UN picks refugees for UK, picks mostly Syrian Muslims

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This story is all over the internet, so I expect you have seen it already.  I’m posting it to make the point that although the story is about the UK, the US should be cutting the UN completely loose from our decision-making process when choosing refugees for America for FY19. The UN tells the US which refugees to accept and from where, but that is changing under this President.

(As we speak, the deep state and the White House are surely at loggerheads over numbers for the coming year.) 


Syrian christians


From the Daily Mail:

Britain brings in 1,100 refugees from Syria in three months – but none are Christians despite their suffering in seven-year civil war

More than 1,100 Syrian refugees were brought into Britain in the first three months of this year – without a Christian among them.

Despite the suffering of Christians during seven years of civil war – including persecution by Islamic State – all the arrivals were Muslims.

And of 4,832 Syrians invited to settle here last year, only 11 were Christian.

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The Barnabas Fund charity, which obtained the figures under Freedom of Information laws, said: ‘It is widely accepted that Christians constituted up to 10 per cent of Syria’s pre-war population, have been specifically targeted by jihadists and continue to be at risk.

‘Yet out of more than 1,000 Syrian refugees resettled in the UK this year there was not a single Christian.

‘As last year’s statistics more than amply demonstrate this is not a statistical blip. It is significant evidence of discrimination and the Government has a legal duty to take concrete steps to address this.’

The 1,112 Syrian refugees admitted to the UK this year were among 1,358 recommended for resettlement by the UN refugee agency UNHCR.

Of those picked by the UN agency, four were Christians but none made the final list.

Gay or disabled Muslims were apparently top priority.

Barnabas said UN criteria for resettlement took account of disability and sexual orientation, but did not give priority to those who may be targeted for their religious faith.

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Looking for something to do? 

See White House contact information in upper right hand column of RRW, here.

Write to the White House and tell the President what you want to see in his FY19 “determination” letter to Congress. The State Department is preparing that now.  The President gets to decide how many refugees (he sets a cap on the number) and from where they come and reports his decision to Congress for consultation in September.

And, don’t tell me that the White House doesn’t listen. You don’t know that! Surely you have the five minutes it would take to express your views. You know that the refugee contractors have a major campaign on-going to pressure the White House to significantly increase the number of refugees for the fiscal year that begins October 1, 2018. You must counter their campaign.

9 thoughts on “UN picks refugees for UK, picks mostly Syrian Muslims

  1. Just left the following message for the White House:

    Mr. President please please please keep the numbers of refugees we accept into our wonderful country as low as absolutely necessary! We have far, far more than our share, and they are committing violence, crime, FGM, honor killings and terrorist plots from St. Paul Minn. to Lewiston, Maine, and thousands of other cities. Look at Britain: it’s dying of crime and violence and Sharia Law, because it takes everything the UN tells it! And please take ALL the real Christians before you take any Muslims. Muslims are not a good match for Democracy, Capiltalism, Rule of Law and Civil Society.


  2. This also happened in the U.S. I can’t remember the exact percentage, but I know it was a very, very small percentage that were Christian. In 4 years of working with refugee families, I think I saw 2 Syrian Christian families.


  3. Some years ago a protester in Poland asked, “Where are the Christians”? Thousands of these so-called handpicked refugees are
    future dictators of America. 6,800 Christians have been slain this year in Nigeria and quite a few in Egypt ++++. The U.S. jumped ship from the U.N.’s humanitarian program and should do the same here. 57 Muslim countries with the U.S. providing the ?? to pay for immigrants to come to the U.S.. Technically, the U.S. is NOT a member of the OIC because the charter states in Chapter 2, Article 3 #2 that involved nations are suppose to possess a Muslim majority.

    Many wise Americans, not including Joe Biden, would not mind some refugees if they did not come demanding “the money”, “doctor”, halal food and that we infidels convert to Islam. And what is this? Americans complain that the ingrates refuse to assimilate, justifiably so,
    because the contract between our weak kneed state department and the OIC, demands from them, that their be no proselyting to Muslims. But, they can convert us. We are being taken for fools. We want Trump to drain the nation of these ingrates, and get out of the OIC.

    The plan, oh so clever. Dump so many so-called settlers in a place with numbers that would demand a mosque. Once he mosque is built, Islam figures that community is theirs. Ask Kurtz in Austria. Austria is closing mosques and the 21 st century Muslim invasion of Austria
    is a failure like the last one in 1683.

    Biden. Do you suppose he too is surrounded by Somalis or . . . . .+


  4. What’s Syria’s rules on conscriptions? Are these military aged men making up the refugee numbers? Are they in fact fleeing their nation’s duties to serve, or just merely cowards leaving their families behind- and traitors for not fighting? Just wondering….

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  5. Looking at the history of the middle east, a person can easily see that there has never been peace there since written records were kept.Does Europe think that it can keep taking in millions of “refugees” perpetually? what is the end game here, anyways?

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