Going away! But, am leaving you with summer reading!

I’ll be leaving today for a ten day visit to various family members in the west.

It is going to be a challenge to not write a post for those ten days.  It might be the longest stretch in 11 years that I won’t have helped to educate my devoted readers about the US Refugee Admissions Program and related migration issues here and abroad.

Even when I did my 2016 (6,000 mile) roadtrip to visit towns struggling with refugees, I managed to post along the way.  However, right now I haven’t a decent laptop in good working order. So, maybe that is a message that I need to take a break.

splc artwork
This is the artwork the SPLC created when they named me in their now deleted report:   https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2018/04/20/splc-takes-down-their-field-guide-to-anti-muslim-extremists/

But, I want to leave you with somethings to read! (9,275 posts to choose from!).

So, let me tell you what is available here at RRW especially for new readers, but also for longtime readers who need a refresher.

On the header here at RRW you will find a link to Frequently Asked Questions, check it out! It isn’t completely up to date, but you might find something useful there.

I also have a category entitled Where to find information’ with hundreds of posts about reports, documents, research etc.  You might want to look down the categories drop-down in the left hand column and see if there are any categories of information that interest you.  I recommend ‘crimes’ and ‘health issues.’

I have a few Youtube videos available here, if you have never seen them.  You might also want to see the talk I gave in May of 2015 in Iowa (that is the day I had an opportunity to speak with candidate Donald Trump solidifying my support for his candidacy).

By the way, RRW has a very good search function. Simply type a key word or words in to the search window (upper left hand column) and it will lead you to posts on that topic.  I recommend you begin by typing your state name and see what I have said about it on previous occasions over the years.

Pivotal posts!

Here are some pivotal posts we wrote in early years.  They aren’t so much brilliant revelations as they are posts about news that became important for my thinking about the issue of refugees in America.

In 2007, I was frustrated with my local newspaper—the Hagerstown Herald Mail—which refused to investigate when refugees began arriving quietly in our rural county with the help of the Virginia Council of Churches.  Citizens were first concerned about news that the refugees were being neglected and wanted to know the facts. I asked a reporter at the paper to help find the answers to a series of question.

You can read those questions here, they are pretty reasonable and still relevant today, but the paper was not interested in answering them.  I began writing this blog as a response to the paper’s lack of interest in finding facts.

We had a public meeting and ultimately the US State Department closed the program in Hagerstown, here.  The Virginia Council of Churches said we were an “unwelcoming” community just because we wanted all the facts put on the table!

Another important revelation occurred over the next two months, when blog partner Judy reported here and here about how so many refugees in Ft. Wayne, Indiana had to be treated for TB that it was busting the county’s health department budget.

What the heck? We aren’t screening out people with TB!

Early on, I found out the program was pretty much controlled by nine non-profit groups funded with millions of tax payer dollars—-this wasn’t about heartfelt private charity.  We were paying for it at the same time we were being kept in the dark about how the program operates.

Then came revelations about lies….

In 2008 we learned that thousands of Somalis had gotten in to the US fraudulently, see here. Family reunification was closed for Somalis and some other Africans as a result.  It stayed closed for years.

Not long after, in 2009, we began to see reports that Somali ‘youths’ raised in America (on your dime!) were secretly leaving the country to join the Jihadists in Africa, see here.

By that time in 2009, I was hooked on the issue. I was appalled at the secrecy of the program generally. Why are local citizens kept in the dark as refugees are moved to unsuspecting towns and cities? How were they getting in to the US with communicable diseases, and what is going on in Muslim ‘communities’ where those refugee kids we raised preferred jihad to a good life in America?

Bottomline, as I said, I was hooked at that point and since the mainstream media wasn’t eager to find and report answers, I figured it was up to me.

Eleven years have flown by!

I won’t be completely absent…..


While I am away I’ll be tweeting (see my twitter feed in the right hand column here at the blog). I have over 14,000 followers, but twitter seems intent on keeping my numbers stagnant. Every time I add about a hundred, they wipe them out in the coming days!

My partner on facebook will continue to post there at our facebook page, here.

If I come across access to a computer in my travels and something exciting happens with refugees, I will try to post, but no promises.

Oh, and since I moderate comments, your comments might not show up for days, but will try to get them up eventually.

