Colorado Springs: Is Iraqi who shot police officer in the head a refugee?

Update August 7th:  The Washington Times is reporting that he is a refugee. See here.  So much for “robust” screening!


Here we go again, another violent crime and no one seems to know if the alleged perpetrator is a refugee, or if he is here through some other legal immigration program?

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Iraqi Karrar Al Khammasi

The story in The Gazette (and on Fox News this morning) reminded me that Colorado Springs has the distinction of being the location where five Iraqis who supposedly ‘helped’ our troops in Iraq were arrested in 2011 (several were ultimately convicted) for brutally raping a local woman.

Frankly, authorities do know what sort of visa the latest Iraqi arrested Thursday used to get here, they just don’t want the public to know!

Here we go again!

Secret decoder ring needed to figure out his immigration status!


From The Gazette:

A man accused of shooting a Colorado Springs police officer in the head in a shootout early Thursday while free on bond was known to immigration enforcement officials, yet evaded deportation despite a string of crimes, court records show.

Why Karrar Al Khammasi wasn’t deported was among the questions left unanswered Friday as his bond was revoked. Cem Duzel, the officer he is accused of shooting, remained hospitalized in critical condition.

The 31-year-old Iraqi immigrant appears to have lived in the Pikes Peak region for at least five years, and he had at least nine contacts with police in that time, according to court records.

Whether his guilty plea should have triggered deportation depends on a variety of factors. But his conviction raised the question as to why he was allowed to remain in the United States, said David Simmons, a Denver immigration attorney of more than 30 years and a former adjunct professor at the University of Denver.

Some forms of trespass are considered crimes of moral turpitude — which can lead to deportation — and others are not, Simmons said.

The consequences of such a conviction also could vary, depending on how long he had been in the country, or the nature of the circumstances that brought him here.

Some Iraqis living in the U.S. came as refugees who assisted the government or who fled persecution. But those refugees sometimes evade deportation because of chaos in their home country, or threats to their lives upon their return.

So because Iraq is a hellhole we must tolerate criminals among us?

It is unknown whether those things factored into Al Khammasi’s immigration here, and the type of visa Al Khammasi used to enter the United States wasn’t clear. [They know, they just don’t want to tell us!—-ed]

El Paso County sheriff’s spokesman Jacqueline Kirby said Al Khammasi was an Iraqi citizen who was born in Iraq. She had previously said Al Khammasi was a refugee, but she later said she was mistaken, and that she wasn’t certain of his immigration status.

The last five years of Al Khammasi’s life have been marked by several run-ins with the law.

More here.

Was he a special refugee known as a Special Immigrant Visa holder who supposedly helped us in Iraq like the convicted Colorado Springs rapists?

If you are new to RRW, see my post in 2017 where I listed some refugee terrorists and violent criminals which included a link to the Colorado rapist story.  And, for really ambitious readers, see my ‘Crimes’ category which now archives over 2,000 posts.

And, one more thing….if you didn’t know, the refugee resettlement contractors I’m always talking about also get paid to place SIVs.

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  1. I saw this article pop up on my twitter feed from Twitchy & I KNOW I read this early this morning here! I do see you posted the update from WaPo! But I wanted to post this from Twitchy anyway – I find it unacceptable that they put out better reporting than our Mainstream publications are! Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy Twitchy they put out hilarious content, and with ALL that is going on we DEFINITELY need to laugh more, I usually find that the news they post has already broken or they are just posting ridiculous responses! Anyways here is the article, thanks again for all the great work!


    1. Thanks for sending…I am glad the story is getting around with the word “refugee” now prominently mentioned!


  2. Another Denver Post piece stated that Al Khammasi came to the U.S. through Chicago. I smell the rotting stench of Catholic Charities at work. Who’s up for a job at HHS, DHS or State so the public (we the taxpayers) can access information and leak all of the sponsoring VOLAGS, names, addresses and phone numbers of the dogooders among us who never seem to calculate the costs of their dogoodery when barbarians like Khammasi very foreseeably go berserk?

    How is it possible that Al Khammasi came to this state of affairs when HHS Office of Refujihadi Resettlement offers these darlings cash assistance, job and housing assistance,medical and emotional support, training and every other benefit (even setting them up in farming!) in the quest to “integrate” into American Society? Could it be that the “vetting” process is designed to fail, is faulty, or relies exclusively on the integrity (cough) of the refujihadi? Look at this smorgasbord of benefits:

    This is what comes of successive Omni-BS pork-laden, unread, 200,000 page spending bills!


  3. A person can be born in Baghdad and live there for 35 years, then come to the U.S. as a refugee or illegal alien, spend three years in Colorado Springs. The press will identify a suspect of a crime a “Colorado Springs man,” shot a police officer. Then they will protest, if you dare to ask about the suspects citizenship.

    Just another way to spread globalization.


  4. It is so refreshing to hear the other side of the story! that is why I value Ann’s comments
    above all others. For more than a decade she has steadily gathered irrefutable facts, connected the dots, exposed the corruption, stealth, trickery of the left and their willing accomplices on the greedy right.

    From American citizen politicians born here who have simply shown their hatred for America and engineered immigration policies that favor the Muslim Caliphate, Socialism, Communism, act at the direction of billionaires who use their incredible wealth to inject their personal globalist dreams and fantasies, often using currency manipulation skills to shift the investments from their pockets to the wallets of ignorant, unknowing American taxpayers.

    Rush Limbaugh often brags that he will withhold his personal comments on an issue, because “once he has given his opinion there is nothing left to be said”!

    Ann Corcoran doesn’t have Rush’s “cutesy, boastful nature” but her position on any immigration subject is the last word and just as unimpeachable!

    Thanks, Ann, for being my first internet choice every morning.

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  5. Colorado: Muslim migrant accused of shooting cop wasn’t deported despite series of crimes By Robert Spencer on Aug 05, 2018 09:07 am Would deporting him have been “Islamophobic”? “Iraqi immigrant accused of shooting Colorado Springs cop remained in U.S. despite series of crimes,” by Tom Roeder, Jakob Rodgers, and Lance Benzel, Colorado Springs Gazette, August 3, 2018: A man accused of shooting a Colorado Springs police officer in the head in a shootout early Thursday while free […] Read in browser »



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