Refugee contractor, IRC, teams with TripAdvisor to give refugees tourist opportunities for free

I guess this is going to be International Rescue Committee day at RRW (see previous post about filthy rich IRC closing an office in Kansas).

My first thought when I saw this story was that refugee resettlement sure is an industry!  And, my second thought was….

…There must be a lot of low income Americans and military vets who would like free boat tours of the Statue of Liberty and so forth.

The rich IRC gets richer and TripAdvisor gets brownie points (they think!) for their good deeds ‘Welcome Home’ (???) campaign!

From the New York Times:

From TripAdvisor, a Program to Help Refugees Get to Know the U.S.

In partnership with the International Rescue Committee, the Welcome Home initiative will offer tours and activities in New York City and Northern California for recently resettled refugees.


Trip Adviser
Interesting isn’t it: Trip Advisor has 3.61 million followers on Twitter, but could only generate 9 retweets in 17 hours for this tweet about their great refugee PR campaign.  Hmmm! Makes me realize I’m not doing so badly on Twitter after all.

TripAdvisor wants refugees to the United States to explore and get to know their new homeland, and the hospitality company’s yearlong Welcome Home campaign aims to do just that: launched last week, Welcome Home gives recently resettled refugees in New York City and parts of Northern California the opportunity to book a tour or activity of their choice through TripAdvisor Experiences, a category that offers travelers things to do in around 1,900 destinations globally.

The International Rescue Committee, a nongovernmental organization that provides services to displaced people globally, is TripAdvisor’s partner in Welcome Home and is responsible for reaching out to newly resettled refugees to tell them about the initiative.

British national and IRC CEO David Miliband again….


The president and chief executive of the rescue committee, David Miliband, said that resettling refugees can be a daunting process. “They’ve been through trauma,” he said. “Booking a TripAdvisor Experience is a way to give these refugees an understanding of where they now live and help them integrate into their new communities.”


In New York City, refugees have more than 1,400 local experiences to choose from. They can take a four-hour group tour of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, for example, that departs from Battery Park and includes access to the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. Or, they can book a daylong tour via bus and boat to see some of the city’s top attractions such as the 9/11 Memorial, Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Bridge.

miliband and soros 2 (2) close
Miliband with friend George Soros. Is the IRC’s  Refugee Youth Summer Academy about training good little socialists for America? And, do you pay for it with your tax dollars?


Most of the activities and tours usually cost between $50 and $130 each, but they are free for refugees, who can book them by using a TripAdvisor promo code that they receive from the rescue committee.


According to an I.R.C. spokesman, Welcome Home is focused on New York and Northern California because they’re areas that see a high number of refugee arrivals, compared with other places in the United States.

[Actually we resettle very few refugees in New York City because of the high cost of living, so when you read this carefully you see that asylees and other immigrants are eligible for the goodies too—ed]

This isn’t the first time that TripAdvisor has teamed with the I.R.C.: the company initially got involved in the refugee crisis in 2015 by sending an email plea to its more than 100 million members for donations to help refugees and offering to match these contributions — in 48 hours, the initiative raised $1.4 million for the I.R.C. as well as for the global humanitarian organization Mercy Corps. In 2016, the company committed $5 million to the crisis, and a large portion of these funds went to the I.R.C.

Yippee! More money for “moneybags” Miliband’s nearly $700,000 annual salary! (See previous post for top salaries at the IRC.)

We have long known and reported that Marriott needs cheap immigrant labor (just as the meat packing industry does), so no surprise that Marriott is linked to the IRC as well.

The NYT continues….

Marriott International, for one, began supporting the I.R.C.’s Hospitality Link program in 2016 initially as Starwood Hotels & Resorts, which Marriott later acquired that year. Hospitality Link is an eight-week program in various cities that trains resettled refugees in hospitality skills and helps them find careers in the field. Marriott International supports Hospitality Link in San Diego and Dallas, and in 2018, helped expand it to Elizabeth, N.J. Part of the training involves refugees shadowing existing employees in the company’s hotels, said Melissa Flood, Marriott’s vice president for social impact and public affairs.

Since the collaboration began, around 650 refugees have enrolled in the Marriott-supported programs, with nearly 100 now employed at various companies, including some of Marriott International’s hotels, Ms. Flood said.

See more here at the New York Times.

TripAdvisor probably thinks there is nothing to lose with this campaign.  I’m not so sure!

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  1. The new “Socially Activist” greedy young-Globalists-in-a-hurry and their ever-expanding multinationalist corporations will be the death of America. Anyone who’s watched at least 5 minutes of TV commercials knows there is no amount of horror, depravity, terror, pity, guilt and stupidity the huge global charities will fail to exploit in order to fill their overflowing coffers with airhead liberals’ guilt money. And anyway, why not just give the foreigners an all-expenses-paid vacation cruise in the Caribbean, a Lexus and a huge spread in Malibu? Oh yeah, they can’t: that all belongs to the slugs who run TripAdvisor….


  2. Gotta love the pic TripAdvisor uses. At least two women wearing head rags, so you can sure bet they don’t give a rats ass about our culture, and expect us to assimilate to theirs. And besides, these people should be too busy looking for jobs, learning our language, and otherwise trying to minimize their impact on our country instead of going on paid vacations. As usual, we encourage them to be nothing more than worthless parasites on our dime.


  3. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    This post reminds me of the sign, “Don’t Feed the Bears.” meaning then they will come back for more freebies and likely attack you if they don’t get what they want.
    Hmmmm…, me thinks Third World people will be worse. Take a long look at Paris, France.
    When my great-grandfather arrived in America he went straight to work.


  4. Hi Ann, You should reach out to Florida Family Association . They have a set up where they ask people to contact the offending company/group with a prewritten email, all the contacts of the company and so on and all one does is put in their email and it is sent to all the pertinent people of that company. They have gotten great results at getting advertisers to stop their ads and so on. Trip Advisor would stop this really fast.

    Check them out.


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  5. I’d make a comment but I don’t want to be forced to log in. Here is my comment. I hope it is taken seriously:

    Ann, go into the boards of these groups and committees and you will find zionists, Israeli linked operatives and military contractors, as in Europe. Check out this site to see the European perspective and goings on. It is all of a piece. The zionists want to end first world liberalism, mainly and including the freedom of Western women to not be slaves and babymakers. You have got to see this as a woman and start talking about it. I don’t care if you are not a feminist, feminism gave women everything. We are talking about political equality and the ability of a woman to live her own life. I hope you look deeper into this.


  6. Perfect. Why don’t we just give them the blueprints too!

    Didn’t ISIS say they wanted everyone to go after high target areas? And some dolt is giving them their tickets to jihad heaven. Stake it out on us. When you’re ready, call us, and we’ll give you transportation.

    How dumb can you be?!!!!!!!!!

    I hope they treat our Vets even better. If not, it is time to end Trip Advisor’s little stranglehold.


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