World Relief Atlanta: with less government funding for refugees, agency will rely on church donations

What a shock! What an outrage, as President Donald Trump reduces the number of paying clients for the refugee contractors***, this ‘religious’ charity declares it will have to seek private donations from churches.

Last I checked, World Relief (full name: World Relief, National Association of Evangelicals) a private Christian non-profit group was 73% funded by you, the taxpayer, to place refugees in your towns and cities.


World Relief Atlanta
So how many will donate their private money for their (religious) humanitarian good works? 


When the Refugee Act of 1980 became law, it was understood that resettlement was a public-private partnership, but as the years have gone by the contractors have gotten lazier and lazier about raising private money.  Poor managers, they must never have envisioned a day when some of their federal money would dry up.

Now (gasp!) World Relief Atlanta says it will have to go to the churches for their ‘religious’ charitable work.  Imagine that!

From WABE:

Atlanta Resettlement Agencies Cut Staff As Refugee Arrivals Drop

At World Relief Atlanta, a resettlement agency in Stone Mountain, 21 of 30 employees were laid off in the past year. It now has a staff of nine people.

Fewer refugees coming in means reduced federal funding to resettle them.

Joshua Sieweke, director of World Relief Atlanta, said part of the problem is the number of refugees the Trump administration declares it will accept — the annual presidential determinations — has not been accurate.

“We were told to expect 450 [refugees], but now our best estimates are around 100, and that means we will only receive money for 100,” Sieweke said.

In 2016, his group helped resettle about 600 refugees in the Atlanta area.

He said World Relief will need to shift from depending on federal funding to donations from local churches.

“[Refugees] are suffering, and we need to do what we can to eliminate that suffering and give them hope and a chance to rebuild their lives,” Sieweke said. “As an American, I think it’s incredibly important because it represents our country’s great history and tradition and the values that have made our country so great. We have been blessed, and we have a great opportunity to then be a blessing to others.”

So has Atlanta run out of poor Americans, homeless people and struggling veterans who need to be blessed? Are only refugees from the third world worthy of their Christian Evangelical blessing (with other people’s money!)?

More here at WABE—an NPR affiliate.  It sure looks like NPR is busily promoting the refugee industry from sea to shining sea!

By the way, see that in 2015, World Relief headquarters wrote to all of its subcontractors telling them not to give out any information about their upcoming plans for resettlement in your towns.

Here is what they said:

We’ve heard recently from other members of RCUSA (Refugee Council USA) that local affiliates have been contacted by individuals questioning the U.S. refugee program. This is a result of an interview Ann Corcoran, a blogger who runs Refugee Resettlement Watch, with a local news station in Minnesota. She has told her followers to ask you for your R&P abstract – please do not send it. And please let us know if you are contacted.

They went on to tell their subcontractors to not visit Refugee Resettlement Watch, they would monitor my blog and pass along anything important.

That kind of secrecy is what keeps me going! If they were a truly private organization I would have no problem with their secrecy, but when they use millions of taxpayer dollars for their ‘charitable’ work, then it becomes our business!


***I post these as often as I can because new readers need to know that these quasi-government groups are funded largely with your money, your tax dollars.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees in your towns and cities and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  If they were truly public-private partnerships, they should be getting no more than 50% of their funds from the US Treasury.

Truth be told, they couldn’t raise enough private money because the general public wouldn’t donate enough for their cause (importing poverty rather than helping American poor people).

From most recent accounting, here.

