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Two months to go in fiscal year and Trump on target to admit lowest number of refugees to US in decades

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 2, 2018

As of August 1, the US admitted 18,251 refugees to the country with 48 states sharing the load.

Trump and Bush

George Bush previously held the record for low admission years following 9/11.

There are only two months left in the fiscal year (FY19 begins October first) and at the present rate, the Trump Administration should come in just over 22,000.

Previous low admission years came in the wake of 9/11 when President Bush dramatically slowed the program out of concerns for national security.

Here is a map from Wrapsnet of where the 18,251 have been placed thus far.

Note that Texas is the numero uno ‘welcoming’ state even though the governor officially withdrew the state from the program (shows how futile that was!).  Turning the red state blue!

(See my right hand sidebar where I have recorded each month’s number of ‘new Americans’ this fiscal year.)

Screenshot (595)


map august 2018

Wyoming has never had a refugee program and Hawaii (the state that loves diversity) rarely gets any!

5 Responses to “Two months to go in fiscal year and Trump on target to admit lowest number of refugees to US in decades”

  1. Without refugee program,Wyoming stays, well, Wyoming. That is a good thing! That state has a treasure of wilderness and I don’t want this to change,ever!


  2. This is great…now, if we could eventually lower the number down to “0”, over the next two generations, we might stand a fighting chance.

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  3. Carol Austin said

    Ann, did you see this article about the Thomas Moore Law Center suing the Feds over charging TN for Refugee Resettlement program?

    Thomas More Law Center Files Opening Brief On Behalf Of Tennessee Challenging The Federal Refugee Resettlement Program
    July 5, 2018


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