Thanks, as always, for reading Refugee Resettlement Watch!  Be back on July 30th!

34 thoughts on “Going away! But, am leaving you with summer reading!

  1. I hope you have a great and restful vacation. You sure deserve one. The word I heard today, out on the Maine Turnpike (I’m a toll collector) is that the Somali muslims in Lewiston are getting ready to rise up and start “killing cops and white people”. The State troopers will be working with the Lewiston Police to keep things under control down in Kennedy Park in Lewiston, and the neighborhoods where the muslims are living and roaming. Will keep you posted when I hear more. The local nightly news portrayed the whole thing tonite with some guy calling for volunteers to help keep peace in that area, and interviewed 3 fully wrapped muslim women who told the news that they are very fearful for their families. Huh, it’s their families and neighbors who are causing all the chaos down there. Anyway, best to you. Suzanne



  2. By all means, take a break and take your mind off things for a change! You’ve done so much for us.
    Have a fun and safe vacation, Anne!


  3. Have a safe trip and enjoy your time with friends and family. You are a marvel Ann! We will definitely miss you whilst your gone. Thanks for all the work that you have done on this issue. Sara

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  4. I am a fairly new reader, but enjoy your posts very much! With I hope you enjoy your time off! We all need a break sometimes & I have found that taking some time off also helps us come back more refreshed. You do an excellent job, and I have shared many of your posts with others who I have also told to subscribe as well. It is hard to find good information with well sourced material, and I do a lot of research myself & have found your posts to be a wealth of great information! Have a wonderful time & I will miss your posts while your away I will definitely use this time to catch up on the stuff you suggested!


  5. Hello, Ms. Corcoran,

    Hope you have a spiffy vacation – I can’t imagine anyone who deserves one more!

    What’s wrong with your laptop? Can it be fixed? If not, what kind of laptop do you need?

    E. N. Mayfield, Jr. Memphis


    1. I have two laptops that each work somewhat so when I post at home I often have to move between the two. I’m going to have to take time to get them in for repair. Gee, maybe should have left one at repair shop before leaving on trip—dumb of me not to think of that.


  6. Thank you Ann for all you do to educate and inform Americans about this refugee threat to America’s constitution and our culture, values , and heritage. Have a great trip.

    Fran V


  7. Good for you!

    Please have a safe journey.

    IFF your path passes through Texas – I will happily pay for hotel night here at South Shore Harbor Resort & Conference Center, in League City which is just south of Houston! https://www.sshr.com/ https://duckduckgo.com/?q=south+shore+harbour+resort+%26+conference+center&t=ffnt&ia=places&ulexp=

    IFF NOT I will send the donation that I have been trying to get to as I am a freedom fighter & have been very busy producing books (self-publish) doing a legal brief, et al.

    Again you have done an incredible job pointing out the problems.

    I ma NOW in the opinion the MUSLIMS are the BLACK PLAGUE as THEY SHIT in the STREETS – which causes cholera – which was eliminated w/ better sanitation which means the whole vaccination scam is a fraud – as disease was almost eliminated!

    NOW getting the flu vaccination means getting shot w/ the flu.

    Babies today get 53 shots – when we were young we got probably under 5 – maybe less – I don’t remember!

    It;s conditioning the mothers – some are rejecting the lies while others (like my EX) follow along to get along –

    Again have a wonderful vacation – I hope you always have air conditioning & are comfortable on your journey!

    It is an honor to know of you.

    May G-d bless you & keep you safe.

    On Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 6:49 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “I’ll be leaving today for a ten day visit to various > family members in the west. It is going to be a challenge to not write a > post for those ten days. It might be the longest stretch in 11 years that > I won’t have helped to educate my devoted readers abo” >


  8. Ann, thank you for the work you done these past 11 years. Please have safe travels and enjoy your visits going west. Godspeed in your return. JF in OH


  9. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for all your hard work. Enjoy your much needed vacation.


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    1. Thanks again, I sure hope it didn’t look like I was fishing for all these kind words of support. Much appreciated!


      1. Let us know what state you are visiting in, perhaps you can post a few photographs for us. As NotBornYesterday said, we shall hold down the Fort, and if we see any refugees coming, we are ready to shoot. Take care and focus on family, hope that you find them stable and in good health.


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