Italy takes steps to reverse demographic decline of Italians by making it easier to have babies/large families!

When I read Mark Steyn’s disheartening America Alone, ten years ago, like Steyn, I saw no hope for Europeans to halt the steep population decline of their people.  Italians, Germans, French and Spaniards, etc. just weren’t having enough children to replace themselves while migrant population numbers were skyrocketing.

For the first time since I started my ‘Invasion of Europe’ series I see hope for a reversal of the trend everyone thought could never be turned around.   Is it too little, too late, who knows, but thank God there are now political leaders willing to try!


Italy’s Salvini and Hungary’s Orban say NO to the idea that “New Europeans” are needed for Europe’s economy to survive. Thanks, but no thanks, we will produce our own children!


From Voice of Europe:

Italian Interior Minister wants more babies and fewer migrants as the country’s traditions and identity are at stake

Matteo Salvini, The League (Lega) leader heads one half of Italy’s new populist coalition government and he’s not held back his opinion that Italy’s “tradition, our story, our identity” was at risk while the political left have used declining birthrates and threat of an ageing population as an “excuse” to “import migrants”.

In an interview with The Sunday Times at the historic Palazzo del Viminale in Rome, the Italian Interior Minister cautioned that a country which imports migrants instead of supporting families is “destined to die”.

His comments follow Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s programme calling for Hungarians to have more children.

Poland and Hungary are among several conservatives in Central Europe making the decision to pursue pro-family policies, rejecting mass migration, despite the possibility of slowing short-term gains to GDP and engendering anger from the globalist establishment in the European Union.

“We have created a ministry of the family to work on fertility, nurseries, on a fiscal system which takes large families into account. At the end of this mandate, the government will be measured on the number of newborns more than on its public debt,” the Minister stated.

U.S. based Institute for Family Studies suggests that the country is successfully “winding back the clock on much of the fertility and family-structure transition that demographers have long considered inevitable” with new policies to help responsible married couples get into homeownership, supporting childbearing, and raising incomes.

Orbán and Salvini’s policies are a significant departure from the many left politicians in Western Europe. Germany’s Gregor Gysi, for example, believes in the necessity and desirability of replacing Europeans with ‘New Europeans’ from a migration background.

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heads explode


Want to send the Open Borders Leftists around the bend? Promote the idea of people of European heritage having more babies. Almost nothing else you could say will make their heads explode faster!

13 thoughts on “Italy takes steps to reverse demographic decline of Italians by making it easier to have babies/large families!

  1. American families chose to reduce their numbers also, but Automation predicted a decline in jobs, so that was appropriate at that time.
    It wasn’t a starting gun for allowing an invasion of immigrants!!
    Who misinformed them?????
    Go home!
    I sat at a table of young Africans at my job.
    They told me they hate Americans!!
    I asked, “Why?”
    Their answer was…..” Because all you Americans feel entitled to a house or two and 3 cars, when WE don’t have those things!!”
    Oh my dear misinformed and JEALOUS immigrant people…you all scare us to death.
    Please go home and make your OWN country wonderful,ok?


  2. This is the only way to keep Europe populated with Europeans. There should be incentives to have children. Housing and economic security must accompany those incentives. The trick is to make sure only Europeans benefit from the incentives. This involves a form of racism that may be difficult to pull off. France and the UK have had non- Euro populations established there since the 50s. It may be very difficult to deny childbearing incentives to those people.

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  3. The population in western counties is too high and does not need to be replaced. Population decline is a good thing and should be encouraged until we reach sustainable levels. Scientists have been telling us that for years until globalism and diversity became the most important thing ever, despite the fact that most of the problems the third world hordes are running away from are caused by overpopulation.


    1. Problem is that only the ‘smart’ Europeans reduce their family size to save the environment. You can be sure Africans and Middle Easterners aren’t listening to that argument. In fact, I would love to see an enviro who was brave enough to tell Muslims to stop having babies in order to preserve the planet! I wish I had a cartoonist’s talent because I can envision a great cartoon on the subject!

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      1. Unlimited birthing to them is just satisfying male unit ….it’s just a baby, who cares is how they feel about it.
        Seriously, sit down and talk to them and their thinking is that babies are just by-products, not things to be taken care of!!!
        Their thinking is just bizaaroooo…


    2. I love it when a leftist claims “the scientists have been…”. You do know there is no consensus among the “real”, that is, non-political, scientists on anything, not even Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory, right?


  4. Liberals, leftists, self-centered, NON-breastfeeding modern women, who murder the unborn & politically correct politicians who are mostly ATTORNEYS, ESQUIRES, $atanists hell bent on destroying good men, (Watch “The Red Pill” movie) as well as, Judeo – Christian values that built the modern world proves beyond a reasonable doubt their insanity – these VILE EVILDOERS, WICKED WRONGDOERS must be purged from the body politic for the public good & safety, as these policies are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY & PEACE, b/c the MUSLIM invasion of Europe & N America is a Trojan Horse.

    Inviting MUSLIMS whose believe it is their job is to KILL you, into one’s home, country so one can be raped, sodomized, while paying the MUSLIMS to have large families, while seniors & veterans suffer is an ACT of morally bankrupt nation, person, individual who has NO understanding of law, order or justice.

    Islam was created by the Roman Catholic Church. $atan lives in the Vatican basement.

    To fix a problem, 1st you must recognize the problem. One cannot fix what they do not know is broke.

    Real women breastfeed & DO NOT feed their gifts of G-d to $atan’s corporations (DEAD THINGS)

    Note – breastfeeding is the original “Happy Meal.” It is unwise to bite the breast that feeds ya.


  5. Great. Published:


    On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 7:29 AM Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “When I read Mark Steyn’s disheartening ‘America > Alone,’ ten years ago, like Steyn, I saw no hope for Europeans to halt the > steep population decline of their people. Italians, Germans, French and > Spaniards, etc. just weren’t having enough children to repl” >


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