Sun” quoted or referenced as they lied in their write up on President Trump and President Trump denounced them accordingly. I watched the raw video and had seen the sun articles and they are not accurate….like most media they distort the truth.

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  2. I absolutely LOVE President Trump he is truly the President of the People. I would take a bullet for President Trump. The only people who don’t like Trump are those that are on the take OR believe the lies at 5:00.

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  3. Of course your first reaction is one of slack-mouthed astonishment that such a blatantly undeniable observation would kick up such a kerfuffle among the poor witless buggers the slo-mo catastrophe is happening to. Then you realize: what if Trump hadn’t been elected? There wouldn’t be even ONE other world leader to speak up so frankly. And you almost want to cry, that Trump was elected.

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  4. No other president had the guts to tell these European fools what their doing to their country. Only a few Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary and a few others along with Italy now understand the destruction allowing Muslim invaders into their countries would do and is doing to countries that have allowed so many of the invaders into their homeland. Sadly Ireland has fallen into the leftest camp that wants more of these invaders in their country and Ireland has started a boycott of Israeli products. Many of the Western European countries like Germany don’t want to pay their fair share to NATO but are willing to spend more of their GDP for welfare services for the savages who are destroying their culture.

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      1. Have you made a note of who their Prime Minister is? Buggery is the order of the day – and you rightly ask “How can they be so stupid” Does this fact explain JUST how VERY stupid they have become? God help us all.

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    1. I have scoured British ‘media’ and have failed to find A SINGLE supporting voice for President Trump.Not only that, I have failed to find even a ‘fair’ report about him. I am an avid ‘news’ follower and the tragedy is that the BBC in particular are grossly and unfairly anti-Trump. I find it utterly disgusting because I KNOW that there are thousands and thousands of Brits who have the nonce to know that your (I wish he were OUR!) President is in essence a really good man – brash? Yes; patriotic, Yes; but above all he loves unequivocally his country and his people – above ALL ELSE. He is fearless in his search for ways to improve HIS AND YOUR country – and I , who appear to be a lone voice (which I am decidedly NOT!) wish him a fair wind and a tide which will carry him through to a second term of office. From England and an Englishman – God bless your President , and GBA!

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  5. Unfortunately we Brits just no longer have respect for people, Presidents or paupers, who speak the truth. Everything he has uttered has a simple element of truth. We no longer want to hear the truth – because??? The truth is terrifying! We are digging holes for ourselves, putting our heads in the sand; bums up in the air and waiting for the inevitable fro Islam – they will not hesitate to do exactly what they are planning to do in the USA (and have largely succeeded in doing!) which is to reduce us to the state of eunuchs. And you know what THAT rhymes with.

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