14 thoughts on “World Relief Atlanta: with less government funding for refugees, agency will rely on church donations

  1. YOU HAVE NOT SEEN A SHOCK YET!!! TRUMP IS STUPID JUST LIKE THE REST OF THEM. WE SHOULD NOT BE HAVING ANY REFUGEES WHATSOEVER!!! WE NEED A COMPLETE HALT TO IMMIGRATION OF ALL KINDS!!! The churches and synagogues can barely help their own congregants. I live here in Fulton County, which includes my Sandy Springs and Atlanta, and one church in particular has more people calling in for help and assistance than they have funds for. YEP!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE A DOO DUM DILLY OF A WAR!!! We are struggling with part time jobs and struggling to get other jobs, which pay barely nothing, the rents have gone up sky high, some studio apartments cost $2,500.00 per month. Some rents are even $3,000.00 per month, and that does not include other things as well. My Loved One and I have even had to ask for help with rent and utilities so I DAMNED WELL KNOW. One way or another this comes out of our pocket. Most of us can not stay in a hospital bed or any time or even one day, due to the fact of facing eviction with rent, and not working to keep a paycheck coming in. Getting help here is not an easy task, funds are extremely limited, but NOT for the foreigners, they seem to be doing far better than we ever were. Worse than this as well, here in Georgia they have a philosophy that if you are 50 and over you should be put out in the pasture to rot, but of course not if you are a foreigner. It is also extremely difficult for anyone that is White here as well. On my Late Father’s side I am Irish and Cherokee Indian, my Late Mother’s side I am Polish, now my Loved One is Jewish and both of us are experiencing extreme difficulties. He is a Semite, but because his skin is not extremely dark and his features at “out of wack”, he has the exact same problem as the White Male. New verses to the National Anthem and the eventual fireworks here:

    and the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that we hope the refugees were not there


    1. It is important that we don’t just say this to each other and that all of you make an effort to break out of your own circles to tell others how you feel.

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      1. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!! I do know that the citizens in other countries around the globe feel the same way as we do and dread refugees. Now Muslims in Holland are telling the Dutch People, that if they do not like diversity then they should go elsewhere. I also feel we should get the hell out of other countries, and place our efforts here. Bombing Syria will definitely not solve a damned thing. Each nation has to evolve and go through an evolution on their own. ONE THING THAT I DO KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, DOWN TO A MICROSCOPIC PARTICLE, AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH BIBLICAL PROPHECY, PLANET EARTH SHALL HAVE THIS RESULT, DUE TO THE ANTI-CHRIST:


  2. I am sure that the churches will be pissed with that. But you know what? While Jesus may have instructed his followers to feed the poor and help widows and orphans, he did not tell them to do that only if they could get the money from either Caesar or from OTHER PEOPLE !


  3. I have worked with refugees in Atlanta since 1995. The folks at World Relief have been wonderful and to see them lose most of their professional staff is sad. Its not just refugees suffering. I do not understand your comparison to the poor,veterans and homeless.As bad as their situations may be, they were not forced out of their homes.lost family members and lived in refugee camps for many years There are programs(government funded in many cases to help) Yes there should be more but how does that compare to a Syrian family forced to leave after their home was bombed and a family member killed. I am sorry but your position is heartless. As too the homeless, many have mental health or addiction problems.I feel bad for them but we can only help those who want help. Ann-I just do not get your constant cruelty towards refugees all these years. Do the videos and stories of their situations not affect you at all? I have no hope that there will be much of a program if private only. Only the Catholic agencies could probably survive and IRC


    1. If there aren’t enough people willing to put their private money in to resettling refugees, doesn’t that tell you something?


  4. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    These NINE national SCAM agencies and their hundreds of local minion offices are getting more and more belligerent.
    In this post the SCAMMER didn’t exactly attack Ann Corcoran but they’re getting the word out and some blockhead might get an idea to.


  5. Thank you, Ann, for your tireless effort to expose these things. “Importing poverty” is right! Where is that compassion when cities demolish homeless camps? What about the huge number of homeless vets? It is not about compassion with these groups. It is about importing illegal voters that will ensure the socialist agenda carries onward here in America until America as we have known her, is no more. The left makes the mistake of believing that because true patriots are generally soft walkers and big stick carriers, that we are not paying attention, but that is where they are wrong. We just do what we do without all the squawking and yammering they do. Less talk. More action. But we can’t let up. Midterms are coming. I think there is a tsunami of fed up citizens that still has yet to manifest.

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